Welcome to the Refrigeration Showcase, which includes comprehensive coverage of the different types of equipment and controls commonly encountered in the field. From ice machines to reach-ins to controls to components, the Showcase is designed to educate contractors about the new commercial and industrial refrigeration products available, so they can help their customers make the right choice for their application.

Figuring out which refrigeration equipment or controls package will work best for an application can be challenging. Larger supermarkets, cold storage facilities, and restaurant chains often have in-house personnel who make this decision, but they still value the input from their local contractors who service their equipment. Smaller regional stores and restaurants typically do not have these in-house resources, so contractors usually have a larger role in recommending equipment solutions.

For both these situations, the Refrigeration Showcase will help contractors learn which refrigeration unit, component, and/or control will best serve the needs of their customers. Manufacturers have provided detailed information for the Showcase that includes the benefits end users will experience by using their products, as well as how they have made their equipment easier for contractors to install and service.

For food retailers and restaurant owners, their priority is making sure that any new equipment keeps their products safe, fresh, and cold — reliably and efficiently. The products highlighted in the Refrigeration Showcase are designed to do just that.

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Many solutions maintain temperature while providing energy savings

Keeping tight control of the temperature is extremely important in refrigeration systems. That’s because a temperature swing of just a few degrees in one direction or another can ruin fresh and frozen food items, resulting in high losses for the food retailer or restaurant owner. The right controls can also reduce energy costs, and many of the solutions discussed here offer both temperature control and energy savings.

Danfoss AK-SM 800A System Manager

Product: The AK-SM 800A System Manager is a global control and supervisory solution specifically designed for the food retail and food processing industries. It uses state-of-the-art technology to optimize energy savings, provide customizable control options, and offer full web access, along with comprehensive functionality and support tools to cover stores both small and large.

Features: Some of the unique security features include encrypted data connection; industry-standard strong password protocols; secure package downloads; and encrypted usernames/passwords stored in-unit. Connectivity features include various ways to connect; remote connection; efficient connection to enterprise data cloud and digit service platforms such as Alsense IoT; new and secure Wi-Fi for technicians to use while servicing other parts of the system and extended digital interaction access; open XML access capability, which allows for third-party integration and communication without licensing fees or proprietary software; and easy control of multiple device types. An upgraded microprocessor and more memory allow for faster response time and a platform for future growth, and proven industry-standard Linux operating system enhances controller performance, while providing speed and efficiency.

Benefits: The AK-SM 800A Series monitors all connected units, ensuring maximum efficiency. When connected to an IoT platform, such as Danfoss Alsense Food Retail Services, end users can monitor and control all system aspects, including energy use, remotely. Designed and manufactured specifically for food retail, the AK-SM 800A Series of system managers features built-in controls for HVAC, lighting, and compressors for a flexible, fully customizable system.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Installing an AK-SM 800A couldn’t be easier with installation wizard. In addition, multiple connectivity methods are available right out of the box: three USB ports, remote connection via StoreView browser 5, and dedicated fieldbus tailor-made for food retailers (LON, Modbus, Ethernet). Secure Wi-Fi for servicing while elsewhere in the store, open XML access for easy third-party integration without licensing fees or proprietary software, and connection to enterprise data cloud platforms such as Alsense IoT Food Retail Services.

Warranty information: Standard warranty is three years. Extended warranties are not offered at this time.

Website: www.danfoss.com

Emerson Lumity E3 Control

Product: Lumity E3 supervisory control for CO2 applications (model numbers RX, BX, CX, and SR) is a new control product that was designed in response to the growing commercial interest in transcritical CO2 systems in North America. The control is part of the next generation of connected refrigeration and facility management controls and is designed to provide comprehensive control of critical systems for food retail and foodservice facilities, while delivering an intuitive, user-friendly and web-accessible experience.

Features: The E3 control for CO2 applications offers a control solution for a lower-GWP refrigeration system; proper and efficient visualization of system operation via one application; and the ability to customize to all standard system values in one view. The control also reduces complexity by converting multiple applications into one, and a single application manages a transcritical rack system with alarming, safety operation, and system control. Faster startup is achieved through simplified one-time setup and constant tuning of parameters.

End users of transcritical CO2 systems who employ the E2 controller will be able to replace it with the E3 CO2 model; users of the standard E3 controller will be able to upgrade it to CO2 version.

This CO2-specific version of the E3 control has so far been programmed to handle such functions as start-up and shut-down, hot-gas injection, liquid injection, desuperheating, adiabatic gas cooling, and parallel compression modulation integrated with high-pressure valve control.

Benefits: The control reduces energy consumption costs by providing the ability to interface with utilities by employing many more communication protocols to optimize energy within a building. Built-in algorithms make it easy to employ demand response, curtailment, and load shedding programs within a store or building. Within the utility application, gas and water consumption were added to expand the utility monitoring capabilities. Schedule setbacks, occupancy schedules, optimizing soft starts, and zone control all are consistent with optimal energy utilization strategies.

Store designs constantly change to meet the needs of consumer preferences. Building management systems (BMS) must be both forward and backward compatible to add new devices to the network, while interacting with legacy devices. They also must be able to grow with the building as it expands for click-and-collect and other store changes. This controller provides that expandability.

Service, maintenance, and installation: The hardware was designed with replacement in mind: a technician isn’t required to reconfigure the hardware to fit the new controller into the same cutout and make the physical replacement. A set point conversion tool supports the transition from the E2 to the E3 controller. The user interface includes Smart Alarms and Performance Meter modules, which are intended to make it easy for technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot problems quickly. Navigation is intuitive. Its web-based accessibility eliminates the need for separate software to set up the controller; it’s available in any internet browser.

Warranty information: Two-year warranty with no extended warranties.

Website: https://climate.emerson.com/en-us

Heatcraft Electronic Thermostat
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

Product: The Electronic Thermostat was introduced in 2021 and is compatible with Heatcraft factory-mounted components, such as unit coolers.

Features: The Electronic Thermostat is a very simple control and provides improved reliability and accuracy over traditional electromechanical controls. It has faster response time to temperature changes and more stable box temperature control. The thermostat also comes with functionality that can be enabled in the field to act as an air defrost time clock. This eliminates the air defrost time clock on condensing units and wiring between the unit cooler condensing unit. As the industry adopts more intelligent controls, the Electronic Thermostat can help ease that transition for contractors more accustomed to traditional mechanical controls.

Benefits: The Electronic Thermostat is more reliable than older mechanical versions, helping contractors avoid wasting time returning to a job site to repair or replace a malfunctioning unit. The thermostat also offers more dynamic control, giving end users more control over the full system — not just the unit cooler. It also eliminates wiring between two pieces of equipment, saving time on installations.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Heatcraft factory-mounted components save installation time on the job site by coming pre-assembled with the Electronic Thermostat.

Warranty information: For new products, standard warranty coverage is one-year parts. Heatcraft’s extended service agreement extends the manufacturer’s warranty for up to five years on parts and labor (can be purchased separately).

Website: www.heatcraftrpd.com

Heatcraft intelliGen Refrigeration Controller
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

Product: The intelliGen Refrigeration Controller is designed to deliver unmatched temperature control. It reduces temperature fluctuation, brings the system to optimal temperature faster, and optimizes cooling time through the fan cycling. Additionally, it detects when the system needs defrosting, which automates the defrosting cycles and saves energy costs. With a reduction in energy costs of up to 30%, the intelliGen Controller can pay for itself in as little as one year.

Features: The intelliGen Controller — mounted with an intelliGen Webserver card — can provide remote monitoring via a computer or a mobile device with Internet connection. The user interface has an intuitive design to alert operators to any problems.

Benefits: The intelliGen is a factory-mounted electronic control that provides faster system setup and smarter servicing compared to conventional controls. It offers quick, simple two-minute system setup; reduced installation, diagnosis, servicing, and downtime; and instant notifications of system status locally and remotely. Remote access is available anywhere, anytime with smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Ensuring consistent temperatures is essential to keeping food fresh and safe, as well as preventing costly food loss from spoilage. A key benefit of intelliGen is its remote monitoring capabilities. Users can monitor their refrigeration system remotely or locally on any smart device, like a tablet, smartphone or computer with a webserver card installed. They can receive alerts via the web, BMS, text, or email to notify them of any potential refrigeration system issues. For operators with multiple cooling units in a system, up to eight unit coolers can be chained together and controlled as a single system with just one intelliGen webserver card or BMS integration card.

A colored light bar displays system status at a glance, and a full-text display makes setup and servicing easy. The system can be configured or changed in just seconds by using the front-mounted menu buttons and turn-and-press knob.

Warranty information: Three-year parts warranty from the date of the original installation or 42 months from the date of shipment by the seller, whichever occurs first.

Website: www.heatcraftrpd.com

Refplus Guardian Controller

Product: The Guardian+ RC controller line is used for controlling refrigeration components such as evaporators, condensers, and fluid coolers.

Features: The Guardian+ RC line consists of four controllers: the RC-L Lead Lag Defrost controller; the RC-S Smart Evaporator controller; the RC-F Fluid Cooler and Pump Package controller; and the RC-C Condenser controller. The Lead Lag Controller monitors room temperature in real time and uses predictive smart algorithms to optimize lead lag operation. It can manage up to eight systems. The Smart Evaporator Controller controls both temperature and defrost, providing precision temperature measurements and ensuring set points are followed. It eliminates unnecessary defrosts typically associated with time-based alternatives, thus reducing energy consumption and preserving product integrity. The Fluid Cooler and Pump Package Controller manages the fan cycling and fan speed to control the outlet fluid temperature. It also offers the possibility to manage the operation of up to two pumps. The Condenser Controller manages the fan cycling and fan speed to control the refrigerant pressure.

Benefits: Guardian+ RC controllers are state-of-the-art electronic devices engineered to significantly simplify and optimize refrigeration system operation and control. These EcoEfficient+ Smartpower controllers were developed to lower operating costs, with the added bonus of peace of mind. They are equipped with sensor failure alarms and offer customers a full time event logging for diagnostic as well as a full remote communication capability.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Contrary to traditional electromechanical controls that require the installation and adjustment of several modules and relays, the Guardian+ RC controllers can easily be set-up and programmed using just a few simple parameters.

They are provided with a digital display that shows all necessary information.

Warranty information: Twelve months from the date of equipment startup or 18 months from the date of shipment, whichever occurs first.

Website: www.refplus.com

Refrigeration Controls ArtikControl
Refrigeration Technologies

Product: ArtikControl WIC/WIF/ACHC/FSC/Dashboard/Datalogger. The ArtikControl WIC is a retrofit controller for walk-in coolers; the ArtikControl WIF is a retrofit controller for walk-in freezers; the ArtikControl ACHC is a retrofit anti-condensate controller for reach-in display applications; the ArtikControl FSC is a retrofit fan speed controller for walk-in boxes without controls and monitoring; the ArtikControl Dashboard in an interactive user-friendly dashboard that displays all of the refrigeration systems on one screen; and the ArtikControl Datalogger is for energy measurement applications in commercial kitchens.

Features: ArtikControl technologies provide significant energy, carbon reduction, and temperature controls.

All can be done through smartphone, tablet, or laptop. For a walk-in box, the package includes retrofit of the inefficient motors with the addition of the controllers. Security is ensured through bidirectional communication, and there are two means of communication to the gateway — ethernet (preferred) or cellular where ethernet is not available.

Benefits: System connectivity allows the ability to remotely control and monitor refrigeration walk-ins using a smartphone, tablet, laptop. The Time and Temperature feature terminates reducing defrost time by as much as 60%. Ice buildup is reduced by controlling the post defrost drain time, so the fans don’t turn on while liquid water is still in the coils, as well as by controlling the temperature of the coil during defrost. ArtikControl can also send notifications via text messaging or email when various alarms have been activated.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Normal cleaning of boxes when warranted. Easy electrical/mechanical installation. Solenoid is not cut into, so no need to deal with refrigerant.

Warranty information: Five-year warranty on all products. In addition, one-year included concierge package where Refrigeration Technologies engineers will monitor the refrigeration systems 24/7/365. If there is an issue and there is no response to the text or the email alerts, Refrigeration Technologies personnel will try to contact client. Refrigeration Technologies will offer a 10-year warranty if the client elects the concierge package every year for the 10 years.

Website: www.refrigerationtechnologiesllc.com

Sanhua International SEC Kit
Sanhua International

Product: The SEC Superheat Control Kit (part number SEC613-R4 Kit-LPF) works for any refrigeration, air conditioning, or heat pump (when paired with an external check valve) up to 3.1 tons (R-404A), 4.2 tons (R-448A), and 5.3 tons (R-410A). Compatible with all common refrigerants, and the kit works well for both retrofits and new construction.

Features: The kit is compatible with all common HCFC, HFC, HFO, and HC refrigerants and blends – more than 25 in total. Connection sizes currently include ¼ by ¼ inch, ¼ by 3/8 inches, and 3/8 by ½ inch. Compatible with all temperature ranges, including low and medium temperature refrigeration, the kit includes a superheat controller, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and valve stator. An assortment of LPF electric expansion valves can pair with the kit so that the correct size can be selected for a particular application. This is a 500 step unipolar stepper motor valve.

Benefits: One kit and a few valves can replace any TXV up to 3.1 ton (R-404A). All refrigerants, all temperature ranges, and any superheat setting.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Sanhua’s LPF electronic expansion valve is very tight seating, as good as a solenoid valve. The stator is a quick-connect design that allows the user to simply place on top of the valve and rotate 90° into position. Being an electric expansion valve, this kit offers a significant energy efficiency savings for a typical walk-in cooler compared to a TXV. This is due to precise and constantly held superheat, which reduces the amount of time the compressor needs to be on.

Warranty information: Eighteen months from date of purchase.

Website: www.sanhuausa.com

Trenton Refrigeration Control
Trenton Refrigeration

Product: ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control Technology is designed to replace traditional electromechanical refrigeration controls typically used on medium- and low-temperature applications. The system combines adaptive demand defrost technology with an electronic expansion valve and various system tweaks to provide state-of-the-art evaporator control capabilities. ESP+ helps control many different aspects of the system, including box temperature, superheat, defrost initiation, defrost termination, fan motors, and defrost heaters (where applicable).

Features: The ESP+ is compatible with 20-plus of the most popular refrigerants and features quick and simple installation; improved evaporator performance by minimizing excessive frost on the evaporator; energy savings both through evaporator fan management and reduction in the number of defrost cycles; and defrost heater management. System diagnostics and service are available through advanced alarm notification text/email, and remote monitoring and system control, as well as a user-friendly interface, are benefits. The ESP+ eliminates ice buildup on surfaces and also offers precise temperature control for prolonged product shelf life; improved product integrity with less potential for spoilage; and the ability to bond up to eight units.

Benefits: The ESP+ offers 15% to 20% system energy savings over a properly setup system. Energy savings is achieved through a reduction in the number of defrost cycles, and a 32-day history is stored locally on the controller (additional history available). Parameters and alarm settings can be viewed and changed remotely, and issues are easily troubleshooted.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Installing an evaporator utilizing ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control Technology is simple — the entire pack is prepackaged, preprogrammed, and ready to install. No interconnecting control wiring between the evaporator and the condensing is required.

Warranty information: One-year standard warranty.

Website: www.t-rp.com

Equipment and Components

New solutions are designed to keep products safe, fresh, and cold

Food retailers and restaurants are most concerned with making sure their refrigeration equipment can reliably keep products safe, fresh, and cold and that their ice machines produce the best looking and tasting ice possible. If that equipment can also save energy, that’s an added bonus. These issues are important to contractors as well, but they would also like the refrigeration equipment to be easy to install and service. Addressing all these concerns can be a challenge for manufacturers, but the equipment and components described below are designed to appeal to both end users, as well as those who work on them in the field.

Bohn Unit Cooler

Product: CO2 unit coolers are designed to meet customer needs in both retail and commercial cold storage applications, including reach-in, walk-in, and warehouse unit coolers. For commercial refrigeration, applications include beverage coolers, supermarkets, convenience stores, food prep areas, under-counter cabinets, and cold rooms. Unit coolers are also available for warehouses and process cooling.

Features: Walk-in unit coolers are reliable and efficient and operate using glycol or CO2 refrigerants. They are available in low profile, low velocity center mount, center mount, and medium profile styles. Warehouse unit coolers provide extended capabilities required by large industrial cooling/freezing and cold storage applications. Built on a rugged, durable chassis, these models feature service-friendly features, like hinged access panels and drain pan, and are available in air, electric, and hot gas defrost versions. Reach-in unit coolers are ideal for applications where space is limited and are available in thin profile air defrost, thin profile electric defrost, C profile, V profile, back bar, mullion, reverse mullion, twin flow, and dual air styles.

Benefits: From the largest industrial and commercial cold storage applications to the tightest retail spaces, these unit coolers offer superior functionality, versatility, efficiency, and reliability. These unit coolers are also a “future-proof” environmentally friendly choice, as they use CO2, which is an ideal refrigerant for low-GWP adoption due to its natural characteristics. End users can be assured that switching to CO2 systems will never require them to undergo costly and complex retrofits. Additionally, CO2 is neither flammable nor toxic, and from an operations standpoint, end users can feel safe knowing they’re operating with less risk.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Several service-friendly features make the CO2 unit coolers easy to install and maintain for contractors and technicians, including composite hinged and removable access panels, easy service motor mount, and a hinged drain pin. Resources from product brochures to technical handbooks and installation instructions are available for all unit coolers.

Warranty information: For new products, standard

warranty coverage is one-year parts. An extended service agreement extends the manufacturer’s warranty for up to five years on parts and labor (can be purchased separately).

Website: www.heatcraftrpd.com

Bohn NTC Gas Cooler

Product: The NTC gas cooler product line is specifically designed for transcritical CO2 applications and features an ample capacity range to satisfy an array of applications, from supermarkets and cold storage to process cooling.

Features: The NTC gas cooler product line features an EBM EC variable-speed motor and swept fan blade with integrated Venturi for critical sound and energy performance. The product line also features a broad capacity range from 10 to 275 tons with a 10 FPI coil. Single and double wide fan configurations are available. The gas cooler product line is offered standard with an unpainted galvanized steel cabinet with housing available in painted galvanized steel or aluminum finish. An extensive list of options is available to match even the most rigid application requirements.

Benefits: These gas coolers help end users meet low-GWP regulations with products designed specifically for transcritical CO2 applications. These products provide critical sound and energy performance where significant energy savings are essential by using the latest variable-speed motor technology.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Side-access panels for easy coil cleaning, as well as non-fused, through-the-door disconnect. As with all products, customers have access to a complete listing of information, from product brochures to technical handbooks and installation instructions.

Warranty information: For new products, standard warranty coverage is one-year parts. The extended service agreement extends the manufacturer’s warranty for up to five years on parts and labor (can be purchased separately).

Website: www.heatcraftrpd.com

EBM Papst Inc. AxiEco Fan Range
ebm-papst Inc.

Product: The AxiEco 630-910mm is a newly developed axial fan range consisting of three sizes with impeller diameters of 630, 800, and 910 mm with a maximum airflow of more than 25,000 m³/h at free air. This product is available to OEMs for both commercial and retrofit applications and can be used in large format evaporators, AC and refrigeration condensers, heat pumps, blast freezers, ventilation applications, and any other applications where a high-pressure axial fan would be beneficial.

Features: These fans have air performance curves with a maximum pressure of over 700 Pa., which exceeds existing axial fan designs while at the same time lowering the overall noise level and providing static peak efficiencies of well over 50%. Due to its special shape with the rotating diffusor and the use of a glass-fiber reinforced composite material, the impeller has a high level of stability. The driving force behind these fans are the high-efficiency GreenTech EC motors. The integrated power electronics drive system has a wide power range from 500 W to 8 kW and is available in different voltage versions with 200 V, 400 V, and 575 V.

Benefits: Available as a complete fan assembly, the unit is “plug and play” and can easily be installed on either an OEM’s assembly line or as a retrofit unit in a field installation. The high power density of the AxiEco 630-910mm fans provide a high air performance on a footprint comparable with standard axial fans in that size. As a result, higher cooling capacities are possible in the same installation space. A pressure increase of over 700 Pa allows the fans to be used in applications with high back pressures.

Service, maintenance, and installation: The impeller geometry with its rotating diffusor and the optimized blade design in order to reach a low noise level and a high efficiency. The integrated commutation electronics with an active PFC (power factor correction) as an option enables the fan to be used in applications with low harmonics requirements, and this without any external filtering measures.

Warranty information: One-year standard warranty.

Website: www.ebmpapst.com

EBM Papst Inc. S1G305 EC Fan Assembly
ebm-papst Inc.

Product: The S1G305 EC fan assembly is specifically designed as an air mover for use in walk-in cooler and freezer applications. It can be used in new OEM designs or as a field replacement to upgrade from an AC to an EC motor during service calls.

Features: This complete fan assembly includes an EC motor, 10-inch diameter blade, and mounting struts assembled as a complete unit right out of the box. It is compatible with all types of refrigerant systems and can be used in applications with temperature ranges from -40°C to +40°C.

Benefits: The S1G305 fan assembly has a wide voltage range input of 100-240 vac and operates at either 50 or 60Hz input. The blade is mounted and balanced and is programmed to provide the correct airflow direction, eliminating the chance of installing a blade backwards or having to match up motor rotation during a replacement job. The strut mounting is adaptable to the most popular OEM bolt patterns and is available in either a single speed unit or a with a selectable 10-speed version to match air performance needs exactly. This fan assembly replaces the need for contractors to carry various motors of different voltages, RPM, and rotation, as well as different blade configurations.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Installation of the fan assembly will typically be quicker than having to replace just a failed motor on a service call for a walk-in cooler or freezer. There is no need to remove and reuse the old blade or mounting struts (that are usually difficult to remove) and less chance for installation error. The S1G305 requires no periodic maintenance and uses ball bearings in the motor construction for a long and trouble-free life. Only common hand tools are needed to install the new fan assembly once the old one is removed. A rotary switch on the back of the motor can be adjusted with a slotted screwdriver to set one of the 10 pre-programmed speeds to match the air performance needed in the application.

Warranty information: One-year standard warranty.

Website: www.ebmpapst.com

Embraco EMX HST Compressor

Product: The EMX HST is the third generation of the high-efficiency EM compressor platform, which is now being developed in a high starting torque version that is designed to support the most severe conditions in the food service segment.

Features: The EMX has a range of displacement from 4 cc to 9.5 cc and is produced in multiple manufacturing plants, including Mexico. It is also suitable for use with R-290 in low and medium back pressure applications.

Benefits: EMX HST was developed to serve applications that require a robust compressor, capable of starting in situations of high thermal load, like frequent door openings and product reload, very common for bottle coolers, beer merchandisers, under-counters, and professional kitchen’s reach-in freezers and coolers. The platform features higher efficiency and compact size.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Manufacturer did not specify.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: www.embraco.com

Embraco Evaporative Drain Pan

Product: Evaporative Drain Pan (EDP) condensing units are suitable for reach-ins and under-counters in the food service segment.

Features: These condensing units are among the most compact in the market, starting from 8.4 inches high for under-counters (and 11 inches for reach-ins). The product range can deliver from 1/6 to 1¼ HP of cooling capacity. Equipped with energy-efficient Embraco compressors, both in fixed speed and premium efficiency variable-speed models (using inverters). The new lineup has a vast array of options for R-290 applications.

Benefits: The EDP condensing unit’s design allows the condensate water to evaporate within the system, rather than draining it out. The evaporative drain pan, with a reservoir capacity up to 79 oz. (2.3 liters) for reach-ins and 53 oz. (1.6 liters) for under-counters, is installed below the compressor, and a robust hot loop runs through the pan to speed up the evaporation process.

Service, maintenance, and installation: The drain pan is removable, facilitating maintenance or replacement in case of wear throughout the equipment lifetime. The product is also designed for easy compressor assembly, using snap-on fixation, and easy fan assembly for field replacement.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: www.embraco.com

Emerson Copeland 4MTLS Compressor

Product: The Copeland 4MTLS transcritical CO2 semi-hermetic compressor product line was designed for flexibility in system design and operation and is the ideal solution for R-744 transcritical booster (TCB) systems installed in supermarkets with centralized systems. A new expanded capacity (4MTLS28ME) was introduced to the market this year.

Features: The extended capacity in the transcritical CO2 semi-hermetic product line means that end users have more flexibility in designing CO2 TCB systems. The product line includes nine displacements from 197 to 1,363 CFH with onboard diagnostics. All models in the 4MTLS product family are four-cylinder compressors, with a capacity range from 17.5 to 354 MBH at 20°F evaporating, 95°F gas cooler outlet at 60 Hz. The Copeland transcritical CO2 semi-hermetic compressor line can be applied with a variable-speed drive to allow for precise load matching and smooth system operation.

Benefits: The expanded offering with the 4MTLS28ME helps to reduce the number of compressors needed on a transcritical CO2 rack in some applications, which can lower initial costs for an end user while helping them meet sustainability and compliance objectives. This new model has a wide operating envelope and can be used in a TCB system application as a parallel compressor, as well as a standard medium-temperature (MT) compressor. Overall, the Copeland transcritical CO2 semi-hermetic portfolio has low sound power, pulsation, and vibration, and OEMs benefit from lower sound attenuation, which results in less stress on the piping in the system.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Copeland compressors have onboard compressor electronics protection, enabling technicians to quickly diagnose and repair systems through advanced motor performance monitoring and protection, diagnostics, power consumption measurements, and communication capabilities. All compressors are equipped with Copeland compressor electronics technology (formerly CoreSense), offering faster system troubleshooting and protection from problems before they occur.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: https://climate.emerson.com/en-us

Emerson Copeland 4MTLS Compressor
Energy Recovery

Product: The PX G1300TM is a technology designed to lower the cost to own and operate CO2 systems. Its simple design and precision manufacturing ensures high durability and low maintenance, and it can be potentially integrated into existing high-pressure CO2 systems. Applications include commercial and industrial refrigeration and heat pumps.

Details: The PX G1300 works to maximize energy efficiency in a high-pressure CO2 system, transferring energy from high-pressure to low-pressure CO2. This efficient transfer of energy significantly reduces the system’s electricity consumption, lowering operating costs and emissions.

Features: The PX G1300 is able to provide both expansion and compression, so it can replace or reduce the size of existing system components, potentially lowering capital costs.

Benefits: The PX G1300 utilizes proven pressure exchanger technology to improve the energy efficiency of CO2 systems, reducing energy costs, potentially lowering capital costs of the system, and reducing CO2 emissions. With a PX G1300-enabled system, end users will benefit from a lower energy bill and improved bottom line compared to alternative CO2 systems.

Service, maintenance, and installation: The PX G1300 offers proven technology with little scheduled maintenance and a 25-year design life. Its simple and modular design also means the PX G1300 can integrate easily into a range of systems and operating conditions.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: https://energyrecovery.com/

Hoshizaki IM-50BAA-LM Ice-Machine
Hoshizaki America Inc.

Product: The IM-50BAA-LM is a small undercounter ice machine that is ideal for bars and high-end restaurants with a bar program. It creates 2- by 2-inch ice cubes, so operators can now have large format ice consistently on hand without making their own with ice molds or purchasing expensive ice from vendors.

Features: The 2by2 ice machine comes in one size and produces 50 pounds of ice per day at 70°F/50°F or 45 pounds per day at 90°F/70°F, using R-124a refrigerant and 115 V. At 39½ inches tall and 19¾ inches wide, this small footprint machine can easily fit under a bar with nearby electrical, water, and drain. With built-in storage capacity of 22 pounds, the cubes are at arms length from the bartender’s next creation. Water filter is recommended so that dedicated water jets use the cleanest water for superior ice.

Benefits: By adding a second type of ice to their operation, restaurant and bar owners elevate their bar program to the next level. Nicer cocktail presentation allows for a premium charge, which offers a quick return on investment from the ice machine and increased profits going forward.

Service, maintenance, and installation: The IM-50BAA-LM plugs directly into a standard outlet, requires water and drain, then can be turned on and will start making ice. Follow instruction manual for regular cleanings, which include: daily cleaning of the ice scoop; bi-weekly air filter inspection and cleaning if necessary; monthly check of water filters and wipe down exterior; and annual ice making cleaning and sanitizing per instructions provided in the instruction manual or maintenance label, including water supply inlet, condenser, and water hoses.

Warranty information: Standard ice machine warranty of three-year parts and labor on entire machine, five-year parts warranty on compressor and air-cooled condenser coil.

Website: www.hoshizakiamerica.com

Kooljet Refrigeration System

Product: Packaged refrigeration systems are available for medium to ultra-low temperature applications and are designed mainly for the food and agricultural industry.

Features: Kooljet has taken the indoor evaporator section and the outdoor condenser section and packaged both sections into a common unit, which looks like an overgrown window air conditioner.

Benefits: Plug-and-play design, no on-site assembly required, lower operating costs, less refrigerant, PLC controls, UV purification, and free cooling option. The free cooling option is beneficial in colder climate regions, because once the ambient temperature is lower than the room set point, the controller shuts the compressors off and opens the built-in modulating economizer to bring the cold outside air in the room. This option not only saves energy in wintertime, but also extends the lifespan of the unit due to less wear and tear. For warmer climate regions, this option can be used to introduce fresh air in the cold room.

Service, maintenance, and installation: The installation is very simple. All that is needed is an opening in any exterior wall where unit can be mounted within — either from inside or outside the building. A power supply then needs to be brought to the built-in disconnect, and once electrically hooked, system is ready to cool.

Warranty information: One-year parts.

Website: www.kooljet.com

Rapid Locking System
Rapid Locking System (RLS)

Product: RLS refrigerant press fittings are the original press-to-connect fittings designed for use in high-pressure HVAC and refrigeration applications – eliminating the time-consuming process of manually brazing joints. RLS has a proven track record, with more than 15 million fittings installed since their introduction in 2015.

Features: RLS fittings can be used with a wide range of common refrigerants. The complete product line includes couplings, 90° elbows, 45° elbows, tees, reducers, reducing bushings, SAE/Euro flares, caps, and more. Sizes range from ¼-inch to 21/8 inches. Ancillary products that are compatible with RLS fittings are also available, including Y-joints, P-traps, ball valves, filter driers, and sight glasses. RLS-compatible jaws are available for most press tool brands.

Benefits: RLS press fittings offer a fast, safe, and reliable alternative to brazing refrigeration joints. They connect in just 10 seconds, saving time and helping contractors get more work done. Eliminating the brazing torch also means no gas, solder, nitrogen purging, burn permits, or fire watch. Plus, RLS fittings are durable and reliable, thanks to their patented double circular press that results in two 360° metal-to-metal connections. The soft copper fittings are work hardened during the pressing process, creating a permanent mechanical joint every time, with no leak paths.

Service, maintenance, and installation: RLS press fittings are easy to install. After the tube ends are prepped, the battery-powered press tool completes the joint in less than 10 seconds. Proper tube prep and tool usage can be learned quickly through the free RLS certified installer online training program, available at training.rapidlockingsystem.com.

Warranty information: When installed correctly, RLS fittings are backed by a 15-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Website: www.rapidlockingsystem.com

Rivacold America Inc. BEST Packaged System
Rivacold America Inc.

Product: The BEST (Blocksystem, Ecological, Smart, and Technological), air-cooled, rooftop, packaged system was specifically designed for walk-in coolers and freezers of c-stores, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. Available in Europe, Rivacold is finalizing UL approvals in the U.S., where it will be ready to order by the end of 2022.

Features: This R-290 (propane) system is equipped with variable-speed compressors, EC fan motors on both evaporator and condenser, TXV, smart defrost system, remote control via App Rivacold, and much more. The capacity ranges from 2,000 to 13,000 Btu in medium-temperature applications and from 1,500 to 11,000 Btu for low-temperature applications. All models are DOE/AWEF compliant.

Benefits: R-290 is a future-proof solution and is extremely efficient thanks to the thermodynamic circuit that was completely redesigned to optimize the COP. The latest generation also offers IoT connection (Wi-Fi or 2G) for remote control and management of the parameters and eventual alarms.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Easy installation, easy fix, no piping work, optimization of internal box space thanks to minimum volume of evaporators, integrated condensate evaporative drain pan, and design flexibility.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: www.rivacold.com

Rivacold America Inc. Split CO2nnext
Rivacold America Inc.

Product: The Split CO2nnext has been specifically designed for walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers of any type. Can be installed indoors or outdoors thanks to weatherproof housing, low noise insulation, and technical features that allow operation in ambient temperatures from below 0°F and up to 105°F. CO2nnext is offered also as a stand-alone condensing unit that can be matched up to five different utilities such as refrigerated cabinets, cases, counters, and islands in the food retail and food service segments, but also to any other medical, pharmaceutical, scientific or industrial application.

Features: Features include R-744 (CO2) transcritical variable-speed BLDC compressors for medium- and low-temperature applications and a capacity range from 2,000 to 45,000 Btu for box temperatures between -15°F and +50°F. Inverter driven compressors allow a 25-100% modulation. UL Listed, DOE/AWEF compliant, NSF approved.

Benefits: For end users, continuous modulation of the compressor enables core product temperature to be met constantly and perfect preservation. Energy saving up to 25% compared to an on/off R-404A system. Low noise insulation and vibration-proof housings allow reduced noise levels under 40 dBA for non-disturbing installations also in residential areas. Both installers and end users benefit from the total control of the system through IoT remote monitoring and alarm logic, preventing any interruption to the cooling process.

Service, maintenance, and installation: The Split CO2nnext range has been designed to offer an all-in-one complete system for transcritical CO2 applications, ready to be installed. All models consist of condensing unit, matched unit cooler with fitted EEV and wired probes, control panel pre-set from the factory, and interconnecting cables. Time and cost saving for installation and commissioning is estimated around 33%, thanks to guided installation, fast connections, evaporator already fitted with valves and sensors, and simple auto-configuration by wizard.

Warranty information: Standard warranty is 12 to 18 months. Extended warranties are available, according to needs and conditions discussed with each partner.

Website: www.rivacold.com

Scotsman Ice System
Scotsman Ice Systems

Product: HID 312 Meridian ice and water dispenser units can be used in many environments where there is a need for an efficient and reliable source for ice and water, including office spaces, hospitality suites, cafeterias, small cafes/restaurants, convenience stores, and healthcare.

Features: Contoured sides provide for enhanced breathability and an external air filter. An intuitive LED diagnostic lights reduces service time. Unit-specific QR code allows for quick access to service manuals and warranty history. Convenient USB drive allows for fast software updates, and the unit features push button or IR sensor dispensing options. Unit measures 16.25 by 24.38 by 35 inches and uses R-134a.

Benefits: Meridian combines reliability, time-saving serviceability, and convenient cleaning innovations in one all-new lineup. Born out of extensive market research, Meridian was developed with space, production, and installation in mind and delivers some of the softest, most satisfying ice on the market today.

Service, maintenance, and installation: New removable sink and grille provide maximum access to make cleaning easy. The stainless steel exterior allows users to wipe the machine clean with ease. The space-saving design and contoured side ventilation allow for installation into tight spaces or existing kitchen configurations.

Warranty information: Three-year parts and labor warranty. The compressor and condenser feature a five-year parts warranty.

Website: www.scotsman-ice.com

Sporlan Ball Valve
Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin

Product: The EBV(T)-PR ball valve with integral pressure relief is designed for use with refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The valve allows for positive shut-off in one direction and then relieves pressure in the other direction. It protects systems from pressure spikes when servicing the equipment.

Features: The ball valve has a design working pressure of 1,305 psig (90 barg), which is ideal for use with CO2 refrigerants. It can also be used with other Class A1 refrigerants (HFC, HCFC, and HFO) and has a range of connection sizes — from 3/8 to 11/8 inches. It is available with and without an access fitting. This single valve would replace a current ball valve plus a check valve plumbed around the ball valve. It allows the evaporator coil to be isolated without over-pressurizing due to warm-up.

Benefits: The EBV(T)-PR ball valve with integral pressure relief allows for greater system design flexibility, increased productivity, and significant material cost savings. This compact solution eliminates the check valve and associated brazing involved when piping a ball valve and check valve in parallel to protect a system from overpressurization. The pressure relief function ensures that the isolated section of the refrigeration system is safe from building extremely high pressures that would cause damage.

Service, maintenance, and installation: The reduced installation time is a cost savings. A check valve would have to be installed in parallel to a standard ball valve in the system to achieve the same function today. It would require a significant increase in braze joints, which complicate the installation and potentially leak.

Warranty information: Standard one-year warranty.

Website: http://sporlan.com

Sporlan ZoomLock
Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin

Product: The expanded ZoomLock R-410A optimized PUSH refrigerant fitting product line features a new 1-1/8-inch fitting, which ensures refrigeration contractors can join copper connections on their equipment without using a brazing torch press tool or jaw. ZoomLock PUSH fittings are designed for the air conditioning and refrigeration markets to allow contractors to make leak-free connections in seconds. Fittings are now available in ¼-, 3/8-, ½-, 5/8-, ¾-, 7/8-, and 11/8-inch sizes.

Features: ZoomLock PUSH R-410A optimized refrigerant fittings have a robust, durable brass body and a unique triple O-ring design. They hold pressures up to 870 psig (60 bar) and can withstand burst pressures up to 4,355 psig (300 bar). The R-410A optimized version contains three HNBR O-rings and is approved for POE and PVE lubricants. With the implementation of flammable refrigerants into the market, the last thing a contractor wants to do is introduce a potential fire risk. ZoomLock PUSH fittings are installed without a flame, eliminating this risk to the contractor and building owner.

Benefits: These refrigerant fittings help promote the safe and efficient installation of HVACR equipment. By not requiring a flame to braze, contractors will no longer need to carry flammable gas tanks to the job site. The fittings also allow for a shorter training period for new workers. Hard-to-reach places such as attics, crawl spaces, and other tight spots require getting creative to put a flame to the pipe. ZoomLock Push fittings allow the contractor to complete these difficult jobs safely and securely.

Service, maintenance, and installation: These fittings require no special tools for installation. A tight, secure connection can be made in seconds with straightforward installation steps. There is no need to do a nitrogen purge on the system when installing and no fire risk.

Warranty information: Ten-year warranty.

Website: http://zoomlockpush.com

Tecumseh ARGUS Condensing Unit
Tecumseh Products Co.

Product: The Tecumseh ARGUS is an air-cooled, commercial refrigeration condensing unit system made for low- and medium-temperature walk-in coolers. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, ranging from ½ to 6 HP.

Features: The ARGUS is designed specifically for R-452A, R-448A, and R-449A but can also be available with R-404A. The unit exceeds the DOE’s AWEF requirement by up to 15% in the capacity range of ½ to 6 HP and is available with both reciprocating and scroll compressor technology. The ARGUS is available in five different feature sets per model, catering to specific needs of customers and installers.

Benefits: The AWEF measures the efficiency of a system’s electrical energy input versus its cooling capacity, and all commercial refrigeration equipment should comply with the AWEF rating defined by the DOE. This new set of standards will reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency of commercial refrigeration equipment. The ARGUS exceeds the DOE’s AWEF requirement by up to 15%.

Service, maintenance, and installation: All three chassis sizes were developed with a simplified layout, making it easier to access without removing the top of the enclosure. The base valves on the outside corners of each chassis seamlessly integrate with competitors’ installations, providing an efficient drop-and-go solution that will streamline workflow and cut costs. An open swing door is also designed to provide easy access to the serviceability of the electrical components, saving time for installers and service crew.

Warranty information: Warranty period is 60 months from the date of manufacture by seller or 12 months from the date of sale by Tecumseh’s authorized wholesaler, whichever comes first. Authorized wholesaler must notify Tecumseh in writing within 30 days from the discovery of the defect and follow the guidelines set forth in the warranty policy. Requests for teardown inspection to determine the cause of field returned compressors, condensing units, and/or replacement parts are available. An inspection fee may apply.

Website: www.tecumseh.com/en/na

Trenton Refrigeration Quiet Refrigeration Duty Condensing Unit
Trenton Refrigeration

Product: The Quiet Refrigeration Duty Condensing Unit (TQ2) is well-suited where space limitations, energy efficiency, or sound levels are of concern. A wide range of options provides flexibility suitable for a variety of applications. Its compact design and attractive styling make the Quiet Unit highly desirable in urban or light commercial applications, and new electronic controls offer two-way communications capabilities and a wide array of alarms and diagnostic tools.

Features: The TQ2 is designed for high-, medium-, and low-temperature applications and is available in ½ to 6 HP models. It is compatible with low-GWP and most popular refrigerants and utilizes Copeland scroll compressors (except on 006H8 model). Other features include: heavy duty weatherproof construction; painted cabinet; high-efficiency enhanced tube and fin condenser design; variable-speed EC motors, which control head pressure; sealed liquid line filter drier and sight glass; heated and insulated receiver; suction and discharge service valves; suction accumulator (low temperature models); liquid injection (low temperature models); crankcase heater; and Dixell XC35CX condensing unit controller.

Benefits: Quiet operation, high efficiency, and compact design. Its minimal footprint (taller and thinner than conventional units) is ideal for challenging installation scenarios. Electronic system control and on-board alarms and diagnostics simplify troubleshooting. Gold Coat™ fins (epoxy coating) provide for a long life in harsh environments.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Generously sized control panel for easy access and serviceability and familiar electronic system control. Extensive support materials and wholesaler support network, as well as regular firmware updates for advanced functionality.

Warranty information: One-year limited warranty.

Website: www.t-rp.com

Industrial Refrigeration

Large-scale solutions are designed for applications such as ice rinks and cold storage

Industrial refrigeration systems can be found in various applications ranging from ice rinks to cold storage and food processing facilities. Owners of these large refrigeration systems are often looking for equipment that saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and the products detailed below can help them achieve those goals.

Colmac Coil Mfg. Air Coolers
Colmac Coil Mfg.

Product: The A+series CO2 industrial air cooler product line offers a comprehensive range of evaporators for any CO2 industrial refrigeration system being installed today. Featuring an industrial, hygienic, and high-performance design, these air coolers are the ideal evaporator solution for food processing and cold storage facilities and other industrial applications. A+Pro online selection software and design tools allow for a customized evaporator solution designed to the exact project specifications and application.

Features: These air coolers are available in many configurations, sizes, and temperature ranges. The configurations include the A+P insulated roof mounted penthouse, the A+R and A+D for process rooms, and the A+S, A+M, and A+L ceiling hung evaporators. EC fan motors are standard on select A+Series CO2 air coolers, and AC motors are optional. EC fan motors are highly efficient with built-in fan speed control functionality without a VFD, provide large airflow capacities, and operate at low sound levels. High tube pressure designs up to 1740 PSIG (120 bar), and stainless steel tube construction is standard. A+Series CO2 defrost options are air, hot gas, heated glycol, electric, and water.

Benefits: CO2 is becoming an increasingly popular option for a wider range of industrial refrigeration applications, as it is a non-toxic, non-flammable, natural refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential, a GWP of 1, and is an A1 classified refrigerant. A+Pro selection software allows the selection of the A+Series CO2 air cooler that meet the exact specifications needed for a project, based on the most important criteria, including lowest cost, weight, airflow, motor horsepower, sound, refrigerant charge, and more. A submittal is generated in A+Pro with complete performance, dimensional, electrical, and installation information. Colmac’s experienced application engineering team, customized options, and full spectrum of air cooler configurations ensure the end user receives an optimized evaporator solution.

Service, maintenance, and installation: Care has been taken to eliminate difficult to inspect and clean areas on top of the fins and between the bottom of the fins and the drain pan. Fan panels on all A+S, A+M, A+L, and A+R air coolers are hinged for ease of inspection, cleaning, and service. The A+D has an optional hinged fan panel. The triple pitch drain pan completely clears water after defrosting and limits the pooling of water. Cabinet sheet metal is offered in G235 galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel. Epoxy-coated aluminum fins are optional for increased corrosion resistance. All A+Series air coolers are designed to arrive at the jobsite ready for installation, including liquid connections mounted on the evaporator to minimize welding at the jobsite. For DX systems, electronic expansion valves are installed at the factory.

Warranty information: All the pressure-bearing elements in stainless steel tube evaporators (tubes, headers, connections, weld joints) are warrantied to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years after shipment. All other electrical and rotating components are warrantied for 12 months after installation or 18 months after shipment. For more details refer to standard warranty, available on www.colmaccoil.com.

Website: www.colmaccoil.com

Heatcraft Booster Rack
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

Product: The eCO2Boost transcritical booster rack is a cost-effective solution for a variety of cold storage applications. Regardless of the size, scope, or scale or a customer’s commercial cold storage needs, Heatcraft offers expertise in designing a custom eCO2Boost rack for new or existing applications.

Features: The eCO2Boost uses natural, environmentally friendly, and energy-efficient CO2 refrigerant, and its complete line of low-GWP racks, unit coolers, and gas coolers, provide efficiency, top performance, and reliability. Low- and medium-temperature options are available, and electric defrost is standard. Customers can enjoy up to 150 refrigerated tons from -40°F to 30°F.

Benefits: The eCO2Boost transcritical booster rack helps end users stay within low-GWP frameworks in a cost-effective manner. It uses no HFCs, has an ODP of 0 and a GWP of 1, and eCO2Boost products are nonflammable, nontoxic, and offer lower energy and ownership costs for customers.

Service, maintenance, and installation: An enhanced frame design allows easier serviceability, and Danfoss or Emerson/CPC control architecture options provide reliability for customers. As with all Heatcraft products, customers have access to a complete listing of information, from product brochures to technical handbooks and installation instructions.

Warranty information: Manufacturer did not specify.

Website: www.heatcraftrpd.com

Zero Zone Inc. System
Zero Zone Inc.

Product: CO2 transcritical systems are designed to meet various requirements for commercial and industrial customers, such as cold storage, food processing, chiller applications, pharmaceutical plants, and supermarkets. These CO2 systems operate in either subcritical or transcritical modes, and they can also be part of booster systems and cascade systems.

Features: CO2 (R-744) package systems can be indoors, outdoors, or built inside packaged machine rooms. They can be designed as condensing units or full racks, ranging from 5 to 1,000 tons. These systems have an operating range of -40°F to +40°F for ambient conditions ranging from -25°F to +110°F. Units can be paired with a water-cooled, air-cooled, or adiabatic-cooled condenser or gas cooler. The system uses compressors from Bitzer, Emerson, and Dorin, and a variety of control systems from Emerson, Danfoss, and Allen Bradley. Options include secondary glycol loops, heat reclaim systems, and more.

Benefits: CO2 is an efficient refrigerant with a low GWP, making it a smart choice that meets sustainability goals. The versatility of CO2 systems suits a variety of customers in warm and cool climates, and systems have been shipped across the United States with great success. CO2 produces high amounts of heat, which makes it a prime candidate for heat reclaim systems. Heat reclaim systems repurpose heat via heat exchangers into facility functions, such as water heating and space heating.

Service, maintenance, and installation: This package solution is completely piped and wired, which supports a smooth installation, start-up, and commissioning. Zero Zone offers technical support from design through installation.

Warranty information: Standard one-year limited warranty.

Website: www.zero-zone.com