ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Sid Harvey’s, the wholesale distributor with more 80 locations based in Garden City, N.Y., entered into a relationship with Profit Strategies and has been engaged in a series of training events for employees and customers. John Rynecki, senior vice president of sales and marketing, noted that, “Coolfront™ is just one more way for us to provide a service to our customers that helps them save time and money and ultimately increase their profitability. It’s part of a suite of services that Sid Harvey’s developed to give our customers solutions to their most pressing business challenges. Today, with so much business conducted via smart phone and other devices, Coolfront is a logical choice for us and for our customers. So far, the reaction of customers and branch personnel has been overwhelming positive.”

Coolfront™ is a mobile app that enables independent contractors to search repairs. Contractors can capture all the service call information on the cloud-based system, and search the most current repairs database in the industry to find the right repairs at the latest prices. The intuitive system will even automatically incorporate the small work-order fee into the customer’s calculated price, so the contractor can get approval for the work upfront, while fully covering the cost of the service.

Among the features is a Google-style, intelligent search function that gains knowledge of the user’s search patterns to make repairs easier to find; on-screen signature capturing; real-time syncing of work orders to the office; and even the ability to email a receipt directly to a customer upon completion of the order. Additionally, Coolfront is designed to work online or offline, allowing for more freedom than competing products that require a constant internet connection.

An all new In-App Parts Ordering Capability was added to Coolfront in early November. This allows contractors to place replacement part orders with Sid Harvey’s directly from the Coolfront application, further reducing the time and effort required to complete service transactions. In addition to the In-App Parts Ordering Capability, Profit Strategies, the maker of the app, announced a new feature – a tab on the repairs search screen for Your Favorites. This allows service techs to add any often recurring repair to their list of favorites with just a few taps or clicks on their mobile devices, further automating and reducing the time it takes to process a service transaction.

Sid Harvey customers and other owners interested in implementing Coolfront into their business can go to the Sid Harvey website at, email, or call their local branch for more information.