Name: Quenton Jacobs

Title: Level 4 Service Technician

Why He’s Tech of the Month: Quenton Jacobs’ passion for the HVAC field runs in the family.

“My cousin does a/c,” he said. “I was his apprentice.”

Jacobs got his HVAC certification from Offday Careers, then went to Delaware County Community College for his degree in applied science/HVAC. He graduated when he was 27, worked at a sheet metal shop in New Jersey, then got hired at DiFilippo’s Service Co. in Paoli, Pennsylvania, starting as an installation tech and working his way up.

It’s his ninth year with the company.

“On a normal day, I do most of the repair calls or follow-up repairs: install blower motors, install compressors, go in and do inspections and maintenance,” he said.

He also trains new techs and works with the general manager on problem jobs.

“It’s a lot of technical things,” said Jacobs. “I like working with my hands, and being outdoors — it’s an added bonus.”

Jacobs’ willingness to help and his positive attitude make him a top service tech.

“Quenton is an amazing tech who can see what needs to be done and just does it,” said Laura DiFilippo, company president. “In the nine years that he has worked for us, we have seen passion, drive, and an awesome work ethic.”

His above-and-beyond service approach so impressed one customer, Maureen Gay, that she took the time to write a review for the company, and she specifically mentioned him by name.

“Quenton showed up on a Sunday,” she reported. “He fixed what was necessary and called later to see how the heat was working. Quenton was so professional and very concerned with how well the heat would continue to work. Quenton called again on Monday to check in.

“You have a good technician,” she added.

“He doesn’t get upset by jobs or customers or other employees; he just rolls with whatever is handed to him and does it with grace,” DiFilippo said. “And he can find the humor in life and keeps things light and fun. He is always willing to help our customers and employees. He is also a great, fun, positive person to be around. He always keeps us laughing.”

Jacobs plans to stay in the HVAC business, and at DiFilippo’s, for the rest of his life.

“The atmosphere … they’re very family oriented,” he said. “It’s a pretty close-knit group, so when we bring someone on, we just assimilate them into the group.”

For Jacobs, the company and the work itself are a combination that keeps him looking forward to the next day on the job.

“In all honesty, I grew up doing this,” he said. “You have to find what you like to do; I woke up blessed to know I was going into this, and I’ve loved it ever since.”

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Publication date: 6/25/2018

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