While demand for HVAC work varies depending on region and climate, summer and winter are generally considered the industry’s two peak seasons. Clients have air conditioning needs when it is hot and call for heat repairs in the colder months. The last couple busy seasons have seen an even higher influx of calls with so many homeowners still working remotely. There are steps HVAC companies can take to meet demand while also alleviating the stress of the season.

COVID-19 pushed the world to be even more digital, and businesses are adopting technology solutions faster than ever to improve efficiency. It is important for businesses to employ modern software if they want to maintain an edge in their industry, especially during the busier times of the year. Software solutions can help HVAC companies free up time during the busy season by expediting the steps of the sales process and improving internal operations.


Accelerate the Sales Process

Software can be an invaluable tool for HVAC salespeople, as many programs come equipped with labor and time saving tools. Rather than pitching products on paper or from memory, software applications allow the salesperson full access to their company’s digital database. When the customer has total access to the product catalog, they can make purchasing decisions that day. This helps boost sales, saves salespeople an additional call, and makes for a happy customer who gets everything they need in the same visit.

Another benefit of HVAC sales software is digital proposal creation. Rather than wasting time writing out multiple proposals by hand, the right software system will allow sales teams to quickly create professional digital proposals. Digital proposals have higher selling power than hand-written proposals and they help reduce omissions since all the data is electronically stored.


Smooth out Company Operations

The operations work behind any HVAC company is vital but can also be incredibly time consuming. More tedious tasks such as updating pricing or obtaining client signatures can eat away at valuable time that could be spent working on other areas of a business. Luckily, many software companies can handle these tasks for clients or automate them entirely. For example, sending and signing documents virtually can prevent salespeople from making extra trips. This not only saves time and frees up the sales team, it also is generally appreciated by clients for added safety during the pandemic.

Installations are also smoother and faster when a software is integrated. Most operations platforms come with a built-in calendar that can be used to schedule lead appointments and jobs. The install team will know the precise time and location of their appointment and be able to plan travel time in advance. Software applications designed for sales and installation will allow sales representatives and technicians on-site access to pertinent information such as job packets, installation instructions, labor budgets, accessories sheets and change orders. Having this data readily available can help eliminate errors and reduce time-spent on each job.


Move Forward Confidently

Business software solutions are becoming the norm, and the advantages of implementing a software extend far beyond one busy season. Sales and operations software are great for alleviating stress and reducing workloads during peak seasons, and most companies find they continue to be helpful throughout the year. With practice and time, employees will become more proficient in the software and companies should see their return on investment continue to rise.

With the stress of the winter season still bearing down, and summer fast approaching, many HVAC companies are under pressure. However, springtime is a great time of year to invest in a software application and allow employees adequate time to learn it before the summer rush. For companies feeling overwhelmed, a sales and operations software is the best choice to help mitigate the demands of the season.