Welcome to the Refrigeration Showcase, which includes comprehensive coverage of the different types of equipment and controls commonly encountered in the field. From ice machines to reach-ins to controls to components, the Showcase is designed to educate contractors about the new commercial and industrial refrigeration products available so they can help their customers make the right choice for their application.

Figuring out which refrigeration equipment or controls package will work best for an application can be challenging. Larger supermarkets, cold storage facilities, and restaurant chains often have in-house personnel who make this decision, but they still value the input from their local contractors who service their equipment. Smaller regional stores and restaurants typically do not have these in-house resources, so contractors usually have a larger role in recommending equipment solutions.

For both of these situations, the Refrigeration Showcase will help contractors learn which refrigeration unit, component, and/or control will best serve the needs of their customers. Manufacturers have provided detailed information for the Showcase that includes the benefits end users will experience by using their products, as well as how they have made their equipment easier for contractors to install and service.

For food retailers and restaurant owners, their priority is making sure that any new equipment keeps their products safe, fresh, and cold — reliably and efficiently. The products highlighted in the Refrigeration Showcase are designed to do just that.