Just like good nutrition is tied to good health, getting good backlinks to your website is key to healthy rankings.

People all over the world turn to the power of vitamin B — and with good reason. This powerful vitamin is a building block to a healthy body. The benefits include increased energy level, better mental acuity, and improved overall health. Who doesn’t want more of that?

The key is knowing what amount and where to get this essential vitamin. B vitamins are abundant in green leafy vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and meats. B vitamins contribute to your overall health.


Improving the Health of Your Website

HVAC contractors rely heavily on their websites for business growth. For many, it’s the main lead source, so when the website is failing to do the job, it’s time for a checkup and perhaps a good dose of vitamin B. In the world of search engines, backlinks are the vitamin B that your website needs.

“Backlinks are links that travel from one website to another. Look for links that are highly relevant to your industry.”

You might be surprised to learn that vitamin B deficiency is quite common. Similarly, contractors may not know that their website’s performance is tied to how relevant Google sees your company. Google measures your relevance by the quality of backlinks to your site. Who else online refers to your company as being relevant?

When your website lacks relevancy (backlinks), it fails to deliver results like increased traffic, brand recognition, and more business, and they most likely become money pits that offer no ROI.

Some contractors end up throwing more money than necessary to fix the problem when in fact there could be an easier and more cost-effective solution, like knowing where to get high quality backlinks to their site.

“Backlinks are the backbone of your website — the stronger they are, the better the position of your website.”
~ Search Engine Land


Does Your Website Need a Vitamin B Shot?

Yes. Because when Google states that backlinks are important, they’re important.

Relevancy is the key. Google wants to see if they can find resources off your website that corroborate what you say on your website. Are you who you say you are? Or have you simply gone to market with a large website? If you want to compete, you have to find someone else to acknowledge your company.

Think of it like this: If you were creating an ad and you wanted to draw as much attention as possible, you might consider a celebrity. What would a C-list celebrity offer, compared to a B-list celebrity or an A-list leading actor? You’ll get different results based on the celebrity type you choose. Backlinks are just like this. The higher the relevancy, the bigger the boost.

It’s important to note that not all backlinks are created equal. Resist the temptation to think that more is better. Just like an oversized system is not better, the same holds true for backlinks — quality will always trump quantity.


Where to Find This Essential Vitamin for Your Website

“List in ‘niche’ specific directories. Look for a highly-targeted, niche-specific directories to submit to. They are extremely valuable because they’re highly relevant.”
~Inc Magazine.com / John Rampton

Since backlinks act like the boost you get from vitamin B, helping your website be more effective, more productive, and perform better overall, then it is important that companies have good quality backlinks. But how?

You have a few options:

  1. You could start to write articles and other content that you can post off your website. This can be a time-consuming and lengthy process, especially considering that there are thousands of valuable key words in HVAC.
  2. You can buy backlinks. This is usually part of an SEO campaign and can be a costly venture. The quality and quantity of the backlinks you get is dependent on your budget.
  3. You can identify an authority site specific to the product you wish to promote and get your company listed in a niche specific online directory.


Easy Steps to Building Relevancy For Your Company

“An intelligent directory strategy provides depth to your SEO campaigns and offers tangible benefits including trust and authority signals, a more diverse link profile, and of course, the link.”

In a competitive environment like HVAC, it’s important to have a plan. HVAC contractors have one of the most complicated SEO because they need to rank for literally thousands of valuable search terms.

It’s time to prioritize! Start by asking yourself where you want to grow. Do you want to grow ductless? Is IAQ a priority? Make a list of your top objectives, write them down, and post it. Then ask yourself: who can help me gain more credibility, more visibility in this area? Look for resources that are highly relevant and high in authority.

While you’re at it, look for opportunities to get featured in blog posts and participate in content that you can share on your social accounts. The goal is to start building your credentials off your website.

If your website is acting a bit useless, lethargic, or if it is simply ineffective, that doesn't mean it is a bad website. It just may need an energy boost and some vitamin B.