Welcome to the first-ever Refrigeration Showcase, which includes comprehensive coverage of the different types of equipment and controls that contractors typically encounter in the field. From ice machines to reach-ins to controls and components, the Showcase is designed to educate contractors about the new refrigeration products available, so they can help their customers make the right choice for their application.

Figuring out which refrigeration equipment or controls package will work best for an application can be challenging. Larger supermarket and restaurant chains often have in-house personnel who make this decision, but they still value the input from their local contractors who service their equipment. Smaller regional stores and restaurants typically do not have these in-house resources, so contractors usually have a larger role in recommending equipment solutions.

For both these situations, the Refrigeration Showcase will help contractors learn which ice machine, refrigeration unit, component, and/or control will best serve the needs of their customers. Manufacturers have provided detailed information for the Showcase that includes the benefits end users will experience by using their products, as well as how they have made their equipment easier for contractors to install and service.

For food retailers, their priority is making sure that any new equipment keeps their products safe, fresh, and cold — reliably and efficiently. The products highlighted in the Refrigeration Showcase are designed to do just that.


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Focus #1: Systems & Components

The top priority of most food retailers is to make sure their refrigeration equipment can reliably keep products safe, fresh, and cold. Given their large utility bills, they would also like the equipment to be energy efficient. These issues are important to contractors as well, but they would also like the refrigeration equipment to be easy to install and service. Addressing all these concerns can be a tall order for manufacturers, but the systems and components described below are designed to appeal both to end users and to those who work on them in the field.

Carlyle's 5H semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for ammonia (R-717)
Carlyle Compressor
5H semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors for ammonia (R-717)

Details: Available in sizes ranging from 25 to 50 hp, these compressors are well-suited for many low-temperature booster and medium-temperature refrigeration applications, particularly those in food retail, ice making, and light industrial businesses. They are suitable for both direct expansion evaporators and flooded coolers.

Features: These new compressors were designed specifically to operate safely under the unique characteristics of ammonia. All compressor components, including materials, alloys, and seals, are specifically designed to be chemically compatible with ammonia. Lower mass flow rates mean smaller piping designs that may reduce installation costs.

End user benefits: Ammonia is a natural refrigerant with zero ozone depletion and GWP, and there are currently no identified or proposed phaseouts or regulations that would impact its use. Ammonia is cost-effective, as it is abundantly available worldwide, and is not subject to disposal rules that apply to HFC or CFC refrigerants.

Serviceability features: Factory-installed options for easier installation and service include electric solenoid unloading and integrated oil pressure protection.

Warranty information: Three-year warranty.

Website: www.carlylecompressor.com

Carlyle Compressor 06T semi-hermetic screw compressors
Carlyle Compressor
06T semi-hermetic screw compressors

Details: These compressors are suitable for R-404A and R-507 medium- and low-temperature refrigeration applications, as well as R-134a medium-temperature applications. R-448A and R-449A applications are coming soon. They are well-suited for many low-temperature applications, particularly those in blast freezers, cold room storage, ice rinks, and light industrial businesses.

Features: Continuous slide valve unloading system for capacity modulation from 25 to 100 percent allows for perfect load matching and superior part-load efficiency.

End user benefits: Patented rotor profile and optimized housing geometry design result in exceptional efficiency and reliability.

Serviceability features: New refrigeration accessory kits now available for simplified application. These bundled accessories make it simpler, faster, and more accurate to get exactly what is needed for various specific applications. Multiple oil separator options are available to fit the most challenging applications. External, easy-to-service oil filters, level sensors, and heaters reduce installation labor and eliminate the need for an accessory oil pump.

Warranty information: Three-year warranty.

Website: www.carlylecompressor.com

Carnot Refrigeration Custom CO2-based refrigeration packages for industrial applications
Carnot Refrigeration
Custom CO2-based refrigeration packages for industrial applications

Details: Packages feature single- or two-stage distributed refrigeration systems, chillers, and heat pumps; transcritical CO2 semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors; temperatures ranging from minus 50° to 60°F; distributed controls platform with supervisory interface; 10 to 900 hp in a single package; evaporator defrost (hot gas or ejector); and intelligent heat reclaim. They are designed for refrigerated warehouses and distribution centers, food processing plants, ice rinks, buildings, wineries, and data centers.

Features: Floating condenser head pressure to 50°; free cooling; reduced water consumption of up to 90 percent; no water treatment; variable fan speed control via electronically commutated (EC) fans on evaporators and heat rejection equipment; intelligent heat reclaim to increase system COP while providing direct heating of air or water; and no oil or no water in the server room that could damage the equipment in case of a leak (only pure CO2).

End user benefits: Low total cost of ownership.

Serviceability features: This plug-and-play industrial package only requires field piping between evaporators and heat reclaim equipment. All vessels, valves, and controls are integrated into the package. One year of remote monitoring of system performance is included with each system. After commissioning and start-up, the only maintenance requirements are annual inspection and replacement of liquid line and oil filters.

Warranty information: One-year warranty. Extended warranties available.

Website: www.carnotrefrigeration.com

Danfoss Optyma Slim outdoor condensing units - The ACHR News
Optyma™ Slim outdoor condensing units

Details: These units feature an optimized combination of efficiency, reliability, easy installation, and sound performance for a wide range of refrigeration applications. They range from 1 to 10 hp for low- and medium-temperature applications and are available for R-134a, R-404A, R-448A/449A, and R-507.

Features: Every Optyma Slim comes equipped with a microchannel heat exchanger (MCHE) standard, which improves energy efficiency. The optional scroll compressor further increases efficiency by as much as 35 percent.

End user benefits: Built to reduce installation and maintenance costs, the smart design and premium components save valuable time and money while increasing efficiency with minimal impact to the environment.

Serviceability features: Each condensing unit comes with a standard footprint, making it ideal for drop-in replacement applications. The included sight glass and multiple isolation valves and flare connections make servicing a breeze. The all-aluminum MCHE is corrosion-resistant, ensuring long, worry-free operation even in corrosion-prone areas, such as near a coastline. The optional scroll compressor has 70 percent fewer moving parts than equivalent reciprocating compressors, significantly reducing points of failure.

Warranty information: Three-year limited warranty. No extended warranties available.

Website: www.choose.danfoss.com

Emerson Copeland Scroll KA compressor lineup with liquid injection
Copeland Scroll™ KA compressor lineup with liquid injection

Details: The total lineup includes 20 refrigeration models, including low temperature with liquid injection, extended medium temperature, and medium temperature. Capacities range from .75 to 4.5 hp, offering some of the industry’s smallest displacement in refrigeration scroll. This product has low sound and vibration, and it is ready to be used with R-404A, R-507, R-448A, R-449A, R-134a, R-407A/C/F, and R-22. These compressors have wide operating envelopes, with condensing temperatures ranging from minus 40°F (ZF*KA) to 45°F (ZB*KA), and are designed for walk-in coolers and freezers, reach-in coolers and freezers, and soft-serve and frozen carbonated beverage machines.

Features: The ZF*KAE liquid injection compressor performs under difficult high-compression ratio conditions normally seen on extended and low-temperature applications. The technology works by piping liquid refrigerant from the system liquid line to the compressor, and in the case of the scroll compressors, injected directly into the scroll elements. Without this cooling, the compression elements can get too hot and the oil breaks down, potentially leading to compressor failures. Liquid injection is becoming more important in extended-medium and low-temperature applications because of higher heat of compression refrigerants with relatively lower GWP (e.g., R-448/R-449).

End user benefits: These compressors seek to provide the right balance of energy efficiency increase; minimal environmental impact; and improvements in equipment reliability, serviceability, and safety. They offer reliable performance as well as low sound and vibration.

Serviceability features: Many HVACR contractors have extensive experience in dealing with Copeland Scroll in the field. With this product being introduced into the smaller applications that are traditionally dominated by reciprocating and rotary technologies, contractors can leverage their existing knowledge of scroll technology and reference Emerson’s extensive training and support network. The liquid injection capability embedded in Copeland Scroll ZF*KAE compressors simplifies its configuration and installation.

Warranty information: Standard limited warranty for Copeland brand products applies when such defect in materials and workmanship appears in seller goods within 12 months from the date such goods are placed in service, and which are returned to and received by seller within 20 months from the date of manufacture by seller. For additional warranty guidelines, please visit www.emerson.com.

Website: www.emerson.com

Hoshizaki Steelheart Series commercial refrigeration line
Steelheart Series commercial refrigeration line

Details: The 45 self-contained models in the line include one-, two-, and three-section reach-in refrigerators and freezers, as well as undercounter models, prep tables, and chef bases. All refrigeration products feature R-290 or R-600a refrigerant. This refrigeration line is designed to work in harsh environments where temperatures are hot and performance is critical. Engineered to maintain NSF-7 temperatures in 100°F ambient.

Features: The series features unique ducted airflow, all-stainless steel interior and exterior, and maximum cubic storage capacity in a small external footprint. Uprights include top-mount refrigeration that includes an easy-to-access condenser filter. Refrigerant flow is controlled by a thermostatic expansion valve, which aids in temperature recoveries during peak hours.

End user benefits: Equipment meets Energy Star standards, which means efficient, environmentally friendly operation.

Serviceability features: Installing Steelheart models is simple, with cabinets that are designed to fit through a standard doorway. Cleaning is easy because of the stainless steel exterior and interior. Top-mount refrigeration ensures the compressor and condenser are away from the floor, where dust, grease, and water are likely to be, and heat from the compressor is not traveling from the floor and into the user work area.

Warranty information: Standard warranty includes three-year parts and labor with an additional two-year parts on the compressor only. No extended warranties offered.

Website: www.hoshizakiamerica.com

Hussman microDS refrigerated merchandisers
Hussmann Corp.
microDS refrigerated merchandisers

Details: This micro distributed solution uses nontoxic, environmentally safe propane (R-290), which is a natural refrigerant that has excellent thermodynamic properties for medium and low-temperature merchandisers. The microDS system is currently available in vertical multi-deck and reach-in display merchandisers used in the bakery, dairy, deli, floral, frozen, meat, produce, and seafood departments in supermarkets, convenience, drug, and dollar stores.

Features: microDS merchandisers are charged with R-290 — 150 grams, or 5.3 liquid ounces per circuit. Its use can reduce the total amount of refrigerant needed for full-store application by 95 percent or more. Refrigerant leaks are a huge problem in the retail food industry, but these systems are self-contained and hermetically sealed to minimize the risk of any future refrigerant leaks.

End user benefits: Store operators have to adhere to ever-changing state and federal regulations pertaining to refrigerants, but R-290 is environmentally safe, so it is virtually future-proofed in terms of challenging environmental regulations.

Serviceability features: microDS merchandisers are self-contained and engineered for fast and easy installation with little downtime in the store. They use an easy-to-install closed water loop to remove rejected heat and are easy to maintain. Additionally, each merchandiser has a plug-in electrical cord and one inlet and one outlet water-loop connection, which speeds installation. Hard-wired units are also available. Merchandisers also arrive with preset controllers that enable sensing for case functionality.

Warranty information: The standard warranty is one year; however, the warranty period can be extended depending on customers’ needs and requirements.

Website: www.hussmann.com/propane

Minus Forty 22-UDGH-L2 dual temperature hybrid upright
Minus Forty
22-UDGH-L2 dual temperature hybrid upright

Details: This upright uses R-290 refrigerant (propane) and is certified by the Department of Energy (DOE). The freezer set point temperature is minus 20°F, while the refrigerator set point is 35°. The Smartlock health timer constantly monitors the interior storage temperature and safeguards stored food products by locking the merchandiser when a preset safety limit is reached.

Features: Uses natural refrigerant R-290, has low-E coated triple-pane glass doors for added insulation value, and uses low-energy LED lighting.

End user benefits: The product line’s low energy features include a standard low-maintenance condenser, 2¾-inch insulated cabinet walls, and a programmable electronic control — with real-time display and audible and visual alarms.

Serviceability features: Merchandisers are easy to maintain and, with regular cleaning of the interior, offer worry-free operation. Features like snap-in gaskets, baked enamel galvanized steel interiors, adjustable shelves, and smooth corners make them easy to clean. Because of their unique design, condensers are low maintenance, only needing occasional inspections and very little actual cleaning.

Warranty information: Minus Forty® Technologies Corp. warrants its products to be free from defect as to workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the time of delivery, plus an additional four years on the compressor (parts only). The company will, at its option, either replace or repair any defective parts returned within 12 months of the time of delivery, transportation charges prepaid, which Minus Forty in its sole discretion determines to be defective.

Website: www.minusforty.com

Modine Transcritical Gas-Coolers, Models LGS and LGV
Modine Mfg.
Transcritical CO2 gas coolers, Models LGS and LGV

Details: Due to the unique properties of CO2 (R-744), these products cool the CO2 gas during hot summertime afternoons but quickly change to condensing the gas when outdoor temperatures fall below 70°F, allowing the CO2 system to operate at peak efficiency.

Features: Based on proven air-cooled condenser designs and exclusive use of external rotor fan motor technology, these products include unique heat exchangers constructed of heavy wall copper tubing and steel headers that are UL rated to 2,000 psig working pressure. External rotor fan motors are reliable, energy efficient, and low-sound generation air movers. To date, transcritical CO2 applications have been largely limited to supermarkets and heat pumps, but there has been increased interest in other segments, such as cold storage warehouse, pharmaceuticals, and industrial applications.

End user benefits: Most end users now prefer the variable-speed electronically commutated (EC) designs that add to energy efficiency and system control.

Serviceability features: Like air-cooled condensers, transcritical CO2 gas coolers require little maintenance — typically just regular cleaning of the heat exchanger to maintain performance at peak levels. Modine recently changed its connections from steel to a copper/iron alloy, which simplifies installation by allowing the connections to be brazed rather than welded.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: www.modine.com

Nor-Lake NLRGM Series swing glass door merchandiser refrigerators
NLRGM Series swing glass door merchandiser refrigerators

Details: Available in three widths: 27-inch, 54-inch, and 81-inch. Features self-contained refrigeration system with R-290 refrigerant and a temperature range of 34° to 40°F.

Features: The black powder-coated exterior with white interior draws attention to product, two rows of LED lighting per door eliminates dark areas and provides full illumination of products, factory-installed heavy-duty casters make it easy to relocate as needed and clean underneath, four shelves per door adjustable in ½-inch increments provide maximum merchandising flexibility, and coated evaporator coil resists corrosion.

End user benefits: Durable stainless steel floor holds up to day-to-day usage, LED backlit top panel provides area for additional product messaging, door locks keep products secure in off-hours, and R-290 refrigerant provides maximum energy efficiency with no GWP while meeting Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) requirements.

Serviceability features: All models are self-contained for easy installation.

Warranty information: Three-year parts and labor and five-year compressor warranty.

Website: www.norlake.com

Polar Leasing Ground resting, walk-in, dual-temperature units
Polar Leasing Co.
Ground resting, walk-in, dual-temperature units

Details: These seamless fiberglass units are available in two sizes, 8 x 10 feet and 8 x 20 feet, for short- and long-term rentals. Customers have access to a thermostat on the inside of the unit with a temperature range from minus 10° to 40°F. Units come equipped with a heavy-duty non-skid floor, a lockable door latch, self-closing hinges, a hasp lock, a safety release handle, a heated door jamb, a defrost timer, a crowned roof, a stainless steel kickplate, and a forklift-capable frame.

Features: Polar Leasing is a nationwide refrigeration rental company with over 100 depots. From food service operations and national events to pharmaceutical and construction renovations, these fiberglass walk-ins roll off in minutes. Walk-in units require an electrical connection once they arrive (208- to 230-V, 30-amp single phase). They sit safely on the ground (no stairs/ramps) and are quiet (70 decibels) and efficient (no diesel cost/fumes).

End user benefits: These seamless fiberglass rentals feature sanitary interiors and exceed all board of health and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. All units have a continuous, antimicrobial surface. The fiberglass shell and thick insulation means the compressor runs less, saving money on the electric bill and offering a solution for perishable or temperature-sensitive products.

Serviceability features: Non-corrugated flooring decreases risk of bacteria buildup and makes for a seamless cleaning process with a power washer. Polar Leasing offers a 24-hour service department. In the event that something goes wrong, the company will dispatch a service technician within 24 hours.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: www.polarleasing.com

Southern CaseArts M4 self-contained (plug-and-play) refrigerated merchandiser
Southern CaseArts
M4 self-contained (plug-and-play) refrigerated merchandiser

Details: This critical-temperature refrigerated display is ideal for proteins, vegetables, and accompaniments. It features three exterior sides of ambient merchandising for relevant components in order to provide a single location shopping destination.

Features: Energy-efficient LED lighting, energy-efficient fans, quiet operation, and the option to use R-449 refrigerant.

End user benefits: The unit is 33 inches (w) by 36 inches (d) by 50 inches (h) (not including ambient merchandising). The ODC-03S-S is a larger version — 50.5 inches (w) by 48 inches (d) by 52 inches (h).

Serviceability features: The M4 ships ready to roll into place; all that is needed is a 115-V, 30-A electrical connection. Requires basic cleaning and a monthly filter change/cleaning.

Warranty information: Standard warranty is one-year parts and 60 days labor from ship date. Consult factory for extended warranty requests.

Website: www.southerncasearts.com

Tecumseh ARGUS air-cooled, low- and medium-temperature condensing units
Tecumseh Compressor Co.
ARGUS condensing units

ARGUS air-cooled, low- and medium-temperature condensing units

Details: ARGUS has a cooling capacity range of .5 to 6 hp, which is tailored to the walk-in cooler and freezer market of boxes less than 3,000 square feet. The overall platform is designed with new regulations in mind, and its performance is optimized around HFO-blend refrigerants, specifically R-452A, R-448A, and R-449A. ARGUS exceeds the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Annual Walk-in Energy Factor (AWEF) requirements by up to 15 percent.

Features: Customers can choose between conventional tube-and-fin condenser coils or microchannel condenser coils, which are 50 percent lighter and can reduce overall refrigerant charge by 30 to 40 percent. In addition, a swept blade assembly option makes performance quiet, an increasingly important factor for indoor applications or areas where noise (such as in educational facilities) may be critical.

End user benefits: Customers can select from preconfigured silver, platinum, or gold feature sets, or buy a customizable set of a la carte features that can tailor the unit to specific application requirements and ambient conditions. To complement customer quick ship walk-in programs, a similar program for this condensing unit platform is offered along with the evaporators.

Serviceability features: ARGUS features a simplified layout and has several unique features, including easy-to-access electrical mounted on the side of the unit, an LED light that illuminates when the service panel is open, and simple diagrams available on the unit as well as via QR code. The ARGUS Axis system enables service technicians to easily remove the door to streamline service workflow.

Warranty information: Standard warranty program for both OEMs and the distribution/wholesale channel with dates ranging from 12 to 18 months from date of sale, depending on customer. Date of manufacture can also affect warranty. Please contact us.warranty@tecumseh.com for detailed warranty information on specific products.

Website: www.tecumseh.com

Zero Zone Liquid-Cooled Condensing Unit (LCCU) with Electronic Technology Package (ETP)
Zero Zone
Liquid-Cooled Condensing Unit

Liquid-Cooled Condensing Unit (LCCU) with Electronic Technology Package (ETP)

Details: The LCCU ETP is a low-charge system (typically less than 8 pounds of R-448A) with continuous monitoring and constant product temperature control that can operate both medium- and low-temperature display cases and walk-ins.

Features: The LCCU ETP includes a DC compressor, an electronic expansion valve (EEV), and a Carel Heos controller. Multiple controllers can be monitored and linked in a master-slave configuration through a Carel boss supervisory and control system with a Zero Zone Hybrid display case and pump skid. Equipped with remote diagnostics, the Heos controller and boss supervisory system provide detailed metrics for each case through intuitive interfaces. That enables real-time unit performance overview and active COP analysis. Each load is allowed to operate at the warmest evaporator temperature while maintaining optimal product and air temperatures. This minimizes energy usage by up to 25 percent, even at partial loads.

End user benefits: The LCCU ETP maintains stable product temperatures, runs quietly (60 dB), and preserves product freshness for up to two additional days.

Serviceability features: When used with a Hybrid display case, the pre-charged LCCU is shipped loose and connected via refrigerant quick-connect couplings. Electrical connections between the case and condensing unit are made with easy plug-in connectors. Glycol/H2O hook-up completes the installation. The unit is factory programmed for ease of installation.

Warranty information: One-year parts warranty.

Website: www.zero-zone.com

Focus #2: Ice Machines

In addition to being efficient, equipment is user-friendly and easy to service

Summer is in full swing, and ice machines around the country are working overtime to make sure customers have enough flakes, cubes, chips, and nuggets to keep their drinks and perishables cold. To keep up with the growing demand for efficient and reliable ice machines, manufacturers are offering new models that are not only easier to clean and service, but which also produce the best looking — and tasting — ice around.

Kloppenberg Hydration Station ice and water dispenser, Model DISP-500-IND
Hydration Station ice and water dispenser, Model DISP-500-IND

Details: By keeping the water and ice in one location, the Hydration Station makes water containers quick and easy to fill. Designed for applications including amusement parks, factories/manufacturing, sports venues, golf courses, public works, and construction sites.

Features: Automatic ice dispensing; two water spigot stations; one water inlet connection for both spigots and ice maker; fully welded stainless steel auger; fully welded stainless steel agitator(s); ½-hp motor(s) with torque overload and recovery; 120-V, single-phase, 15-A power; foot pedal activated; and ice capacity of 637 pounds.

End user benefits: With its ability to efficiently dispense and transport ice, wait times are shortened. It’s easy to use, and the first-in, first-out method ensures quality of ice.

Serviceability and installation: No special installation instructions needed, as the product is shipped assembled. Manufactured of stainless steel, so it’s easy to clean.

Warranty information: One-year warranty, no extension.

Website: www.kloppenberg.com

Manitowoc Indigo NXT, Model iT0420
Indigo NXT, Model iT0420

Details: The iT0420 is available in two different ice sizes (dice and half dice) and in both air- and water-cooled models. It makes 50 pounds of ice per day. The iT0420 uses rotary compressors and R-410A. It is designed for multiple types of applications, including airports, bars, colleges, restaurants, fitness centers, hospitals, hotels, and more.

Features: Manitowoc’s patented air assist uses air to push the ice off the evaporator at the optimal time of harvest, which means there are no moving mechanical parts. The air is dispersed evenly, so the entire sheet will fall off the evaporator grid. A patented acoustic ice thickness probe offers statistically adaptive methods for predicting when the next ice harvest will occur based on historical probabilities — regardless of the environmental conditions. These algorithms make for a more consistent ice harvest.

End user benefits: The iT0420 has a full-color reflective touch display called the easy Touch, which offers peace of mind to operators, as they will know what the machine is doing at all times. In addition, the operator can easily turn the machine on or off, and the auto detection of key add-on accessories will prompt the user to set reminders or intervals in the display. The display also allows the owners to set descaling and sanitizing reminders, as well as air filter and water filter reminders at the intervals they desire.

Serviceability and installation: The easy Touch display walks the installer through 12 to 14 options to customize the machine for needs of the application. The iT0420 is easy to service, with front-facing control boards and service ports. It constantly performs self-diagnostics, and real-time and historical data is accessible from the display. The unit is easy to clean, as its hinged front door swings open and does not need to be removed. The evaporator is front facing, and for deep cleaning, all the components can be removed in less than a minute, including the water trough and water pump. The display walks technicians through the cleaning process and signals when to add the chemicals. Two fully integrated accessories are also available to solve specific problem environments. The Luminice II is an automatic UV solution that is used when the ice machine is exposed to yeast, flour, or sugars in the air, such as in pizzerias and bakeries. The iAuCS system (Automatic Cleaning System), when used in conjunction with Luminice, provides even greater cleaning options by automatically applying the descaler at the program interval with no manual intervention.

Warranty information: The standard warranty is five-year parts and labor on the evaporator; five-year parts and three-year labor on the compressor; and three-year parts and labor on the rest of the unit. Extended warranties are not offered.

Website: www.manitowocice.com

North Star Ice Equipment Cascade Series
North Star Ice Equipment
Cascade Series

Details: The Cascade Series is available in capacities ranging from 1,100 to 5,500 pounds and can use halocarbons, CO2, and other natural refrigerants. It is designed to be used in supermarkets, deli counters, fish markets, commercial bakeries, cold storage, and more.

Features: Freezing surfaces come in chromium and stainless steel options. All other internal components are completely comprised of stainless steel.

End user benefits: Full package solutions, including refrigeration and automation control systems, are available.

Serviceability and installation: The entire Cascade line has the option of being offered as part of a turnkey solution, meaning installation is as simple as connecting a power source and connecting a water source. The line is built with the most durable materials possible, resulting in low maintenance costs over the long lifetime of the equipment.

Warranty information: Two-year warranty on all parts.

Website: www.northstarice.com

North Star Stainless M10-M90 ice machine
North Star Ice Equipment
North Star Stainless M10-M90

Details: These flake ice makers are available in capacities ranging from 4 to 45 tons and offer flexible sanitation design parameters, including multiple configurations to fit a variety of hygienic requirements. Additional customizations are available. They have continuously undergone improvement revisions to ensure they always meet and/or exceed Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) standards. The product is built to order with only an eight-week lead time and can be used for commercial fish processors and wholesalers, commercial bakeries, cold storage, meat and poultry processing, and more.

Features: The units have a small footprint and are extremely sanitary. They are very efficient, as 100 percent of the water that enters the machine is converted to ice, so there is no wastewater.

End user benefits: Substantial return on investment, low operating expense, high reliability, and long lifetime.

Serviceability and installation: The ice machine has only one major moving part, resulting in low maintenance costs and a low probability of failure. In fact, the first major maintenance interval does not even occur until year five of the product’s life. In the event a replacement part is needed, all parts that comprise the equipment are always kept in stock and are available to ship the same day as an order is placed.

Warranty information: Lifetime warranty on freezing surface and three-year warranty on parts.

Website: www.northstarice.com

Scotsman UF424A-1 (shown in photo) and UN324A-1
UF424A-1 (shown in photo) and UN324A-1

Details: The UF424A-1 flake ice maker with storage makes up to 440 pounds in 24 hours and can store 80 pounds. The UN324A-1 nugget ice maker with storage makes up to 340 pounds in 24 hours and stores 80 pounds. Both feature an air-cooled (or water-cooled) condenser and are 24 inches wide by 39 inches tall (with 6-inch legs). The UN and UF units are designed for a wide range of applications, including break rooms, schools, smoothie bars, laboratories, small grocery stores, and anywhere else people enjoy soft chewable nugget ice or flake ice for blending and presentation purposes.

Features: These ice makers feature unique maintenance-free bearings that are sealed and do not need to be greased. Users get the ice they need in a small footprint while reducing operating costs.

End user benefits: With a proven, robust freezer design and sealed bearings, end users will have the reliable machine their facility requires, with a more compact design.

Serviceability and installation: The units are easy to clean, with a front removable air filter. An easy access QR code on inside of unit links to installation manual and cleaning instructions, as well as model and serial number, operator manuals, and parts lists. An electronic control board provides unit status and intuitive error codes, and the USB drive allows for software updates. Units are easy to install, with a recessed utility area that allows the unit to be pushed back against the wall. Includes 5½-foot power cord with NEMA 5-15P plug.

Warranty information: Standard warranty is three-year parts and labor and five-year parts on the compressor.

Website: www.scotsman-ice.com

Focus #3: Refrigeration Controls

The right combination can maintain temperature and provide energy savings

Keeping tight control of the temperature is extremely important in refrigeration systems. That’s because a temperature swing of just a few degrees in one direction or another can ruin fresh and frozen food items, resulting in high losses for the end user. The right controls can also increase energy savings, which is very important, given that commercial refrigeration systems account for up to 60 percent of electricity consumption in a supermarket. Many of the solutions discussed here offer both temperature control and energy savings and are designed to be easy to use by both end users and technicians.

Carel USA Heos system for managing refrigerated showcases
Carel USA
Heos system for managing refrigerated showcases

Details: This high-efficiency solution for the management of medium- and low-temperature refrigeration showcases and cold rooms in a retail environment replaces the classic centralized refrigeration rack architecture. Unlike a rack, Heos is comprised of distributed, self-contained cabinets, each fitted with a controller, a variable-speed DC inverter compressor, a modulating electronic expansion valve, and a connection to a system-wide closed water loop for heat rejection. All of the cabinets are connected through their controller to a web-enabled data-repository that features conditional alarms and notifications, historical and real-time equipment performance data, as well as trend and comparison graphing capabilities. This device — called the boss — also acts as a gateway to remote capabilities, such as remote interrogation of equipment status at a single location.

Features: Because there is no rack, Heos does not require floor space, leaving more space for retail and avoiding the requirement for a loud machine room area. Nearly all brazing occurs at the factory, so in-field refrigerant leaks are 4 percent or less of what is typical in a centralized rack system. Since Heos cases are self-contained, there is no need for long copper lines of refrigerant, which represents an 80 percent savings in refrigerant charge.

End user benefits: Synergy between DC compressors and electronic expansion valves creates stable straight-line temperature control that maximizes food quality preservation. In some cases, this has added two days to food shelf life. This standalone system with variable-speed compressors not only creates temperature stability, but also the highest evaporation temperature possible for conditions. This produces a very wide modulation range and maximum efficiency at part load. Heos is also quiet and produces minimal vibration.

Serviceability features: Because Heos is produced and quality tested in the factory as a self-contained unit, installation requires merely a physical connection to the power supply, to the PVC water loop, and to communication cables. Once this is done, the system can go through a user-friendly start-up routine to confirm a connection between the boss and each cabinet or cold room controller. Setup and diagnostics can be completed remotely or locally on the face of the controller. Remote 24/7 diagnostic tools afford better time management for contractors and the ability to address a problem or improve cabinet performance without rolling a truck.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: www.carel.com

Emerson Dixell Universal Replacement Controller
Dixell Universal Replacement Controller

Details: This microprocessor-based controller can replace most refrigeration or heating controls with a single model. It is specifically targeted at retrofit use for standalone refrigerators or freezers, reach-in cases, and glass door cases. It is not only compatible with most Dixell-branded controllers, but also almost any controller that fits the industry standard size of 32 by 74 mm. It is suitable for applications on high-, medium- or low-temperature refrigeration or heating applications.

Features: This is a drop-in replacement for more than 150 different controllers, spanning multiple brands and applications. It is fully programmable in the field via its keypad or by a hot key (a USB-like device) for added efficiency. It is provided with three relay outputs to control a compressor, heating device, or defrost control — which can be electrical or hot gas — and evaporator or convection fan control. It works with PTC or NTC probes. Where defrost is being terminated by time, this product can operate with just one thermostat probe. Where defrost is being terminated by temperature, it has an input for an evaporator probe(s).

End user benefits: The controller provides dual-input voltage capability standard and can be used with any standard 12-V or 230-VAC input in the same SKU, making it more user friendly.

Serviceability and installation: The replacement controller can be set up in three quick, simple steps and automatically detects probe type. It is easily configured to the following seven pre-configured applications, helping make setup easy:

  • On/off thermostat cooling;
  • Thermostat with off-cycle defrost (timed);
  • Thermostat with electric/hot gas defrost, time initiated/time terminated;
  • Thermostat with electric/hot gas defrost, time initiated/temperature terminated;
  • Thermostat with electric/hot gas defrost, time initiated/temperature terminated and evaporator fan delay;
  • Thermostat for twin evaporator defrost applications; and
  • On/off thermostat — heating.

Warranty information: One-year warranty.

Website: www.emerson.com

Heatcraft intelliGen Refrigeration Controller
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products
intelliGen™ Refrigeration Controller

Details: The electronic refrigeration controller is factory mounted on Heatcraft unit coolers, including low-profile and center-mount units used in walk-in coolers and freezers as well as medium-profile and large unit coolers used in larger cooling applications. It reduces product spoilage by maintaining better temperature control while providing energy savings through optimizing defrosts. The controller allows users to instantly know the status of their system via a light bar mounted on the user interface. The light bar also shows the location of any system issues via a flashing red or yellow light on the unit affected by the issue. The full text display removes the burden of technicians having to decipher status or error codes to determine what problem the system is experiencing.

Features: User interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Saves time with automatic data logging. Can operate and control a wide temperature range (minus 30° to 50°F) and can be used on unit coolers installed in small walk-in applications to large warehouses. With optional intelliGen Webserver Card (iWC), technicians can commission, configure, and control their systems either locally or remotely on any smart device. With remote monitoring, contractors can receive email and text alerts notifying them about the alarm conditions on their customers’ systems.

End user benefits: With intelliGen, end users can realize fresher, safer products. The controller provides more effective temperature control, reducing temperature fluctuation. Optimal temperature can be reached faster and ice buildup can be eliminated. In addition, end users realize energy savings through optimized defrosts. intelliGen detects when a refrigeration system needs defrost, which automates the cycles and saves energy.

Serviceability and installation: With intelliGen, contractors can commission systems quickly, diagnose issues faster, and control systems remotely. The electronic expansion valve ensures that superheat pulldown is quicker and does not require a tuneup after the system is stable. The controller does not require any wiring between the evaporators and condensing units when controlling unit cooler only, saving contractors installation time. Additionally, Heatcraft unit coolers with factory-installed intelliGen have a new functional design for ease of maintenance that includes labeled wiring, hinged bracket (low-profile unit cooler only), and removable and color-coded terminals.

Warranty information: Standard warranty on Heatcraft unit coolers with the intelliGen refrigeration controller is one year from date of installation or 18 months from date of shipment (whichever date is earlier). Warranty on the controller and the controls components is three years. Heatcraft Certified Contractors get a one-year extended warranty on the refrigeration controller. Visit www.heatcraftrpd.com/Contractor/program-benefits.asp for further details.

Website: www.heatcraftrpd.com

KE2 Therm Solutions Evaporator Efficiency v4.9 (KE2 Evap) Refrigeration Controller
KE2 Therm Solutions
KE2 Evaporator Efficiency v4.9 (KE2 Evap) Refrigeration Controller

Details: The refrigeration controller offers remote communication and monitoring and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. KE2 Evap now includes compatibility with over 19 refrigerants, data logging of 30-plus days, and improved graphing features. The controller can be used in new applications, as well as in retrofits of existing refrigeration equipment. It can be used in low- and medium-temperature applications, including stadiums, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, schools, dairies, and more.

Features: KE2 Evap offers energy savings by providing adaptive demand defrost that eliminates unnecessary defrosts. With the performance graph feature, contractors are able to see what is going on in the system and identify other performance issues in the system.

End user benefits: End users will appreciate reduced service costs due to frozen evaporators, as well as reduced icing inside refrigerated spaces. In addition, product quality is improved because the reduction of defrost cycles and steadier temperature help preserve food quality longer. The KE2 Evap and all of KE2 Therm’s other controllers can be accessed remotely, so contractors and end users can receive alarm notifications via text or email.

Serviceability and installation: The KE2 Evap allows contractors to check the system remotely before a service call, which allows them to prepare and make sure they have the right parts. For installation, color sensors help contractors trace long line runs, which is especially valuable on return service calls. In addition, the terminal is printed with common electrical symbols, a color-coded wiring harness has appropriate connectors, and numerous YouTube videos are available to help with installation and troubleshooting.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: k32therm.com

KE2 Evap-RE2 Contactor Panel
KE2 Therm Solutions
KE2 Evap-RE2 Contactor Panel

Details: The contactor panel serves as a controller and contactor panel for evaporators in walk-in freezers and coolers. It replaces the thermostat, defrost time clock, defrost termination, and fan delay mechanism on a traditional walk-in, but also serves as an electronic expansion valve controller, electronic evaporator pressure regulator controller, fan/heater amperage monitor, data logger, and communications platform, all in one package. It can be used in new applications, as well as in retrofits of existing refrigeration equipment. It requires three-phase power for the evaporator fans and heaters, if present. Although designed with rack systems in mind, it can also be applied to condensing unit pump-down systems. Typical applications include walk-in coolers and freezers, refrigerated warehouses, supermarkets, colleges and universities, and more.

Features: The KE2 Evap-RE2 incorporates the same defrost algorithm as KE2’s flagship controller, the KE2 Evap. It offers energy savings by providing adaptive demand defrost that eliminates unnecessary defrosts. With the performance graph feature, contractors are able to see what is going on in the system and identify other performance issues in the system.

End user benefits: Benefits include reduced service costs due to frozen evaporators, as well as reduced icing inside refrigerated spaces. In addition, product quality is improved because the reduction of defrost cycles and steadier temperature help preserve food quality longer. The KE2 Evap and all of KE2 Therm’s other controllers can be accessed remotely, so contractors and end users can receive alarm notifications via text or email.

Serviceability and installation: All of the high-voltage wiring to the controller is done at the factory, which means every contactor panel will be wired the same in the field. The panel is also installed at the door to the walk-in, typically eliminating many feet of high voltage wire. Preset defaults for each application type require technicians to answer only two questions on the basic startup before refrigeration can begin. On first startup, the controller does a diagnostics check, measuring the amperage of the evaporator fans and defrost heaters. If either is not hooked up, the controller will let the technician know, further reducing the chance of a technician leaving the site miswired. Built-in Wi-Fi allows contractors to plug directly into many KE2 Therm controllers.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: k32therm.com

KeepRite Refrigeration ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control
KeepRite Refrigeration
ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control

Details: The control combines adaptive technology with an electronic expansion valve (EEV) and is designed to replace traditional electromechanical refrigeration controls typically used on medium- and low-temperature applications. It can be used for new installations or retrofits in supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.

Features: Available as an option on KeepRite Refrigeration evaporators, ESP+-equipped evaporators ship preassembled, ready to install, and complete with onboard display/control, EEV, solenoid valve, and adaptive defrost control board.

End user benefits: The ESP+ offers greater energy efficiency, with up to 86 percent fewer defrost cycles (depending on application). This results in 15 to 20 percent energy savings over a properly commissioned system. Other benefits include improved product integrity and remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Serviceability and installation: Comes preassembled and preprogrammed from the factory. Installation is simple, as it only requires two pipes and two wires to connect (three, if using remote monitoring). No interconnecting control wiring between the evaporator and the condensing unit is required. Controller is ready to use, with coolers set for 35°F and freezers for minus 10°. Parameters can be changed using the keypad located on the front of the evaporator. ESP+ controllers can be accessed remotely when the controller is networked to check data, adjust setpoints, troubleshoot remotely, and receive text/email alerts.

Warranty information: One-year limited warranty. No extended warranties.

Website: www.k-rp.com

Master-Bilt Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost (MCRCD) System
Master Controller Reverse Cycle Defrost (MCRCD) System

Details: This optional electronic controller for Master-Bilt walk-in cooler and freezer refrigeration systems completely removes frost buildup in coils and works much faster than electric defrost heaters. It may be used across a wide variety of markets, including convenience stores, drug stores, and restaurants.

Features: The reverse cycle defrost function prevents food spoilage because it completely and rapidly removes the ice buildup in evaporator coils that lowers performance. Reverse cycle works from the inside of the coil outward, compared to less efficient methods that work from the outside in. Should there be an issue with the refrigeration system, operators will know instantly through error codes and data provided through online Web2Walk-In software.

End user benefits: Reverse cycle technology reduces defrost energy usage by up to 80 percent. Demand defrost technology initiates reverse cycle defrosts only as needed, allowing further energy savings, as well as shorter defrost times. The reverse cycle can perform a defrost in as little as three to five minutes in a freezer or approximately two minutes in a cooler. Shorter defrost times also help protect food integrity.

Serviceability and installation: No wiring is required between evaporator coils and condensing units (two pairs of low-voltage wires, typically thermostat cables, are required to operate the reverse cycle defrost valve and the compressor relay at the condensing unit). A system with MCRCD uses less refrigerant with no winter charge necessary. In some cases, the savings on wiring installation alone covers the cost of the MCRCD. Web2Walk-In software loaded on each controller allows remote monitoring and programming using any device with a wireless internet or cabled (Cat 5) connection. No need for service technicians to climb onto a roof or enter the walk-in to monitor or adjust the refrigeration system.

Warranty information: One year parts and labor. Extended warranty is available.

Website: www.master-bilt.com

Minus Forty Smartlock Health Timer
Minus Forty
Smartlock Health Timer

Details: The timer constantly monitors the interior storage temperature and safeguards stored food products by locking the merchandiser when a preset safety limit is reached. The Smartlock system’s battery backup ensures the food safety system functions during a power outage. It is typically used in micro-markets and retail self-serve locations.

Features: The health timer is specifically designed to lock the door automatically whenever a set temperature is exceeded that could render stored food unsafe.

End user benefits: Smartlock technology ensures retailers do not sell food that has been compromised by higher-than-normal temperatures or power outages that cause temperatures to rise.

Serviceability and installation: The Smartlock is available as a factory-installed feature of several models of Minus Forty freezers and refrigerators. There is no required maintenance.

Warranty information: Minus Forty warrants its products to be free from defect as to workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the time of delivery on all components, plus an additional four years on the compressor (parts only). Minus Forty will either replace or repair any defective parts returned within 12 months of the time of delivery, transportation charges prepaid, which Minus Forty, in its sole discretion, determines to be defective.

Website: www.minusforty.com

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PENN Controls
A525 Fermentation Tank Controller

Details: The device is used for controlling and monitoring the fermentation tank environment in fermenting wine, beer, and ciders. It provides five relays to control tank temperatures, pumping operations, air supply, and remote alarms. The controller uses up to two sensors to monitor the temperature within the fermentation tank while the device also has the capability of managing pump speeds via an optional variable-frequency drive (VFD) or direct analog control. Manual pump activation is also possible by adding an optional switch.

Features: A visual status of tank conditions is provided by viewing the controller’s icons or by pressing the touchpad keys on the A525’s user interface. A USB port is used to download hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) data and to update the controller’s firmware. Customizable alarms can be set for high/low-temperature tank temperatures, sensor failure, pump failure, and loss of communication.

End user benefits: The system offers complete control over pumping operations, which can be managed via the controller interface or using a BACnet supervisor that connects to the controller on a BACnet network.

Serviceability and installation: The controller’s user interface (UI) features four touchpad icons that provide a quick and accurate visual overview of the system status and settings. The UI allows operators to easily navigate the system, change parameters, and respond to system alarms.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: www.penncontrols.com

Sporlan S3C Case Control System
S3C Case Control System

Details: The system was designed for complete and precise control of refrigerated display cases and walk-in coolers. It is a standalone controller that can be connected to a BAS. It manages electronic expansion valves, electronic evaporator pressure regulating valves, compressors, fans, lights, defrost schedules, anti-sweat heaters, and more. It has been applied to thousands of new display cases, walk-in coolers, and freezers in small and large format supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. The S3C has also been used to retrofit existing electronic controls or convert from mechanical to electronic control.

Features: For display case manufacturers, Sporlan has developed easy methods to configure the cases and a factory test mode to ensure the case meets the needs of the installer and end user. Charge and clean modes simplify life for the installer and end users. Bluetooth connectivity through the S3C display module allows authorized users of the Sporlan Tech Check mobile app to access, graph, and share the system data, as well as adjust connected valves and make other temporary changes for diagnosing problems.

End user benefits: By monitoring the system closely and alerting end users of issues before they become serious, the S3C keeps systems running at their peak efficiency. In addition to the networked alerts, end users enjoy bright multicolor quick view LEDs on the display modules to check system status at a glance.

Serviceability and installation: Components are built with removable connectors, making them easy to install or replace if damaged. Easy-to-read markings on the products make installation simple. Instructions are included in each product carton, and a handy QR code on the controller directs technicians to company documentation at www.parker.com.

Warranty information: Sporlan products are warrantied for a period of 12 months. Sporlan offers certified training for this line of controls so end users know they can reach out to well-trained professionals for installation and service.

Website: www.parker.com

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Publication date: 7/8/2019

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