WASHINGTON — The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) launched a new brand, Propane Energy for Everyone.

“Americans are beginning to appreciate the value of propane in a wider energy mix after seeing the vulnerabilities of the electric grid in Texas and California and around the country,” said PERC President and CEO Tucker Perkins. “Propane is clean, affordable, and available right now. Propane offers solutions for climate, health, and equity.”

The PROPANE Energy for Everyone brand was created by PERC’s newly selected creative agency, Elevation Advertising, after a competitive review. It is rolling out to propane industry partners in anticipation of consumer and market-specific campaigns this fall.

“As we familiarized ourselves with the energy sector as part of the competitive review, we realized that propane has a remarkable story that’s not being told,” said Elevation’s co-founder and executive creative director, Aaron Dotson. “Propane is part of a clean energy mix that complements other renewable systems to help reduce carbon emissions today, right now. With the national energy conversation shifting more toward sustainable solutions every day, it’s the perfect time to share propane’s story.”

“The Pro-Energy Icon that forms part of the logo is designed to recall the many users and uses of propane,” Dotson said. “But it’s also calling to mind a stylized landscape of the cleaner world it’s helping to create.”

“The many propane industry volunteers who helped us choose a new agency and develop the new brand proved themselves to be extremely strategic thinkers,” said Erin Hatcher, senior vice president of marketing and communications at PERC. “With their help, Elevation accomplished an incredible amount of thoughtful work in a short amount of time. We’re excited to be forming this partnership as we continue to educate people about the many benefits of clean propane, the energy for everyone.”

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