Major OEMs are anticipating that prices on both A2L and R-410A systems will keeping going up, and up, and up. Homeowners are already seeing some of the effects of the prices of new R-410A. Since 2020, equipment prices have gone up almost 100%. Part of this increase, according to Martin Hoover, co-owner of Empire Heating & Air Conditioning in Atlanta, is due of course, to equipment pricing. It’s also due to the implementation of the new EPA minimum efficiency standard that has quadrupled the cost of refrigeration. Refrigeration equipment isn’t the only thing getting more expensive. Almost everything involved in HVAC systems, including copper line sets, PVC piping, glue, tape, screws, ductwork, etc., has also seen price increases. In 2025, manufacturers are likely to increase the price of any unsold R-410A systems.

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