As a third-generation employee, Kevin Trimbach has been around the HVACR industry his entire life.

“I have fond memories of playing in warehouses, offices, and showrooms with my siblings,” Trimbach said.

While he grew up in the company, he wasn’t simply handed the keys to the 2-J car.

“I started sweeping floors, taking out the trash, and doing maintenance jobs in the warehouse and sheet metal shop to help keep the place clean,” he said.

Trimbach, who boasts a bachelor’s degree in business management from Wright State University, served many roles at 2-J Supply throughout the years, including warehouse/delivery, purchasing/supply chain manager, branch manager, vice president of inventory/logistics, and, most recently, president/COO.

“The most rewarding aspect of working in this industry has been the great people I have developed relationships with and have gotten the pleasure to meet and learn from,” said Trimbach, 34.

He remains passionate about helping his customers and the industry's next generation grow and prosper.

“This new wave of workers is enthusiastic because distribution is a great industry, and we have the opportunity to make an impact in a positive way in so many people’s lives,” Trimbach said. “I hope to provide opportunities for our great people to be successful and, in turn, successfully lead the company to sustainable, profitable growth.”

Trimbach commonly falls back on advice he received from his grandpa: Treat everyone with respect, build relationships that will be mutually beneficial, and be a servant leader.

“Be passionate, expect excellence, and work as though someone is always watching,” he said. “I have always made sure that I show respect and operate as an honest servant leader, which has resulted in people being very open and excepting of me being younger.”

When not working, Trimbach enjoys coaching, cheering, and carpooling to and from activities with his four children.

“As a family, we love to travel, camp, and hang out,” he said. “I love to be active outdoors — running, hiking, biking, boating, and fishing.”

Publication date: 01/21/19