Carolina Comfort AirCompany Name: Carolina Comfort Air Inc., Clayton, N.C.

Owner: Phillip Tyler

Website Address:

Annual Cost: Approximately $20,000 per year.

Owner’s Goals: I want our customers to see that we are innovative and up to date on current practices. Our website is informative, useful, attractive, and appealing to clients. I want them to be confident in choosing Carolina Comfort Air as their home comfort provider.

Professional Opinion: I would give Carolina Comfort Air a score of 67 of 100 for findability. Although the site is using multiple XML sitemaps, an advanced SEO technique, it only has a little over 100 pages. Out of 3,120 geographically specific, business-relevant keywords, Carolina Comfort Air Inc. has 744 total organic listings, but only ranks on the first page of Google for 17 different keyword phrases (0.5 percent).

I would give Carolina Comfort Air an 84 for accessibility and content. The real measure of accessibility and the quality of content on a site is the website’s visit-to-lead conversion rate — data I cannot access from the outside looking in. In the absence of this information, I only say subjectively that Carolina Comfort Air’s site appears accessible and that the content seems to do a good job of engaging visitors, offering compelling benefits, and providing numerous calls to action, such as a large banner that says, “We accept competitors’ coupons,” and another link to their “current specials.” Carolina Comfort Air Inc. also uses a responsive website design that, in my tests, loaded quickly and equally well across multiple devices (PC, iPhone, and iPad).

I’d give Carolina Comfort Air a 95 for identity and trust. The site has a banner showing its entire fleet and team, and multiple office phone numbers and trusted brands listed prominently on the homepage. The website displays license numbers, credentials, and major credit card logos in the footer of all pages of the site. Overall, I’d give the site an 82. It’s a trustworthy site that’s got a pleasing aesthetic and decent calls-to-action. With a bit more content and some minor tweaks, the site has a shot at being one of the best in the business.

—Ben Landers, president and CEO, Blue Corona

Publication date: 2/17/2014

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