REDMOND, Wash. — Dynamic Systems Inc., a Redmond, Washington-based software developer specializing in Traceability and Inventory Systems, has launched a new application that uses barcodes to manage inventory and upload the information to any accounting system. Advanced Checkmate Mobile is designed for all sizes of businesses, from small firms to larger manufacturers, distributors, and wholesale companies.

The Advanced Checkmate Mobile application records inventory from receiving through storage and shipping and has a feature to count inventory and print a discrepancy report. What this provides is the speed and accuracy of using barcode software without the high cost of implementing a full warehouse system. It’s easy to use and provides accurate, detailed inventory information. The application is designed to reside on the mobile device and has middleware that stores the information collected by the scanners or tablets and uploads the appropriate data to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or accounting system.

Advanced Checkmate Mobile is designed for companies that can benefit from fast and accurate inventory tracking. This is a complete system, including the hardware, training, and support. It can work in the warehouse, in coolers and freezers, and on the loading dock, providing real-time inventory information. The data includes inventory totals, receipts, and shipping information and can be uploaded to an ERP or accounting system for invoicing and financial reporting.

Results from implementing the Advanced Checkmate Mobile System include increased productivity; the ability to get real-time, accurate inventory reports; elimination of duplicate data entry; the ability to invoice at time of shipping without delay; and more.

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