It’s common knowledge that getting sun exposure naturally helps your body produce Vitamin D. It’s not so commonly known that getting listed in high quality directories naturally promotes your website and gives you a competitive advantage.

In addition to maintaining healthy bones and teeth, Vitamin D may also protect against a range of diseases and conditions, like diabetes, but also aids in improved immune system function.

In this article, we’ll look at how high-quality online directories can be used to gain maximum visibility and impact for your company online.

An intelligent directory strategy provides depth to your SEO campaigns.
Tangible benefits include quality referral traffic, trust and authority signals, a more diverse link profile, and of course, the ever-important backlink to your website.

The Biggest Marketing Mistake: Bigger is Not Better

Just like bigger is not always better with your furnace or a/c, a bigger website is not always better. The biggest mistake and growing trend within the HVAC niche is that contractors and their web developers get caught up in the “bigger is better” mentality. So, there you are building a bigger website — but so is your competition. Unfortunately, you’re both missing out.

Considering that HVAC companies play in one of the most competitive online searches, it’s important to know how to play a smarter game.

Seek relevancy in choosing an online directory.
Ask yourself if this link has the potential to send qualified traffic to your site. Even if it it’s a small amount of traffic, it’s probably worth the effort.

Outsmart Your Competition

Learning how to play a smarter game comes down to understanding how things work. It’s knowing how to balance what you say on your website with a high-quality reference off your website.

As an example, if you want to grow your ductless business and all you do is add content to your site, you’re kind of like the loudmouth braggart who is boasting about how great they are. Google expects you to say wonderful things about yourself; they need to see that other organizations reference your company.


Get Third Party Validation

Let’s face it, creating content takes time and money. There’s a better way — you can let someone else say how wonderful you are! The easiest solution is to find someone who has a website that is relevant to the search terms you want to rank for. Getting featured in blog posts and finding an industry-specific, location-specific (or preferably both) resource to get listed in is a smart move.


Are All Directories Created Equal?

No. And it’s important to recognize the difference between a low-quality directory from a more sophisticated one.

A low-quality directory is simply a listing of companies. Anyone can participate, they can be ‘spammy’ in the eyes of Google, and inclusion does very little to differentiate or elevate your company.

In contrast, a high-quality directory is more sophisticated. You’ll recognize this type of directory by its content: rich content including web pages, blog posts, videos, news, and other resources design to educate and inform your target audience. This is the high-quality opportunity that SEO experts refer to.

Most directories cover a certain niche or industry, such as travel, transportation, travel, entertainment, or a trade.

  • Broad category business directories (like a Yellow Page or Yelp)
  • Associations (like ACHR, ACCA, Service Nation, and other industry-specific groups)
  • Industry, niche, or sector specific directories (Trip Advisor for travel, Redfin for real estate, Ductless Directory for HVAC)
  • Local newspaper and press websites
  • Industry themed blogs (Look for opportunities to get your company featured)
  • Prominent local websites (Chamber websites, local city directories)
Use directories to increase quality NAP (name, address, phone) listings.
Consistent NAP and business information is key. Google tends to rank Google My Business (Google Maps) listings higher where the brand has a strong, consistent, and prominent online presence across the top social profiles and business directories.
-Web 2.0 Ranker

How to Vet an Online Directory

Look at and evaluate the sign up process. Can anyone sign up or is there a qualifying process? Is it just a list of companies or does the directory provide quality content? If you find a directory that reviews each business and provides quality content, you’ve found a premium and high-quality directory.


Use Online Directories to Shine Light on Your Company

Think of it as a confidence builder. When Google finds information about your company on other websites and online directories, it corroborates that you are who you say you are. It’s like getting a vote of confidence. The more confidence Google gains in your company, the higher they’ll rank your website.

The best news is, when you submit to an online directory, you not only gain all the benefits of the directory you get two other valuable vitamins: Vitamin B (the backlink your website needs) and Vitamin C (citations to boost your map listings).

List in directories that are a paid service.
High quality sites are worth submitting to as they moderate and qualify everything that comes in. Quality is the name of the game when it comes to online directories.
-Search Engine Land

Bottom line: Can an authoritative online directory influence your presence on Google Maps, give your website a boost, and multiply the number of times you’re found in the search? You bet!