Name: Sergio Quijada

Title: Technician

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Michael Ritter, president of Great Lakes Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical Inc. in South Bend, Indiana, describes Sergio Quijada as role model for other technicians.

“He is open to change and new procedures and helps promote those in a way that the other technicians understand,” Ritter said. “He sees the benefits to our customers in a unique way, which is always well received by his peers. He is not afraid to question why something is done in a process to make it better.”

Quijada spent 10 years as a facility manager before a cousin who worked as an HVAC technician in Illinois inspired him to take up the trade. He continued working full-time at his job while attending Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana. Upon graduation, he took a job with Great Lakes and has been there for five years.

Quijada started in installation before moving into his current position as senior service technician. He said he likes to help customers determine the best option to fill their needs. Ritter said Quijada sticks to the company’s standards regardless of the situation.

“Even under pressure by a disgruntled customer or one just in a hurry to get him out of the home, he still follows the process and 99 percent of the time calms them down,” he said. “He won’t allow a customer, our dispatcher, or even his own personal schedule outside of work to cause him to shortcut or shortchange a customer.”

Quijada enjoys working in the South Bend market for its variety. He likes being able to work on both air conditioning units and furnaces.

“It keeps my brain active,” Quijada said. “Anything that’s a challenge, I like it.”

He also enjoys the mix of urban and rural settings. Quijada likes to discover new streets in town and also likes the scenic beauty of the surrounding farmland, especially in the fall. While driving around, he works to improve his skills by listening to the audiobooks Ritter provides to improve his techs’ business skills.

“I’m still learning and always trying to improve as much as I can,” Quijada said.

In the future, Quijada would like to become a tech manager, helping the newer employees. He does that already in many ways, Ritter said. He even volunteers to help improve efficiencies through role playing at Great Lakes’ weekly meetings.

“If just a third of the technicians out there had Sergio’s desire to improve and always do their best, our industry would be a champion in the home service arena,” Ritter said.


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