LAS VEGAS — Carrier announced the introduction of its Energy Experts program at the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Indoor Air Expo in Las Vegas. A nationwide program for Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers, the company said that Energy Experts focuses on improving home performance and reducing consumer’s energy costs.

“Our goal with the Energy Experts program is two-fold,” said Karie Johnson, manager, dealer development, Carrier. “First, we want to provide Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers with home performance training and other resources, including ‘best practices’ on conducting complete home energy assessments for consumers. Second, we want to provide Carrier Energy Experts with tools and information to help consumers be more comfortable in their homes, reduce home energy consumption, and save money on their utility bills.”

“Expanding your business to include home performance is one way that HVAC contractors can stay ahead of the curve and offer more comprehensive solutions for customers,” said Richard Dean, owner of Environmental Systems Associates, Columbia, Md., who attended a recent training and feedback session. “When our company offered just heating and cooling products, we were installing the best equipment, but, at times, could not achieve maximum comfort or efficiency results because other issues (like ductwork problems or air leakage) existed within the home. Now, we are able to analyze overall home performance, identify problem areas, and provide consumers with a ‘whole home’ solution.”

Under this program, Carrier’s Energy Experts will conduct home performance energy audits that typically analyze a variety of factors within the home, including the HVAC system, airflow, and the home envelope (roof, windows, doors, insulation, etc.), and provide solutions to improve on the overall efficiency of the home.

“According to the Department of Energy’s Buildings Energy Data Book, heating and cooling accounts for about 54 percent of a typical home’s energy usage,” said Matt Nuijens, Carrier brand manager. “Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers are already HVAC experts, so the Energy Experts program is a natural next step. Through the Energy Experts program, Carrier dealers will become knowledgeable on all areas of home energy conservation.”

According to Carrier, its 360° whole home energy audit is a six-step assessment of the home, including inspection, testing, analysis, recommendations, resolution, and results on the heating and cooling system, air filtration/distribution, and home envelope. Carrier Energy Experts will utilize the latest technology for the energy audit, such as thermal imaging cameras, blower door testing equipment, and static pressure gauges.

“We’re committed to the Energy Experts program, ensuring Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers are leaders in whole home energy performance,” said Chris Nelson, vice president, sales and marketing, Carrier Residential and Commercial Systems.

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Publication date: 03/12/2012