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Gold medal. XVers L Commercial Boiler.
XVers L Commercial Boiler

Raypak won Gold in the HVAC Commercial category for its XVers L commercial boiler, which features a stainless steel fire-tube heat exchanger, functional design, and adaptive controls via the intuitive VERSA IC® touchscreen display. The boiler came about as a response to contractor demand and company innovation, said Lyndal Moore, national sales manager of the commercial division at Raypak.

“As Raypak was rolling out the XVers platform, acceptance and success of the VERSA control package on our larger Btu firetube boilers was becoming a big hit,” he said. “There was immediate feedback from the field to have the same features and benefits incorporated into a lower-Btu range of boilers — hence, the creation of the XVers L.”

The XVers L commercial boiler features up to 98 percent thermal efficiency, a smaller footprint, and will soon have the ability to cascade up to eight units. The crown jewel of the product, however, is the continuation of the VERSA IC control platform across these smaller Btu boilers, said Moore.

“The incorporation of the VERSA IC control platform, as well as the optional flow meter, and the Raymote™ monitoring system, give the same consistent features and benefits cherished by contractors on our larger XVers,” he said. “Because of the simplicity of the VERSA IC platform, contractors can get on and off a job during the initial set up in a timely manner, which is an important feature. A 4.3-inch touchscreen, the ability set up venting, glycol, cascading, as well as a multitude of other things that slow contractors down … make the XVers L platform the go-to boiler.”

Contractors will also value the boiler’s smaller footprint, which gives them more room for installation and service, said Moore, and the ability to vent with a variety of different venting material makes it more versatile. They will also appreciate the Raymote application, which allows contractors to remotely monitor a system from anywhere.

“The XVers L boiler has flexibility never before seen in the HVAC industry,” said Moore. “Its piping and venting options, in conjunction with its user-focused features like the VERSA IC and Raymote, make it the ideal choice for just about any job. Not only are the XVers L features practical, they are also designed to enable contractors to be entrepreneurs and deliver new kinds of value to their customers.”

Rebel Applied™ Packaged Rooftop Systems.
Daikin Applied
Rebel Applied™ Packaged Rooftop Systems

Winning Silver is Daikin’s Rebel Applied™ packaged rooftop systems, which integrate the latest compression, heat transfer, air moving, and controls technologies to maximize energy efficiency and serviceability, said Matthew Dodds, product manager of applied rooftop and self-contained systems at Daikin Applied. “The first of its kind, Rebel Applied was designed how all rooftops should be, shattering efficiency thresholds in a highly configurable solution,” he said. “The Rebel Applied serves the 30- to 52-ton commercial and applied rooftop space with maximum energy efficiency, unlimited configurability, and low lifecycle cost. It also offers the latest in modular cabinet design flexibility, making it the ideal rooftop solution for both new construction and especially retrofit applications.”

Rebel Applied features extremely quiet operation as well as unique solutions for many different building applications, including configurable outside air management components designed to bring in fresh, filtered, quality indoor air. UV lights keep coils clean of harmful microbial growth. Electronically commutated motor (ECM) fan arrays prevent down time during service events; MERV 14, 16, and HEPA filters provide options for final filtration; and factory-installed humidifier grids help optimize indoor humidity in dry climates and limit viral and bacterial activity.

XFIIRE Boiler and Domestic Water Heater.
XFIIRE Boiler and Domestic Water Heater

Claiming Bronze is Raypak for its XFIIRE boiler and domestic water heater, which features stainless steel water-tube heat exchanger construction, functional design, and adaptive controls via the intuitive VERSA IC® touchscreen display.

The XFIIRE is engineered for versatility, performance, and efficiency, and with Raymote™ access, users can be connected and informed, said Lyndal Moore, national sales manager of the commercial division at Raypak.

“With the VERSA IC with high-definition touchscreen, installation and commissioning are simplified,” said Moore. “Technicians can easily visualize their mode of operation via lifelike displays of the plumbing and cascade configuration on the touchscreen, making its versatility easy to tap into. Service and repair are also much more straightforward, thanks to intuitive diagnostics.”

The optional Raymote app allows end users or contractors to remotely monitor the XFIIRE. With touch-of-a-button access to vital information, it aids in decision making and cost savings and reduces downtime. Raymote also provides technicians real-time service notifications to keep them informed and prepared with the right fixes, as well as a means to log those fixes, said Moore.

“A clever, functional jacket with large backlight provides instant and easy visibility of the heater status, so technicians can easily see whether the XFIIRE requires their attention,” he said.