Net Results: Mason MechanicalCompany Name: Mason Mechanical

Owners: Steve & Deanna Mason

Website Address:

Annual Cost: $1,500

Owner’s Goals: After people view our website, we want them to think: I need to call Mason Mechanical because they’re an honest and reputable company, are qualified to handle my needs, and customer service is very important to them. We love that we have the ability to update video and written testimonials that reaffirm our company’s slogan: Exceeding Expectations Since 1993.

Professional Opinion

Overall score: 90

Of the sites we’ve reviewed to date, Mason Mechanical is one of the best. I’d give them a score of 95 for findability. They have unique pages for most, if not all, of their individual services, and each of their pages has a significant amount of text-based content. Their site also has geographically focused pages for each of their service areas. The result is a pretty high-ranking website. Of the hundreds of geographic and service-related keywords I reviewed, Mason Mechanical ranks No. 1 3 percent of the time and is on the first page of Google 37 percent of the time. Compared with the typical local HVACR website, these results are outstanding.

Mason Mechanical gets an 85 for accessibility and content. is filled with content, has the phone number in the top-right corner, a contact form on most pages, and has a mobile-friendly version of their website. The only thing suppressing the site’s score is the fact it has one of the slowest loading sites of those we’ve tested. Using Google’s Pagespeed testing tool, the desktop version of the site scores a 33/100 and the mobile version scores a 63/100.

Mason Mechanical gets a 90 for identity and trust. It features trust-building third-party icons in the footer section of the website, including the forms of payment it accepts. The site’s “About Us” page features pictures and bios of several key employees as well as a link to its 2014 BBB Ethics Award. Mason Mechanical also earns extra points for its “What You Can Expect” page.

Overall, the company has a well-structured website that is highly visible on Google. The site is filled with content, and it establishes trust with third-party icons and awards. Although the speed could be improved considerably, Mason has taken the steps necessary to ensure an optimized experience for people using tablets and mobile devices.

— Ben Landers, president and CEO, Blue Corona

Publication date: 7/7/2014 

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