Net Results: MM Comfort SystemsCompany Name: MM Comfort Systems

Owner: Craig Williamson


Annual Cost: Approximately $20,000

Williamson’s Take: It’s important to know Seattle is highly competitive in the SEO space. The SEO game is a very frustrating one. You work really hard and make some progress, but the battle is never over. The thing I like most about our site is the forms. People can easily click and request support in a variety of different areas, whether it is service, installation, or customer feedback. I also like our very sophisticated, easy-to-use content management system. It allows us to easily log on and change content instantaneously. I want customers to view us as the trusted professionals they have to talk to.

Professional Opinion: Overall score: 82. is a clean, easy-to-navigate site with lots of information and trust when viewed from a desktop computer. The site could benefit from additional SEO, improvements to the visitor experience, and by adding some additional trust builders.

For findability, MM Comfort Systems earns a 75. According to, for a set of 808 geographically targeted, service-specific keywords, ranks on the first page of Google 70 times (8.66 percent) and holds four No. 1 (0.50 percent) rankings. The top sites I’ve analyzed frequently rank on the first page for more than 25 percent of a similarly targeted set of keywords.

I would give MM Comfort Systems an 80 for accessibility and content. From a desktop computer, looks great. It’s loaded with information-rich, well-written pages with a variety of information about the company’s specific service offerings. The nice balance of white space and images makes the site easy to navigate, and the calls-to-action are clear and close to where you’d expect them to be. The site loses points for slow site speed on both desktop and mobile and for not being mobile-ready. People who visit from a smartphone don’t see a responsive version of the main website or a mobile-specific site. Google has already made it clear it uses site speed in its ranking algorithms, and it’s widely speculated that mobile-ready sites will receive a boost in the very near future.

In the identity and trust category, earns a score of 90. The site earns big identity and trust points by showing a banner image with what appears to be its fleet of trucks and technicians. When prospective customers see the same trucks on your website that they see driving through their neighborhoods, it creates an instant sense of, “I know these guys.” MM Comfort Systems gets extra points for the entire About Us section, which is fantastic. It includes a detailed history of the company, a meet-the-team page (complete with pictures of team members and biographies), testimonials (unfiltered), a guarantee, and more. The site would earn additional points by placing some additional trust builders (like Visa and MasterCard logos) prominently above the fold of the site.

— Ben Landers, president and CEO, Blue Corona

Publication date: 1/26/2015 

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