Spectroline® Glo-Stick® dye capsules are prefilled with doses of Ar-Glo® fluorescent dye to add to air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The dye is injected into an operating systems, where it mixes with the refrigerant and lubricant circulating in the system. According to the company, the refrigerant that leaks out of the hole will evaporate, but the dye remains at the hole site, thereby revealing the location of all leaks. When the system is scanned with the Spectroline high-intensity ultraviolet or UV/blue light lamp, the dye glows a bright yellow-green, the manufacturer says. It is compatible with all commonly used refrigerants, and is solvent-free, so it doesn’t impair lubricant properties, states the company.

Spectronics Corp., 956 Brush Hollow Rd., Dept. 5, Westbury, NY 11590; 800-274-8888 or 516-333-4840; 800-491-6868 or 516-333-4859 (fax); www.spectroline.com (website).

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