Company: Mitsubishi Electric US Inc.

Product: BEAM AX™

Description: This cloud-based solution analyzes energy usage and costs in commercial buildings, resulting in data-driven actionable insights. The interface is accessible on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones, and the system provides the tools to help analyze energy use, set budget goals, track performance, forecast peak demand up to five-days in advance, detect usage abnormalities, determine alternative tariffs with potentially lower costs, and monitor solar production performance and benefits. In addition, it offers energy advisor services, which includes utility invoice analysis and tariff coaching, return-on-investment (ROI) analysis of energy projects, and identification and prioritization of energy conservation and cost savings opportunities. The product works in tandem with the company’s cooling and heating division to quantify energy efficiency improvements realized with VRF installations as well as with its factory automation division to reduce energy costs of process and manufacturing automation systems without compromising quality and performance.

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