ProductQuickVic™ SD Installation-Ready™ System

2019 Dealer Design Awards Gold Medal

Time and money go hand in hand, especially when it comes to Victaulic’s QuickVic™ SD Installation-Ready™ System. And that magic pairing — the speed of the press system, along with the material savings of the Carbon steel pipe — is what pushed the QuickVic over the victory line, scoring it the Gold award in the HVAC Commercial Equipment category.

“Installation times using the QuickVic SD system for carbon steel pipe are up to four times faster than traditional methods,” said Kurt Gobreski, vice president of product development, Victaulic. “It’s the only system on the market that can be visually verified for correctness after installation.”

To ensure the system and its connections are installed correctly, the manufacturer designed several visual inspection features, including bolt pad-to-bolt pad verification, a retainer inspection window, knurled insertion depth markings on the pipe, and “Leak-If-Not-Tightened” technology.

“This patented technology offers confidence to the contractor,” said Gobreski. “The gasket is designed not to seal until the coupling or fitting is mechanically secured on the pipe during initial installation.”

The system joins ½- to 2-inch DN15 to DN50 (small diameter) carbon steel pipe. The plain end pipe joining technology includes Installation-Ready couplings and fittings, valves, and the PC3110 Cut & Mark Tool. It has a maximum working pressure of 300 psi/2068 kPa/21 bar and a temperature rating up to 250°F/120°C with the EPDM gasket. The Cut & Mark Tool allows the installer to simultaneously cut and mark Schedules 10 through 80 carbon steel pipe, leaving knurled markings on each piece to show the insertion depth for proper installation. In a maintenance or retrofit situation, contractors can remove the joints and reinstall them as needed without having to cut out and remove excess piping.

“This product is well-designed to maximize efficiency,” according to one of the judges. “The straightforward method of tightening until there’s no daylight simplifies field installation.”

With plans to offer this product globally, Victaulic has noticed that contractors are transitioning to carbon steel piping for small diameter — 2 inches and smaller — for a variety of reasons.

“Those using copper tubing are grappling with higher prices and job site theft,” said Gobreski. “Sweating copper joints is costly and time- and labor-intensive; and while pressing copper joints is fast and clean, it introduces expensive fittings and tools.”

He explained that the contractors who have already transitioned to carbon steel are reaping the benefits of reduced material costs, simplified project management, and reduced financial risk.


ManufacturerTecumseh Products Co. LLC

ProductTecumseh ARGUS

Winning Silver is the Tecumseh ARGUS from Tecumseh Products Co. LLC. A year’s worth of research and design were invested in this air-cooled low- and medium-temperature condensing unit. Ideal for walk-in coolers and freezers, the unit was designed for HFO-blend refrigerants — specifically R-452A, R-448A, and R-449A. It exceeds the Department of Energy’s Annualized Walk-In Energy Factor (AWEF) requirements by up to 15 percent in the capacity range of ½ to 6 hp. According to the company, the unit provides restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores unmatched performance and configurability to keep produce and other products at optimal freshness.

“All three chassis sizes were developed with a simplified layout, making it easier to access without removing the top of the enclosure,” said Kit Fransen, director of product management, Tecumseh. “The base valves on the outside corners of each chassis seamlessly integrate with other installations, providing an efficient drop-and-go solution that will streamline your workflow and cut costs.”

The electrical box is equipped with LED lights, allowing visibility in any situation. A QR code inside the electrical box door enables technicians to easily access wiring diagrams, performance data, and service part lists. The company intends to expand the line to contain variable-speed components along with system control integration to allow for easy diagnosing, servicing, and configuration of control schemes and algorithms.


ManufacturerLG Electronics USA

ProductLG Multi V™ 5 with LGRED°

Earning a Bronze award is LG Electronics USA and its flagship air-source VRF system, the LG Multi V™ 5 with LGRED°. It is available from 6 to 42 tons, with a choice of three-phase 208-V to 230-V, 460-V to 480-V, or 575-V electrical power as heat recovery/heat pump outdoor units. Newly upgraded for 2019, the Multi V 5 features an expanded operating range, providing continuous heating performance at ambient conditions down to minus 22°F and cooling up to 122°F, thanks to the LGRED° (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) heating technology. The company’s research and development are grounded in utilizing feedback from customers and striving to meet the demands of the marketplace. After gathering extensive feedback from customers on previous models of the Multi V and paying close attention to functionality needs, the research and development team used the findings to design and develop the product for facility and building owners, managers, architects, engineers, and commercial developers.


ManufacturerRuskin Rooftop Systems

ProductenERVent Models MCV500 and MCV1000

Also earning a Bronze award is Ruskin Rooftop Systems’ enERVent Models MCV500 and MCV1000. Ideal for ceilings and small spaces, both models exceed 50 to 60 percent total energy recovery effectiveness with 0.5 percent cross-contamination. They feature a compact 16-inch chassis and a polymer-based energy recovery core with no moving parts for easy maintenance and long-lasting comfort. The patented polymer membrane consists of a dense, nonporous layer of selective membrane. This layer allows the transfer of water vapor while blocking the transfer of CO2, VOCs, and other contaminants. The membrane is also immune to growth of mold and bacteria, and it does not allow penetration of viruses. Accelerated life cycle testing of the energy exchangers in the lab indicates an equivalent of 15 years of operation in the field with limited impact on the membrane performance and structure. The heat exchanger technology exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 standards’ requirements to accommodate future governmental regulations. The units are also Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) 1060-certified.


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