Annette Wille
Annette Wille

It is appropriate to keep an eye on developments in industrial refrigeration in Europe. For one, new technologies, especially as related to refrigerants, often are first tried in Europe. Second, the industrial refrigeration sector using ammonia has strongly aligned itself with supporters of other non-f-gas refrigerants such as HCs and CO2. So when changes take place, they should be noted.

Such is the case with GEA Refrigeration Technologies, which has headquarters in Bochum, Germany. The company is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of industrial refrigeration and freezer technology. Its product line includes piston compressors, screw compressors, chillers, tunnel freezers, carton and spiral freezers, industrial ice generators, valves and valve sets, driers, and exhaust ventilators.

A recent development within the company was the announcement of Annette Wille as president of the Technology Center Freezer. In the position, she is responsible for the global activities of GEA freezer systems, beginning with product development and continuing into manufacturing at factories in Canada, France, China, and Brazil. She is also responsible in supporting sales efforts. She also oversees expansion of the freezer products and establishment of new production plants in South America and China.

She replaces Robert Laflamme, who has left the company.

Wille has a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and has worked in engineering design and development for a number of companies before coming to GEA in April 2010 as director of marketing. There, in collaboration with development, product management, and sales, she developed strategies for placement and sales support for various products, including freezers.

Wille’s successor is Tobias Kahmann, who assumes a new position as director of the merged departments marketing and market intelligence.