Visitors to the Service Finance Company LLC (SFC) Web site ( can find out the details about this national sales finance company, which was founded by HVAC professionals with more than 50 years of combined experience in the home improvement industry.

The company's goal is to provide dealers with an easy-to-use secondary finance program for credit-challenged customers previously declined credit by a primary lender. This program is typically referred to as a "second look." With its exclusive partnership with GE Retail Sales Finance (GE) and a seamless interface, SFC provides what it says is a "convenient solution" to credit approvals for the HVAC industry.

According to SFC, "Credit approvals can be a time-consuming process and cost your company money due to wasted man-hours filling out paperwork and chasing down mistakes. Not to mention, the lost revenue from not having a secondary finance company to fill the needs of a credit-challenged customer."

SFC is prepared to provide clients the "nuts and bolts" to handle day-to-day secondary financing solutions. The company says customers can be approved in as little as 5 minutes and paperwork can be e-mailed to HVAC companies, which can then be signed by the customer.

Publication date: 06/27/2005