Advance Products & Systems Inc. ( announced the addition of five Innerlynx® modular mechanical seal sizes. The new sizes include IL265, IL310, IL440, IL625, and IL700. The seals can replace some sizes of existing Innerlynx seals and reduce the number needed to seal some penetrations, thereby lessening costs, said the manufacturer. With the addition of the IL700, the user is able to accommodate and stabilize larger pipe sizes. APS Innerlynx forms a hydrostatic seal between pipes going through walls, floors, and casings. Nonconductive Innerlynx can be installed quickly by one worker with no special tools; absorbs vibration, shocks, and sound waves; and electrically insulates the inner carrier pipe from penetrated structures.

Agramkow ( exhibited its EMAC CO2 charging station for low- to medium-sized productions. The EMAC CO2 charges CO2 in a gaseous phase, removing the need for external cooling and insulated supply lines. The charger will function within specification from 12˚-50˚C, without any special requirements. The device uses Massflow technology, based on coriolis measurement technology, ensuring high accuracy independent of ambient temperature and refrigerant temperature. The MPC controller grants a color touch-screen interface. It features 990 programmable channels, nine quick channel selections, one last channel selection, and a top-10 channel selection.

Alpha Instruments Inc. ( introduced Model 162, a low-cost, low-pressure transducer with capacitive sensing performance and easy zero adjustment. It comes with a small protection cover for all terminals and adjustment holes. Also highlighted was the Model 179 flush-mount, low-pressure transducer, which features an all-stainless steel enclosure, 1-inch depth for wall mount, and a push-activated valve for easy field calibration. Both models are designed for commercial applications, including hospitals.

Anvil Intl. ( showed the Gruvlok® Figure 7402 SlideLok® rigid coupling. The coupling is installed by lubricating the exposed gasket surfaces, then sliding the coupling completely over the pipe end. Installation is completed by bringing the adjacent component up to the pipe end, and sliding the coupling back over both pipe ends. The joint is finished by tightening the two bolts with an impact wrench or socket wrench. The coupling uses a tongue-and-groove design.

Apollo Valves ( exhibited the Model 58 pressure-independent control valve. Features include P/T plugs, 10-turn adjustment and digital position indicators, isolated flow shutoff, and reversible lever.

Aquatherm ( introduced a polypropylene-random (PP-R)-to-PEX transition. The company said these transitions are designed to make it easier to install its PP-R piping systems to integrate with PEX tubing, such as radiant heating applications. The transitions, which come in ½-, ¾-, and 1-inch sizes, are made from PP-R and brass. The fittings are heat fused to PP-R pipe on one side of the connection and crimped to PEX pipe on the other side. The transitions were designed similarly to fittings Aquatherm has used in Europe with its raised-temperature polyethylene (PE-RT) line, while the brass portion of the transition has been reengineered to meet ASTM F1807 and connect to standard Imperial PEX sizes.

Armacell LLC ( displayed the AP/Armaflex® Black LapSeal™ tube insulation with reinforced lap seal. According to the company, the flexible elastomeric pipe insulation has an elastic lap seal which provides greater seam security and increased protection against condensation, mold, and energy loss. The insulation tubes are pre-slit. It is 25/50 rated for use in air plenums.

Armaturenwerk Altenburg GmbH ( featured a CO2 corner valve, which can be used for subcritical applications up to 45 bar. The company also showed a series of stainless steel valves with tight joints, brazed in a protective atmospheric furnace.

Aspen Compressor LLC ( launched its new miniature hermetic rotary compressor. The unit is exceptionally compact and is offered in 12-, 24-, and 48-V configurations for use with R-134a or R-404A refrigerants. An advanced motor-drive controller provides variable speed and load following capability for precise temperature control and high efficiency. According to the company, the size, weight, and durability of these units make them ideally suited for mobile or portable applications, including portable cooling systems, miniature refrigeration/freezer systems, thermally controlled shipping containers, electronics cooling systems, medical-imaging equipment, beverage cooling, and mini-chilled water systems.

Azri-Shem Inc. ( released its Gas Saver Insert, which reduces gas pressure entering the gas manifold. This reduction allows the heat exchanger to be operated at a cooler temperature, exhausting less wasted heat resulting in less fatigue, less thermal shock, and the potential for a longer-lasting heat exchanger.

Aztec Washer Co. ( featured its Master Flash® flashing for sealing roof penetrations containing pipes, cables, conduit, refrigeration lines, venting, etc. Sleeve flexibility accommodates vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion/contraction. Made of EPDM or silicone, the flashings are compounded for maximum resistance to weathering due to ozone and ultraviolet light. The new Multi-Flash Square Vent Master Flash is specially designed for square vents and accommodates sizes from ¾-5 inches (20-125 mm). The new Solar Multi-Port MR Master Flash is a five-port design for solar applications. It accommodates one pipe up to 1-15/16 inches (up to 49mm); two 3/8-inch (9.6 mm) pipes or cables, and two ¾-inch (20 mm) pipes or cables.

Baldor Electric Co. ( showed the MST soft starter with six SCR three-phase voltage controls.

Bellman-Melcor LLC ( displayed ChannelFlux, an advanced technology for brazing aluminum. It features an integrated flux system, where the flux activates in advance of alloy. In addition, the flux is in direct contact with the base metals and there is no powder to contaminate equipment or
the environment.

Bitzer U.S. Inc. ( exhibited its CSV Series compressors, with an integrated frequency inverter, which boasts a large range of control and high-power density. It can be used in air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and process cooling. It is fitted with pressure and temperature sensors, oil-heater control, and power-supply monitoring. Bitzer also displayed its GSD 6 Scroll Compressor Series, a high-efficiency R-410A compressor for air conditioning systems and heat pumps. It is compact with low-noise levels, and optimized for lowest possible annual operating costs.

Blissfield Mfg. ( displayed its copper tube/aluminum fin and all-aluminum heat exchangers. For CO₂, it was noted that the company had heavy wall 5-mm tube products that were UL-certified for that refrigerant in gas coolers and evaporators.

Bonomi North America Inc. ( showcased its lead-free electric automated ball valve shutoffs. The company said the product was in response to lead-free legislation in California and a few other states that were anticipated to produce lead-free laws for potable watering systems throughout the U.S.

Bristol Compressors Intl. Inc. ( unveiled the Benchmark X14™, a 14 SEER compressor that features improved internal thermodynamic control and gas management; enhanced capacity delivery at key SEER conditions; higher efficiency at extreme conditions; and optimization to support higher HSPF regulation. The company also introduced The Beast™, a compressor unit designed for more reliable operation in challenging environments. The Beast offers resistance to contamination associated with replacement repairs; enhanced liquid-refrigerant tolerance; elimination of electrical failures due to mis-wire or defective start components; and the ability to start under low voltage and extreme ambient conditions.

C&D Valve Mfg. Co. ( launched the hybrid float valve, which features the same internal components and operating parameters of the R400 Series float valves. By incorporating high-density polymer, the body design delivers durability and toughness, while providing a cost savings that is passed along to the customer.

ChemSols Corp. ( debuted its AC-Care coating. The water-based coating was developed for HVACR equipment and other non-ferrous metals. The coating may be used to protect coils, fins, fans, blowers, and cabinets from dirt, mold, and mildew. The product can be applied at any temperature or humidity; before, during, or following installation; and provides a finished, glass-like clear surface.

Cliplight Mfg. Co. ( featured Super Seal Advanced, the replacement product for the original Super Seal. Super Seal Advanced includes a drying agent to eliminate refrigeration and a/c moisture that can produce acid and waxing.

Cooper Industries ( showed its Snap ‘N Shield™ clevis support, which can be used in refrigeration, air conditioning, and plumbing projects. It snaps directly onto clevis hangers and can be used for horizontal pipe runs. Features include integrated slots for liquid-line tie wraps and a snap-on design, which helps eliminate shield movement, helping to prevent insulation damage that can lead to leaks. The Snap ‘N Shield pipe supports can be used in strut or trapeze-mounted horizontal runs. Available in black, white, and gray, the pipe supports are designed for side-by-side installation. They help protect insulation from damage that can be caused by rubbing against pipes or fittings. The snap-on design helps eliminate shield movement, helping to prevent insulation damage.

CPS Products Inc. ( introduced the 5-2-1 Compressor Saver models SPD60 and SPD150. The product is useful for air conditioners, condensing units, heat pumps, motors, refrigeration systems, and electromechanical devices. It features weatherproof housing and is easy to install.

Danfoss ( launched the VZH inverter scroll compressor — the second generation of variable-speed compressors. The VZH uses a brushless interior permanent magnet (IPM) design and is optimized for different pressure ratios in order to deliver maximum energy savings. Variable-speed technology provides infinite and smooth capacity modulation, delivering precise temperature control within ±0.1˚F of the set point, making it a good choice for applications that require precise temperature and humidity control, including IT equipment, industrial processes, museums, and libraries. The VZH is available with optimization at two different pressure ratios for either chiller or rooftop applications. The company also highlighted the AK-PC 781 capacity controller, which ensures precise and stable suction and condensing pressure regulation for a variety of applications and refrigerants. Also introduced was the NEMA/UL Type 4X VLT® HVAC drive, which delivers reliable operation in environments subject to windblown dust and rain, or splashing water, making them suitable for installation directly at the equipment location.

Delphi ( introduced its MCHX Outdoor Heat Pump Coil, which operates outdoors in an air-sourced heat pump system. The coil functions as a traditional condenser in cooling mode and as an evaporator in heating mode. The MCHX Outdoor Heat Pump Coil is 100 percent recyclable and uses a unique and efficient defrost process. It uses brazed aluminum construction and features a flat micro-channel tube, fins, and two refrigerant manifolds joined together in a single coil.

DiversiTech Corp. ( showed the ClearVue™ mini pump, designed for ductless systems. It is small, quiet, and can be installed almost anywhere, including inside many cassette units or inside a line set cover system. It features iQ Technology™ and Floatless Sensor™ technology that help the pump think and respond to changing conditions. The company also exhibited its Switchcap™ Dual, a multiple value capacitor. It provides two easily switchable capacitors in one package. The mounting tabs allow for quick mounting with standard sheet-metal screws. It has a nonconductive polymer enclosure, and the hard protective cover fits over the bottom adjustable switches to prevent them from accidental movement.

Doucette Industries Inc. ( featured its C Series light commercial desuperheaters, which capture waste heat discharged from the refrigerant cycle in an air conditioner or condensing unit and transfer that heat into a water storage tank, thereby creating low-cost hot water for domestic or service use. Not only does the heat recovery unit substantially reduce the amount of energy required to provide domestic or service hot water, but it also improves the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner or condensing unit while it is operating.

Duravent ( highlighted its new PolyPro® Flex double-wall flex lining system, which is an environmentally safe venting system for high-efficiency appliances, including water heaters, condensing boilers, and warm-air furnaces.

Duro Dyne Corp. ( offered its portable adhesive canister-clear (PAC40), a web-type, high-solids, general-purpose adhesive, which bonds well to a wide variety of substrates with one-side or two-side application. It has a quick tack and is waterproof. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including insulation, plastic, wood, fiber-reinforced plastic, foam, carpet, wall coverings, fiberglass, packaging, labeling, and more.

Dwyer Instruments Inc. ( exhibited a three-way water-mixing valve used to mix return and supply water and chilled and hot water together.

Dynatemp Intl. ( featured R-421A, an HFC blend, non-ozone depleting, long-term replacement refrigerant for R-22. R-421A can replace R-22 without unit modification and does not contain hydrocarbons, such as butane, isopentane, or isobutene. No change of oil is necessary, as it is usable with mineral, AB, or POE oils. R-421A is comparable to R-22 performance temperature range and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Electro Static Technology Inc. ( displayed Split uKIT, a split universal mounting kit, whose AEGIS® SGR bearing-protection ring protects the bearings of VFD-driven motors from electrical damage, allowing quick and easy retrofitting of the ring on virtually any a/c motor shaft without decoupling attached equipment. The Split uKIT is designed to accommodate slingers, shaft shoulders, and other end-bell protrusions, and comes with a split AEGIS ring, the halves of which are held together with a unique hinge. This hinge design allows the split ring to be opened on one side, then closed and fastened together with built-in, adhesive-backed aluminum tabs, providing rigidity to the assembled ring.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( exhibited the 9- and 10-hp Copeland Scroll™ compressors for commercial air conditioning. The compressors feature 11.3 EER and a 20 percent reduction in weight over earlier models. The new compressors are available with optional sight glass, rotalocks, a molded plug, and an oil fitting. The company also exhibited its Copeland Scroll variable-speed compressor, which has now been improved further to offer 20 percent more capacity turndown to 1,500 rpm, which translates to greater comfort and energy savings for homeowners, the company said. It is designed for high-efficiency heat pump and air conditioning systems.

Emerson Industrial Automation ( showed its Browning® EPDM v-belts, which expand operating temperatures to -60˚ to 230˚F. Features include fabric top and bottom, wider notch spacing, Code-1 matched belts, fiber-loaded body, and tubular fabric. The v-belts meet RMA standards for oil and heat resistance as well as static conductivity.

Enerco Technical Products Inc. ( released the HeatStar cordless forced-air heaters, Models HS35CLP and HS60CLP, which are propane heaters designed to be used during construction, retrofitting, etc. The HS35CLP has a Btuh output of 35,000 and heats up to 800 square feet, while the HS60CLP has a 30-60,000 Btuh output and heats up to 1,250 square feet.

Energy Transfer ( highlighted its new bimetal extruded tubes, which are formed from two different types of tubes, the internal tube and the outer tube that is extruded into fin. The extrusion process forces the outer tube to form tightly around the inner tube, resulting in an integrally formed finned tube with a strong fin-to-tube bond.

Erico Intl. Corp. ( showcased its Caddy Pyramid equipment, designed to hold up heavy-duty rooftop chillers, air conditioners, and other mechanical systems. The base design evenly distributes the load to help prevent roof damage. The crossbar and equipment-support clamps enable quick assembly. The thermoplastic bases are composed of recycled material and can help contribute to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation.

Falcon Stainless Inc. ( exhibited its corrugated, flexible 304 stainless steel gas connectors with trivalent chromium-plated steel nuts and adapters. The gas connectors are 100 percent leak tested and approved by CSA. Designed for maximum strength and flexibility, they are resistant to corrosion and work hardening. They are available in sizes from ¼- to ¾-inch ID with various end fittings and lengths. Brass adapters are available. Applications include heaters/gas-fired boilers, fireplaces, and tankless and storage-type water heaters.

Fenner Drives Inc. ( displayed the T-Max v-belt drive tensioners with a new mounting bracket. The tensioners can be used in industrial air-handling units, extraction fans, energy conservation, and desiccant wheels.

Flo Fab Inc. ( showed its XRI universal four-position vertical/horizontal centrifugal pump with removable impeller. The pumps can handle capacities up to 15,850 gpm (3,600 m3/hr), head up to 655 feet (200 m), and pressures up to 250 psi (1,724 kpa). Horsepower is up to 500 hp. Working voltage and speeds are 230/460/480/575 V, 60 Hz, three phase, 1,150/1,750/3,500 rpm. Applications include cold- and cooling-water circulation in refrigeration systems, air conditioning water circulation, and hot-water circulation. An important feature of these pumps is the capability to service the pump parts without removing the pump casing and the electric motor from the system, reducing service time and saving money for the owner.

FlowCon Intl. ( exhibited its SM dynamic-temperature control valve, which automatically keeps a constant differential pressure across the internal controlling orifice of the valve. Consequently, pressure-drop fluctuations across the SM valve will not affect the set flow through the valve. The dynamic flow characteristics keep the valve in constant authority and automatically balanced, eliminating the requirement for a separate balancing valve in the circuit.

Forney Fence Supply ( introduced a line of metal cages which provide theft- and storm-damage protection for package and condenser units. The cage sizes and installation are universal, providing protection for most units on the market. All cages are designed with patent-pending removable panels, which provide access for technicians and protection for the customer. A customized cage-security bar enables packaged-unit cages to secure to the unit without having to attach or damage the rooftop.

Franklin Electric Co. ( unveiled the FPS VR Series stainless steel vertical multi-stage pumps for pressure boosting, boiler feed, water supply/treatment, wash down, hot- or cold-water circulation, irrigation, or reverse osmosis. The pumps feature in-line suction and discharge with standard ANSI round flanges, which provide compact installation and fit a wide variety of applications. All components in contact with the pumped product are 316 SS stainless steel.

Frascold ( released its Frascold ATS screw compressor. The compressor is able to function with a range of refrigerants including R-717 (NH3). Its refrigerating capacities stretch from 10-470 kW and is used in industrial refrigeration, process systems, air conditioning, and heat pumps. According to the company, the unit’s compact design and reduced overall dimensions helps ease installation. It also features a direct coupling with the motor, discharge gas temperature sensor, and low noise level with no vibrations.

Fuseco ( displayed the Mersen USGCC and USGM series of UltraSafe fuse holders. The Cage Clamp technology significantly improves system reliability by maintaining a very low contact resistance, easily withstanding corrosion, vibration, and temperature cycling. The technology also eliminates the need for routine torque maintenance required by standard screw-type terminations.

Gripnail ( featured SnapStik Insulation Hangers, which workers can grab five at a time and snap them free as needed. Because they are stuck together and not loose, they prevent hand injuries caused by sharp spindle points and base plate corners. The hangers also have an easy-peel adhesive backing design eliminating any fumbling with release paper.

Harris Products Group ( showcased its Ring of Fire™ brazing rings. They range from ¼- to 1 1/8-joint rings, with six part numbers available in 25 rings per package, another comes with 10 in a package, and yet another is available as a tubing joint-ring variety pack.

Hays Fluid Controls ( displayed the Measurflo Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV), which prevents the operating system from experiencing excessive flow. The PICV was designed with no tiny springs or thin rubber diaphragms that can weaken or rupture, and changing orifice opening self-cleans passing debris.

Heliodyne Inc. ( exhibited Solpal, a solar-collector storage system where water is heated and stored directly within the collector itself.

Hydrosil Intl. Ltd. ( introduced the Hydrosil Canister, a perforated steel canister with three attachment pins and a top gasket. The canister is available in two models (18 and 24).

Hyper Engineering Pty. Ltd. ( displayed the Sure-Start 6 single-phase soft starter and the Sure-Start 3 three-phase soft starter. The starters reduce the normal start current, which allows the compressor/motor to more easily go off-grid and improves the compressor/motor’s run life, said the company. Both can be used in residential, commercial, and marine applications, and with packaged, split, or heat-pump equipment.

Innergy Tech Inc. ( exhibited an energy recovery wheel with a sealing system to reduce fan-energy loss.

Intermatic Inc. ( unveiled its AG3000 HVAC surge protector, which is an easy-to-install add on for HVAC equipment. It features high surge-protection ratings and a three-year, $7,500 connected equipment warranty. The company also featured its new auto-voltage DTAV40 Series defrost timers, which automatically select the appropriate voltage. These timers are applicable to air defrost and electric or hot-gas defrost systems where the defrost is terminated by a timer, temperature, or pressure switch.

Inventum B.V. ( introduced its Aquaspot® product to the U.S. market. The product is primarily employed in the residential space and uses a small Titanium boiler to provide instant boiling water to the kitchen tap. It comes equipped with an IntelliProtect® feature that requires users to press the button in a certain pattern to activate the system. Once activated, the mini boiler provides hot water and does not require the main hot-water source to be employed.

Jackson Industries Inc. ( featured its Insta-HVAC/R Patch, designed to repair holes and breaks in copper, aluminum coils, and tubing, including leaks in between coil fins and on flat and irregular-shaped surfaces, such as micro-channel coils. The product is rated at 300 psi contained pressure and up to 200˚F. Insta-HVAC/R Patch is compatible with all refrigerants and oils, and remains bonded through temperature cycles associated with HVACR systems. The product requires no mixing and the company claims holes can be repaired in approximately one minute.

K-Flex USA ( introduced the K-Flex Elastomeric Tube, a closed-cell flexible elastomeric tubular foam insulation designed for use on HVACR piping and equipment. It also showed the K-Flex Clad AL & WT and K-Flex Clad IN. The AL and WT are three-ply laminates consisting of a PVC core, aluminum foil, and a UV-protective Mylar film. The AL is applicable for outdoor applications, while the WT is designed for wash-down or clean-room applications. The IN is ideal for industrial plans and more.

Legend Valve Inc. ( exhibited the HS-808 Hydraulic Separator, which eliminates the circuit-to-circuit, circuit-to-heating, or cooling-source-flow interference. The use of the HS-808 eliminates the necessity for closely spaced tees. In many instances, the product eliminates the need for a primary circulator and additional piping needed for such components. It includes an insulation jacket and a stainless steel screen to collect microbubbles for air elimination.

Luvata ( showed the UNILLOY™ high-strength copper alloy air conditioning and refrigeration tube; UNIGUARD™ alloy, which the company says is an effective solution against formicary corrosion and is available with all advanced heat transfer surfaces that are supplied using Luvata’s state-of-the-art roll-and-weld process; and T-Proof™ coating technology, which also addresses formicary corrosion and is available for application on all current Luvata products.

Maxitrol Co. ( highlighted its vent-limiting device, which eliminates the need to run vent piping to the outside. The device, which is intended for indoor use only, is designed for use in spaces where limiting the amount of gas escapement due to diaphragm failure is critical.

Metraflex Co. ( introduced the Seismic Gator in-line expansion joint, designed to protect piping spanning the building’s seismic joint. Capable of ±4 inches of movement in all directions, the expansion joint is designed and engineered to combine tried and true gimbal and bellows technologies with the rugged MetraGator expansion joint. It requires guiding and significant anchoring, and is available with flange, groove, and weld connections. It has a maximum working pressure of 150 psi, and a maximum working temperature of 700˚F. The company also showed its Superflex flexible metal hose and braid-pump connector. Its stainless steel construction is engineered to last the life of the mechanical system. The Superflex pump connector is designed for applications where greater movement from building settlement and seismic activity is anticipated in a short OAL. The connector can be used for cold-water, hot-water, and steam applications, and is available in sizes from ½ to 2 inches, in any length.

Midsun Specialty Products Inc. ( debuted the Perfect Pitch adjustable fastening system, an adjustable fastening system that simplifies condensate and waste-piping installations by providing an easy-to-use calibrated fixture for clean, professional-looking, code-compliant installations.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. ( exhibited its Carbon Series variable-frequency drive solutions, which make installation into an existing mechanical room quick and easy. Existing control wiring connects directly to the VFD, and the installation does not require mechanical modifications to piping or ductwork. The company also highlighted its F700 Series inverters for use with fans and pumps, which are built to optimize three-phase motor control, saving energy for virtually all general-purpose applications.

Modine Mfg. Co. ( displayed a counterflow evaporator and its new two-row micro-channel coil. It can be used in residential and commercial indoor-coil applications.

Modular Framing Systems Inc. ( featured its new APS Arosio flexible duct connector, which is a system designed to be attached between the fan/blower and the discharge flange in the air-handling unit to isolate vibration and reduce noise from within the system. The airtight flexible joint is attached to the frame using Arosio stopper systems, which are screwless. The fabric is joined together at the seam using a thermal welder, which prevents leakage and tearing.

Monoxivent ( introduced its Technorail, ALU150, and ALU250 aluminum extraction rails. The Technorail can be used with fully flexible hose systems and its modular concept caters to a wide range of applications and workplace environments. The ALU150 can be used with arms, hose reels, and fully flexible hose systems. The ALU250 offers a larger cross section for higher air volume. All models include all necessary seals, clips, and brackets.

National Refrigerants Inc. ( displayed KleenFlush, a solvent designed to flush air conditioning and refrigeration systems. KleenFlush’s powerful flushing action will pick up and remove oil and particulate contaminants inside HVAC systems. The solvent is also manufactured to remove contaminants and impurities from compressor failures and burnouts. KleenFlush also quickly flushes oil residue from line sets prior to retrofits. A starter kit includes a can actuator, hose, flush-injection tool, and a can of KleenFlush. Additional sizes are available.

NetBraze LLC ( announced its NetBraze 15 MOD, a phos copper-brazing alloy formulated to braze copper-pipe connections. NetBraze 15 MOD can braze dissimilar metals such as copper and brass, and stainless and mild steels. The product is applicable to essentially all HVACR metal applications, except aluminum and titanium, with the use of flux. According to the company, the resulting braze produces a high-strength joint.

Nibco Inc. ( introduced the Coil-Connect balance and control valves, a large selection of ½- to 2-inch automatic and manual valve kits. They come prepackaged and labeled per the customer’s instructions.

Niles Steel Tank (, a subsidiary of Bradford White, showed a maintenance-free power anode system. The system uses low-voltage, low-current electricity to create electrical potentials inside the tank that prevent corrosion. The titanium anode is nonconsumable, so it does not need to be replaced and there is no rotten egg smell.

Northwestern Ohio Foam Packaging Inc. ( displayed BarrierHL, a flexible, low-profile, under-slab insulator and vapor barrier, designed for high-load, slab-on-slab applications.

Oldcastle Enclosure Solutions ( exhibited the StayRite™ equipment riser. It provides secured elevation for heat pumps and air-handling equipment providing protection from condensation and nature’s elements. The interlocking design allows for multiple heights in 3-inch increments.

Packard Inc. ( showcased the TitanMax contactor. It features a universal metal mounting plate, which allows for complete ease of replacement, a long electrical life (tested to 250,000 cycles), a reliable mechanical life (tested to 1 million cycles), and its performance is unaffected by mounting position.

Packless Industries ( displayed its vibration absorbers, which are designed for installation in the suction and discharge lines of a/c and refrigeration systems to dampen the transmission of compressor-induced vibration through system piping. They are constructed of deep-pitch, corrugated tubing in brass or stainless steel. Also, the company showed the green-surface, ultra-slim design coaxial heat exchangers. They can be used for both water-source heat pump and water-cooled condenser applications. They are freeze resistant.

Parker Hannifin Corp. ( exhibited its solenoid valves used with R-410A and other typical refrigerants used in the HVACR industry. The product line has a synthetic-coated metal gasket, which minimizes external leaks. The valves can be brazed without disassembly. The Sporlan XSP Series CO₂ Secondary Coolant Solenoid Valves were also shown. The valves are hermetic, direct-acting valves with no gaskets, which eliminate a source of external links. The design includes tighter seating at lower pressure differentials, and extended copper connections for easier installation.

The Pate Co. ( introduced a self-leveling roof curb, which comes with 1½-inch thick fiberglass insulation, a pressure-treated wood nailer strip, heavy-gauge galvanized steel, and all seams welded.

Pentair Inc. ( displayed the Aurora® model 382 SC XL split coupled vertical in-line pump. Features include a stainless steel impeller and casing wear rings.

Puroflux Corp. ( announced the launch of the PF-64H pump package system, which is designed to be used in commercial sweeper piping systems, as well as in systems utilizing nonchemical water-treatment devices. The system increases sweeper piping pressures to boost the turbulence within the basin, which in turn increases the probability of suspended particulate reaching the PF-64H. By keeping an increased volume of suspended particulate out of the condenser system, the end user will have noticeably reduced energy loss over the heat-transfer equipment, as well as decreased unscheduled maintenance.

Quick Sling LLC ( exhibited its line of swivel mounts, hanging units, stand units, and stands. The QSLG1000 is a mounted indoor HVAC hanger, which creates a stable, non-swinging platform for units weighing up to 400 pounds. The QSTD1000 is a floor-mounted indoor HVAC stand designed to quickly mount units weighing up to 500 pounds. The QSWI1000 swivel mount allows for 360 degree rotation, directing flow of heat for maximum efficiency. The unit is built to hold units weighing up to 200 pounds. The QSMS series comes in thin and wide designs, equipped to hold mini-split units ranging in size from 7.5- to 16-inches wide, weighing up to 400 pounds. The company also recently introduced its QSWB1000 mini-split wall bracket, and a line of steel and wood hanging adapters.

Rahn Industries Inc. ( introduced its Rahn-Kote™ coil corrosion protection. Its high titanium-dioxide content protects the coil and the coating from all spectrums of UV light including UVC. Rahn-Kote contains Fluoro Teflon, which contributes to its hydrophobic properties. It holds only 26 percent of the water of new natural aluminum, and cures to a thin, high-gloss, super-hydrophobic finish, granting long-term corrosion protection, said the company.

RectorSeal Corp. ( featured a locking refrigerant cap for outdoor condensers to help prevent teenage deaths from “huffing.” The product complies with the new International Mechanical Code mandate for locking caps.

Red-White Valve Corp. ( added the new 9500 Series manual-balancing valve to its complete line of hydronic controls and balancing-valve solutions. Ranging in size from ½ to 2 inches, the 9500 Series has a fixed-orifice, double-regulating valve in a Y-pattern body design. It features precise flow measurement, integral memory stop, and a positive shut-off with no drip seat that eliminates the need for additional isolation valve. It is constructed of corrosion-resistant brass and is available in low-lead brass for potable water use.

Refrigeration Research Inc. ( displayed its higher-pressure BULLDOG coaxial condensers that are specifically designed for use with R-410A. They come complete with a bracket attached. The BULLDOG line of coaxial condensers is designed for 675 psi. The company also showed its higher-pressure BULLDOG discharge mufflers. They are designed for systems using R-410A. Various sizes are available for 2-25 tons.

Regal-Beloit Corp. ( introduced an expansion to the Fasco® Motors gas premix combustion blowers with the release of three new SAMM GPM blowers: 4.6, 5.8H, and 6.9. The premix blowers are designed to meet the rugged requirements of residential and commercial applications. Speeds on the SAMM GPM blowers can be adjusted via pulse with modulation (PWM) from 5-43 vdc at a wide frequency range of 100-Hz to 6-kHz input that varies the performance of the blower. The company also displayed the Marathon Special Products Bulk Fastening Power Block (BFPB), an addition to its line of power terminal blocks. The BFPB provides a series of fasteners to terminate numerous combinations of listed crimp lugs or flexible busbar to distribute power. The product features a current-carrying capacity up to 1,605 amps, a voltage rating up to 1,000 vac/vdc, high short-circuit current ratings (SCCR), and meets the requirements for use in feeder circuits. The BFPB Series can be used for a variety of applications including junction boxes and inverter panels, as well as industrial control panels for large motor, HVAC, pumping, and mining applications. The company also unveiled its Genteq Evergreen EM, the latest in the line of standard electronically commutated motor (ECM) replacements for the aftermarket/distribution market. The Evergreen EM was designed to replace direct-drive blower motors in residential and light commercial indoor furnaces, air handlers, and package systems that were designed with a standard ECM motor. It can also be used to retrofit permanent-split capacitor (PSC) motors in commercial building series variable air volume (VAV) boxes and packaged heat-pump systems. It is not intended to replace premium ECM constant-airflow products, such as Eon 2.3, 3.0, and 2.5, said the company.

Resource Conservation Technologies ( launched its Goliath and Goliath Furnace secondary drain pans and risers, and the Titan Flexible Series secondary drain pans.

Rovanco Piping Systems ( welcomed two high-temperature conduits. The Rhinocoat High Temp Conduit ELITE is a Class A drainable, dryable, and testable conduit for high-temperature, above-or-below ground applications. The Insul-800 is a high-temperature, pre-insulate conduit system with Aerogel technology.

Sabic ( showcased its Lexan™, Noryl™, Cycolac™, and Geloy™ Resins. The Lexan polycarbonate resin is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic, characterized by outstanding mechanical, optical, electrical, and thermal properties. The Noryl classic family of modified PPE resins consists of amorphous blends of PPO polyphenylene ether resin and polystyrene. They combine the inherent benefits of PPO resin with excellent dimensional stability, good process ability, and low specific gravity. Cycolac acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) thermoplastic resin is recognized as a tailorable engineering material offering outstanding aesthetics, flow, toughness, dimensional stability, and high temperature resistance. Geloy advanced amorphous terpolymer of acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile (ASA) resins are among the most weatherable grades in Sabic’s plastic’s portfolio.

Sealed Unit Parts Co. Inc. ( displayed a number of product models — water filters, refrigerator-door gaskets, standard beaded driers with UV dye and magnetic filters (SUD8358); motor-run capacitors; troubleshooters (Magjumper™ MAG1YL); vibration absorbers; data loggers (SL500 Series); telescope LED flashlights (FLT3M); remote-dial, vapor tension thermometers; and temperature alarms (TA44).

Setra Systems Inc. ( introduced its Sure-Set Model SSC split-core current switch, which eliminates exposure to arc flash hazards while providing a low-cost, fast, and accurate method of setting the proper current set point for the application. By eliminating the need to work on a live electrical enclosure, the Sure-Set current switch allows installation without the need for arc flash personal-protective equipment, reducing install time. Engineers or installers can preset all the Sure Set current switches used in a system prior to arriving at the job site, making the on-site install time for the current switches even shorter.

Sheet Metal Connectors Inc. ( welcomed its Complete Seal® spiral fittings, which feature a double-legged ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber gasket, secured in place with a 180 degree hem. The gasket creates an airtight connection, which eliminates the need to caulk and results in labor savings, as well as an aesthetically pleasing job. Installing Complete Seal fittings involves simply inserting the fitting into the spiral duct all the way up to the bead and securing it in place with self-tapping sheet-metal screws.

Sherwood Valve ( displayed its high-performance ball valve series, which use the Integra-Seal system to cap potential refrigerant leaks. It includes positive shutoff for all system access points, dual Teflon ball seals, robotically welded joints, dual O-ring stem seals, and is rated for 700-psig service for high-pressure refrigerants.

Sikla ( showed its Framo 80 — a strong, flexible, lightweight, multifunctional support system. Framo 80 allows multidirectional connection possibilities, and the innovative connection technology guarantees installation efficiency. The frames can be used as a multifunctional, non-welded support system for the modular construction of framing solutions.

Spiramir Corp. ( introduced Self-Sealing Pro, designed to cover all types of spiral fittings including elbows into Spiramir self-sealing fittings.

Spirax Sarco ( released the CS10 Clean Steam Separator with an enhanced surface finish as standard. Constructed of 316L stainless steel, the CS10 is fully traceable, ensuring steam integrity. It is designed to exceed the steam dryness value of 0.95 and features a removable internal baffle to facilitate periodic de-rouging and inspection. The CS10 is engineered in accordance with the latest standard of ASME BPE guide for the biopharmaceutical, food, and medical industries.

Standex-Meder Electronics ( featured a new line of low-voltage flood-prevention switches (FPS) that safeguard HVAC environments from condensate overflow buildup, and can be used in commercial and residential HVAC applications. With tee, elbow, and bracket models available to accommodate any application, each FPS model can be installed on either primary or auxiliary drain plugs, and are accessible for service. The product is compliant with UL508, applicable NEC codes, and manufactured of materials that will not rust or stick.

Super Radiator Coils ( unveiled its economizer line, which has carbon steel tubes, fins, and casing; inlet and outlet transitions integral to the unit, including rolled angle flanges to the boiler stack outlet; threaded pipe connections for water side; and counter-flow internal tube configuration. It has a fin pitch at five to six fins per inch, which can be used for natural gas or standby No. 2 oil. Serviceability features include removable access door and removable heat exchanger. The company also now offers 5-mm tubing for evaporator coils, which can be used for CO₂ applications.

Taco Inc. ( introduced the GeoSentry Zone Valve, which is designed to enhance the overall performance of any open- or closed-loop geothermal system by proving accurate, reliable control of exchange fields. Microcircuit-based logic is utilized to control a gear-driven electronic actuator, which drives a ball-valve based body design.

TecnoPan Inc. ( exhibited several additions to its foam-injected panel enclosures, including frameless-construction enclosures and bolted-base frames. The custom enclosures can accommodate any size air-handling unit, from small, low-pressure, 1-inch paneled units to massive, 4-inch, high-pressure multi-sectional units.

ThermaXX Jackets LLC ( unveiled its ThermaXX SmartJacket insulation cover for pipes, valves, and heavy equipment. The ThermaXX SmartJacket combines a removable insulation jacket with wireless technology, which measures and transmits data from each component to a remote Web portal. The product allows for remote access to the status, health, and history of the system, and sends alerts when there are changes or problems. The SmartJacket also reports on true energy and cost savings. The company predicts the product will provide a full payback in two years or less.

Thybar Corp. ( featured its new seismic and wind-load rated curbs and adapters, which can be designed to resist the forces expected from a seismic or wind-load event. A rooftop unit that resists these forces will remain firmly attached to a curb, and the curb will stay attached to a building’s structure, reducing wind and water damage to the building’s interior, thus maintaining functionality of the rooftop unit.

Triangle Mfg. Co. ( displayed new motor mounts designed for the HVAC industry. Manufactured to dampen vibrations, each leg of the motor mount can include rubber footings and may be configured in length and gauge to accommodate diverse fan-blade diameters. Also available are special-order steel ferrules. The company offers more than 40 sizes of belly bands to fit different motor-mount legs. These bands are shipped unassembled to help minimize costs.

Uponor North America ( highlighted the PEX-a pipe support, which provides continuous support of Uponor cross-linked polyethylene pipe for commercial plumbing and distribution piping applications. It enables hanger spacing to that of copper, is listed for bare-PEX plenum applications, will insulate around both pipe and PEX-a support, and is available in four different sizes.

VAF Filtration Systems ( introduced its LCF-Series automatic self-cleaning filter skid which provides a low-cost solution for side-stream, cooling-tower filtration. The product has a glass-filled nylon body with 316L stainless screen, component construction, and features an efficient bidirectional hydrodynamic drive for simple maintenance. The side-stream system provides an efficient method for keeping tower basins clean without interrupting the facilities process. Flushing is less than 1 percent of total flow. The product has various degrees of filtration from 1,500-10 microns.

The VMC Group ( welcomed TeleCurb, an on-demand seismic curb. TeleCurb can telescope to custom fit most 3-12 ton HVAC units ranging in length from 65 7/8 inches to 96 7/8 inches and width from 37 ¼ inches to 59 7/8 inches. It can be configured in made-to-stock or made-to-order quantities.

Xylem Inc. ( debuted the Bell & Gossett® Series e-90 in-line centrifugal pump specifically designed for the commercial HVAC market. Featuring a high-hydraulic efficiency and closed-coupled design, the new e-90 can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. It is available in eight sizes providing wide hydraulic coverage up to 300-gpm flow. This pump uses an industry standard 56J motor in 1/3 to 3 hp four-pole speeds and ½- to 5-hp two-pole speeds. The company also announced the addition of the Bell & Gossett BPX brazed plate heat exchangers to its line of large plate heat exchangers. The manufacturer said the 3- and 4-inch brazed plate heat exchangers, models BP432, BP433, BP434, and BP435, are ideal for large hydronic heating applications, refrigerant evaporators, condensers with large chillers, and many other applications requiring flow rates up to 800 gpm. The BPX brazed plate heat exchangers use stainless steel plates and are vacuum brazed together to form a durable product that withstands both high pressures and high temperatures. All four models have a design pressure of 435 psig, and min/max design temperature of 310/450˚F. Also launched, was a Bell & Gossett submersible, high-temperature sump pump, which is designed to handle applications where liquids are too hot for conventionally built submersible pumps, such as wastewater coming from high-temperature processes like boiler blow down and hot-water rinses in the commercial plumbing market; and the Bell & Gossett ecocirc® wireless, which is designed for plumbing systems without a recirculation line.

ZSI Inc. ( featured its Cush-A-Therm™ Clamp, which provides a crush-resistant, airtight seal for chilled refrigeration or mechanical pipe lines that require continuous insulation. The product also creates an economical, hermetically sealed, energy-saving vapor barrier, and comes with all hardware necessary for a clean and professional-looking installation. Its closed-cell structure is ideal for liquid-cooling lines to prevent condensation and save energy.

Publication date: 2/18/2013