Half-day CO2 transcritical booster supermarket refrigeration courses by Emerson will be offered March 28, 29, and 30 at the Energy Education Center in Irwindale, California.

The courses, which will use a working CO2 booster system as a training aid, will cover CO2 as a refrigerant, safety requirements, and architecture types. Instructors will share what contractors need to know before working on CO2 system and highlight the impact of high-ambient technologies on energy efficiency in California.



·        CO2 as a refrigerant and safety requirements;

·        System architecture and what you need to know before servicing;

·        Standstill pressure mitigation strategies;

·        System baselining prior to start up;

·        Major system components and relative importance; and

·        High ambient mitigation strategies used to improve energy efficiency.


Learning Outcomes:

·        Understanding the value of CO2 as a refrigerant;

·        How to mitigate system pressure and understand the features of CO2 systems; and

·        Additional insights on high ambient energy saving strategies for California.


Target Audience:

·        Grocery retailers and personnel;  

·        Consulting engineers; and

·        Project managers.


Intermediate Class: Content is appropriate for individuals who possess a fundamental understanding of the topic and have familiarity with basic terminology and methodology of the subject matter. Attendees should have the capacity to participate in instructor-led exercises requiring synthesis and application of concepts.


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