Ken Perotta of Crescent Parts & Equipment Co. in St. Louis, views the HARDI conference in Maui as an opportunity “to continue to form good, long-lasting relationships with other wholesalers and vendors, sharing ideas and concerns, and looking for opportunities within our industry.”

It’s also a good time to launch new programs, said the chairman of the Professional Development and Training Committee’s Career Development Subcommittee.

 “I think HARDI is a great organization,” he added. “It gives wholesalers a chance to share ideas and concerns about our businesses and our industry. It gives us a voice in things that affect our businesses. And it helps me see that we are not the only company that may have a problem.

“HARDI helps us pool resources to get things done that none of us could do alone,” Perotta said, “because we don’t have the time to develop all the processes ourselves. It gives us a vision of things to come by showing us what is happening in other industries, areas of the country, etc.” The Professional Development and Training Committee will offer “a real development model to use to educate and develop our people into the next generation of leaders in our industry.”

Published:October 2011