In spite of what you might think, your service business is not built on your ability to provide HVAC services to your customers. That might be what you deliver, but it’s not really what your business is built on.

Rather, your business is built on communication. Good communication skills will help you connect more effectively with customers to understand their needs and how you can help them; share your ideas, solutions, and recommendations with your customers; and connect with your team members so they know what to do each day.

Good communication drives your business forward. Therefore, it’s essential that every service business owner become a master of communication.


Here five strategies and technologies you can use for better communication in your business:

No. 1 — Two Types of Meetings

There are two types of meetings you have with your team —meetings where you’re imparting information and meetings where you’re eliciting discussion. Informational meetings are one-way communication means to provide instruction and information to an audience; discussion meetings ask for multi-way communication between all attendees. When preparing a meeting, be sure to understand which type of meeting you’re planning to have because that will shape the information you communicate and how you communicate it.

No. 2 — Use Video conferencing to Reach All Team Members

Today’s technology enables businesses to reach all team members, even the experts who are on the road. Their smartphones, tablets, or laptops can be used in their trucks to dial in and participate in meetings. Video-conferencing tools allow you to hold more efficient meetings without requiring everyone to drop whatever they’re doing and waste several man-hours driving back to the office.

No. 3 — Use Pre-recorded Video

When you have a lot of information to share with your team that doesn’t require discussion or immediate feedback, video is a powerful tool. Simply record your video as if you’re talking to your team, and upload it so you can share it with your team and they can view it at their convenience. This is a powerful way to stay in touch with your team regularly.

No. 4 — Use Stand-up Meetings

Sometimes it’s appropriate to bring in a group of people and sit them around the table for a longer meeting. However, if you’re looking to quickly inform and inspire your team each morning before sending them out, a stand-up meeting is a powerful strategy. Everyone shows up to the meeting, but no one sits down (so it’s perfect to do in the corner of your shop, as long as there aren’t a lot of distractions). This keeps the meeting shorter and helps to bring a bit more energy to the meeting, which is a productive way to start your team’s day.

No. 5 — Follow-up with Phone Surveys

Surveys are a powerful way to get people to share opinions. Use them to survey customers and employees. Use automated surveys to gather answers rather than live surveys; respondents may not always be as honest when talking to another human — they want to avoid conflict. Start using phone surveys regularly.

Communication is an important part of your business. Effective communication can help you connect with your customers and team and will have a dramatic impact on your business growth. Use these five strategies and technologies to help you communicate more effectively.

Publication date: 10/19/2015

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