FORT WORTH, Texas — MORSCO, Inc., a Fort Worth, Texas-based distributor of commercial and residential plumbing products; HVAC equipment; pipe, valves, and fittings (PVF); and underground utility products, is launching a suite of Online Solutions offering customers a robust e-commerce experience that’s much more than just a website and shopping cart.

Two of the sites — and — supporting MORSCO’s Express Pipe and Morrison Supply brands, are already live. Sites for Farnsworth Wholesale, Wholesale Specialties, Murray Supply, and DeVore & Johnson are in beta testing and are scheduled to launch this quarter, bringing six of MORSCO’s eight brands to the Online Solutions platform.

Each of MORSCO’s Online Solutions offer a personalized experience that includes:

•           More than 200,000 products with technical documents, organized into customer-specific catalogs;

•           Real-time pricing and local availability;

•           Material order, release, and tracking for delivery or pickup at a local branch;

•           Access to invoices and proof of delivery for easy record keeping;

•           Integration with a customer’s purchasing system and job management tools; and

•           24/7 access from a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

“We design our Online Solutions side by side with customers and associates to get their jobs done faster, whether on a job site, on the go, or in the office,” said Darren Taylor, chief marketing officer, CMO. “Nearly every customer who tries it uses it regularly to get quotes, check local inventory, quickly order for scheduled delivery, and much more. We also invest in training and data so our solutions become an indispensable part of our customers’ everyday lives. With Online Solutions, we’re making MORSCO easier to do business with and providing better, faster service, while still maintaining an unmatched level of face-to-face support for local customers.”

“Our experience has proven that MORSCO’s Online Solutions are much easier to use than other e-commerce sites,” said Rich Langenwalter, vice president, Trilogy Plumbing. “It is certainly more complete than what local distributors offer, if they offer an online option at all. MORSCO’s Online Solutions work seamlessly and improves our work flow between the field, on job sites, and in our offices.”

MORSCO powers its digital customer experience with top-tier e-commerce, search, marketing automation, analytics, and data platforms to not only give customers the 24/7 access they need but also increase MORSCO’s ability to make complex online transactions, varying by a customer’s particular needs or wants.

“MORSCO is streamlining processes and systems across all of our brands, helping us create efficiencies to become more sophisticated as a company,” said Mike Swedick, president of plumbing for MORSCO. “Our Online Solutions platforms are reshaping the way we do business and giving us the opportunity to reach current and new customers like never before. Online Solutions will allow MORSCO to deliver an unmatched experience within our industry and significantly grow sales though customer loyalty and new customer acquisition.”

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Publication date: 01/18/18