GOLD: Goliath Furnace Risers

Goliath Furnace Risers raise furnaces, providing clearance to accommodate piping and p-traps.  Constructed of DexElar®, these kits should not rust or crack. DexElar® is UL-94 5VA and ASTME-84 Class C compliant and according to the company, they provide 10 times the strength as standard metal risers. The risers come in three sizes - GFR 28x6, GFR 23x4, and GFR 23x - and fit in the company’s Titan line of secondary condensate pans or fabricated metal secondary pans. They can be quickly installed and are available with vibration isolators to quiet noisy furnace units. “The Goliath Furnace Risers simplify all types of furnace installation,” said the company. “No more fabricating metal risers or using blocks to raise the furnace to the required height.”          

Resource Conservation Technologies Inc.

SILVER: Wireless Comfort WR-400â„¢ Wireless Relay Kit

The Wireless Comfort™ WR-400™ from Jackson Systems is a wireless relay kit that allows a contractor to wirelessly "add" connections to hundreds of applications. Typically, it is used when upgrading a client to a multi-stage condensing unit or heat pump and there is not enough wires running out to a unit. The kit contains two 4-channel transceivers. The transceivers are small and can fit into weather-proof enclosures for outdoor use. The base module has three transmitting channels and one receiving channel. The satellite module has three receiving channels and one transmitting channel. Each transceiver module uses a redundant transmission protocol for fail-safe protection. If either module does not receive a valid ON or OFF transmission signal within 60 seconds, the output or outputs will be turned off.

Jackson Systems LLC

BRONZE: Copeland Scroll® variable speed compressor

Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. has pushed to the next level with the Copeland Scroll® variable-speed compressor. Built on the proven Copeland Scroll Compressor platform, the heating or cooling capacity is regulated through precise motor speed control. It features a high-efficiency brushless permanent magnet motor technology and a proven scroll oil pump for reliable lubrication at all speeds. The compressor is designed for high efficiency heat pump and air conditioning systems, enabling heat pumps to achieve 13 HSPF and 20 SEER efficiency. To help contractors with troubleshooting, the onboard electronics embedded in the drive use the scroll compressor as a sensor to greatly reduce the possibility of operation outside the designed parameters which in turn increases overall system reliability. In addition, Copeland Scroll variable-speed compressors increase the communication capabilities to enable two-wire system installation as a part of communicating systems. The variable-speed technology also facilitates enhanced zoning.  

Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.