leak detection dyeSpectroline® AR-GLO 4/E® universal dye can be used in any air conditioning or refrigeration system, with any type of refrigerant or lubricant that is in the system. When the leak detection dye is added to the system, it circulates with the refrigerant and oil. If there are any leaks, the oil-dye mixture will escape with the refrigerant. Although the refrigerant will evaporate, it leaves behind a trace of the dye. When the system is scanned with a high-intensity Spectroline UV or UV/blue light lamp, the residual dye will fluoresce a bright yellow-green, revealing the precise location of the leaks. To check repairs, the area is sprayed with Glo-Away™ leak cleaner and wiped clean. The area is then reinspected with the lamp. No glows mean that the repairs were done properly. The dye remains safely in the system for future inspections. According to the manufacturer, the dye contains no co-solvents, and does not have any adverse effect on the viscosity or lubricity of the system’s oil. It will not corrode hoses, seals, or other components. The company claims AR-GLO 4/E glows brighter than any competitor’s dye, so technicians can pinpoint all leaks quickly and accurately.

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