MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) announced a major reorganization of the HRAI staff. The reorganization is another step in the implementation of the HRAI strategic plan that was adopted in 2011. The plan calls for the enhancement of the operational efficiencies of the association including staff services.

The new structure of the association staff has been organized around the key results areas identified within the strategic plan. New staff teams for marketing, communications, sales, environmental services, meeting and events, and technical services have been created to work hand-in-hand with the divisional and educational programs and conservation and demand management (CDM) services teams.

“This new structure is consistent with our strategic direction of consolidating service areas and optimizing our ability to meet members’ needs” said HRAI president Warren Heeley. “These changes will provide staff with the means to continue to grow the association membership and enhance the image of HRAI across the country and internationally.”

Within the new structure, four new staff members have been added to the HRAI team. They are John Shearham, director of operations/services; Lutcie Ponnudurai, program assistant; Raj Chinnapa, technical sales specialist; and Grace Gravina, marketing and communications specialist.

“These new additions will provide a great deal of skill and expertise to their respective departments, as well as adding value and strength to strategic areas of the association as a whole,” remarked Heeley.

For a complete listing of the new staff structure, visit www.hrai.ca and select Contact HRAI.

Publication date: 8/20/2012