Name: Andrew (Lee) Williams

Title: Service Technician

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Andrew (Lee) Williams loves to talk with people. The service technician at Rogers Heating and Cooling in South Boston, Virginia, starts talking with his customers on the way to each job and often follows up with them afterwards.

“I generally like taking care of people, making people happy, and fixing things,” Williams said.

A friend of Williams’ in Virginia Beach was going to school for HVAC and the job sounded appealing. Williams graduated from community college and started working in the field. He moved to South Boston and started working at Rogers a year and a half ago.

Alyssa Rogers, the firm’s vice president, said Williams joined during a period of massive growth. This meant plenty of challenges with scheduling and keeping up with demand. In addition, Rogers needed to put more processes in place.

“He never complains and is always willing to do whatever it takes to be successful,” Rogers said. “He has run many afterhours calls and has been transitioned to the installation department a few times when installs needed to be complete.”

In the summer, Williams is always willing to take on extra calls to make sure customers are comfortable. Williams is also working to learn about the industry to better serve his company and his customers, Rogers said. He said that’s one of his favorite aspects of the job.

In addition to his own work, Williams helped train others to meet the growing workload. He turned a green installer into a lead installer in three months, Rogers said.  That’s a role Williams wants to expand on in the future. He wants to become a supervisor, he said, so that he can train people to make the industry better and more profitable.

“As long as somebody is motivated, it’s not very hard to train somebody,” Williams said.

Rogers said the firm plans to add more locations, so it’s likely Williams will get what he wants.

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