WACO, TX — Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning has introduced a national branding campaign for the hvac services offered by the 60-plus Aire Serv franchisees across the country.

“We believe this is the first branding effort of its scope in our industry which features the services our franchisees provide,” said Aire Serv president Roger Goertz.

The cable TV commercials feature a woman who has her day ruined when her air conditioning unit literally crashes in front of her. An Aire Serv representative enters the picture while a voice-over explains the advantages of the brand’s delivery system. A tag at the end of the spot announces an Aire Serv-trademarked offer, the “Total Comfort Tune-up.”

The first of four network cable TV spots premiered in mid-April on The Discovery Channel, Home and Garden Television, and Lifetime.

“The hvac industry is in a period of consolidation and uncertainty,” stated Goertz. “The associations and groups with service networks have concentrated only on acquisition and growing their individual memberships, without explaining to the consumer the benefits of working with a nationally branded company versus an independent.

“No one has delivered the message to customers that their local members provide better services than the next guy.”

A second commercial is ready for the fall heating season. It will be coupled with local marketing programs for all franchise owners, the company said.

For more information on Aire Serv, call 800-253-9150.