ManufacturerLG Electronics USA

ProductLG Multi VTM S 5-ton Heat Recovery Unit

2019 Dealer Design Awards Gold Medal

LG won the Gold award for its Multi VTM S 5-ton heat recovery unit, a compact outdoor unit that provides zone control for up to 12 indoor units and 984 feet of total piping. The Multi V S has a compact design (the chassis occupies less than 3½ square feet), requires single-phase power, and as a heat recovery system, the Multi V S can deliver simultaneous heating and cooling within the same system, increasing energy efficiency by redistributing rejected heat to areas that need it.

LG’s research and development process utilized strategic planning, product testing, and focus groups with industry partners.

“With a compact and lightweight design and only requiring single-phase power,” said Lorie Quillin-Bell, director of marketing, Air Conditioning Technologies, LG Electronics USA, “the Multi V S 5-ton heat recovery system provides excellent energy efficiency, design flexibility, and the versatility of simultaneous heating and cooling.”

By only requiring single-phase power, the product eliminates the need for three-phase conversion, easing the installation process and allowing VRF technology to be used in applications that would previously have required a less efficient option, Quillin-Bell added.

“Prior to the Multi V S 5-ton heat recovery, business owners were forced to make a no-win choice: pay for a costly upgrade to three-phase power, purchase a larger 6-ton single-phase VRF heat recovery system, or create simultaneous heating and cooling by installing two parallel systems,” said Quillin-Bell.

“Where the Multi V S 5-ton heat recovery system provides value is the elimination of the no-win choice,” she said. “The Multi V S 5-ton heat recovery unit requires only single-phase power and provides personalized comfort in every room.”

Alex Torban, owner, Enviro Air, New York City, has worked with the Multi VS for the past several of years.

“The reliability of the system makes it a fantastic product in terms of servicing,” he said. “I almost never get calls about issues. I have installed a few hundred of these systems, both heat pump and heat recovery, and I can only think of five or six service calls. And if a problem arises, the LG staff and the partners are great at assisting in getting the issue resolved.”

“The LG Multi V S is easy to work with and has the performance that the New York market needs,” he added. “This past winter, New York experienced a few weeks of harsh, winter days, and the products in the field kept my clients warm without wavering.”


ManufacturerGoodway Technologies

ProductGDS-100 Industrial Descaling System

The GDS-100 Indistrual Descaling System won the Silver award in the Light Commercial Equipment category. With a 50-gallon horizontal vented tank, this portable clean-in-place pump system removes limescale, calcium and mineral deposits, rust, and other contaminations from HVAC and process manufacturing equipment.

The product has two pressure gauges for simple performance feedback indication, as well as built-in check valves that protect against liquid floodback. The high-flow capability of this unit at 96 gpm was designed with gasketed and brazed plate heat exchangers, as well as large condenser barrel cleanings in mind.

The pump is mobile and is built for large industrial descaling cleanings, although it can also handle smaller descaling jobs. Goodway developed the GDS-100 after seeing an interest in larger industrial descaling systems within the marketplace. During the design process, Goodway communicated with facility managers in order to get the opinions of those who would be operating the equipment, as well as used the feedback gathered from its other descaling products to inform the GDS-100.

“The ability for facility maintenance personnel to more effectively and efficiently clean the equipment with our industrial descaling system results in huge cost savings,” said Tim Fregeau, director technical sales and business development, Goodway. “It helps to reduce energy costs and makes the process less labor intensive.”

It works with Goodway’s ScaleBreak chemical descaler for boilers, chillers, condensers, furnaces, reactors, and more.



ProductV3 Series 96% High Efficiency Gas Heater Air Handling Unit

Aaon’s V3 Series 96% High Efficiency Gas Heater Air Handling Units earned the Bronze award. The units are available from 450 to 4,400 cfm, and are constructed with double-wall rigid polyurethane foam panels for durability during installation and servicing.

The footprint of units range from 6.7 square feet for the two smallest cabinets and 9.3 square feet for the largest cabinet. They are designed to fit in closets, mechanical rooms, 36- x 80-inch doors, and narrow clearances for easy installation and retrofitting. Direct-drive electronically commutated motors (ECMs) drive the supply fans and require neither belt maintenance nor oil.

Five years of research went into the product, including the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to model the unit’s airflow before the first prototype was built.

“The efficiency of the gas heater, combined with the ECM supply fans, saves the customer money during the winter,” said Eric Taylor, marketing manager, Aaon. “And when matched with Aaon variable-capacity compressor condensing units, the highly efficient split system provides year-round savings.”


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