Dynatemp Intl. (www.dynatempintl.com) featured R-421A, an HFC blend, non-ozone depleting, long-term replacement refrigerant for R-22. R-421A can replace R-22 without unit modification and does not contain hydrocarbons such as butane, isopentane, or isobutene. No change of oil is necessary, as it is usable with mineral, alkylbenzene (AB), or polyol ester (POE) oils. R-421A is comparable to R-22’s performance-temperature range and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Embraco (www.embraco.com) introduced a full range of hydrocarbon compressors with low-temperature cooling capacities from 520-4,780 Btuh and high-temperature capacities from 4,700-10,125 Btuh. These compressors are UL-recognized and have nearly no global warming potential (GWP) or ozone depletion potential (ODP). The company also featured its micro-compressor technology, which allows portable cooling for miniaturized applications. Small and lightweight (about the size of a 12-ounce soda can and weighing 1.4 kg), these micro-compressors are able to operate in any position because they are 100 percent oil-free. Also on display were Fullmotion variable-capacity compressors, which are designed for wine coolers and light commercial applications.

Emerson Climate Technologies (www.emersonclimate.com) displayed its new line of semi-hermetic compressors. The reciprocating compressors utilize CO₂ as its refrigerant, virtually eliminating its global warming potential (GWP), said the company. This new design is currently available in 12-, 15- and 28-hp sizes, allowing it to be used in a variety of applications, such as grocery stores and supermarkets. The company has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recognition for the line of compressors.

Functional Devices Inc. (www.functionaldevices.com) highlighted its evaporator fan controllers for walk-in coolers and freezers. To save money, the evaporator fan controllers monitor the temperature on the intake and exhaust of the evaporator fan unit. When the temperature of the exhaust is lower than that of the intake, the fans will run at normal speed; when the temperature of the exhaust is equal to the intake temperature, the controllers will reduce the speed of the fans to save energy.

Keeprite Refrigeration (www.keepriterefrigeration.com) announced a revamping of the company’s website to deliver content and support materials to mobile devices.

Lordan (A.C.S.) Ltd. (www.lordan-coils.com) showed its Lord FiVe compact, lightweight coil pattern with a 5-mm diameter tube. The Lord FiVe’s compact design allows it to fit into small areas while providing high heating and cooling outputs. The coil is suitable with refrigerant applications and can be customized to operate with a range of specialized heavy-duty precision cooling or industrial cooling applications.

Nidec Motor Corp. (www.nidec-motor.com) introduced the high-efficiency 56 frame variable-speed condenser. The condenser was developed for the supermarket/commercial refrigeration markets and is designed to work with both split system and self-contained refrigeration systems. The motor has a built-in integrated motor and drive system featuring electronically commutated motor (ECM) technology (permanent brushless magnet). Features include integrated electronics for quick retrofit, active power factor correction (PFC), active thermal protection, sensorless feedback giving precise rpm without encoder, and 6-kV surge protection.

Nu-Calgon (www.nucalgon.com) featured the newest addition to the Rx11-flush® family: Rx11-flush Liquid. The product is a non-pressurized liquid air conditioning and refrigeration system flush (4300-30) that is ideal for flushing line sets, burnouts, and other flushing requirements, said the company. It has an enhanced chemistry for stronger flushing, optimal boiling point, leaves no residue, is nonflammable, and nontoxic, said the company. The 4300-38 kit includes Rx11-flush Liquid, Rx11-flush Liquid tank, Rx11-flush 24-inch hose, and Rx11-flush gun.

OEM Tube Assemblies (www.oemtube.com) exhibited its copper filter driers, which are CO₂ compatible. Utilizing precise components manufactured in house, the company can assemble a simple or complex subassembly for the customer.

Parker Hannifin Corp. (www.parker.com) showcased the Sporlan Secondary Fluid Control package (SFV) for use in secondary glycol refrigeration systems. Features include a fully modulating stepper motor valve and advanced adaptive algorithms. The valve and controller combination can improve shelf life of product due to a reduction in thermal shock, which can occur as a result of major temperature fluctuations, said the company. It matches glycol mass flow to the requirements of each case, which results in an overall reduction in glycol pump speed and energy consumption. The company also displayed the CO Series copper filter drier. The CO Series product offering has been designed to withstand the extreme pressure of transcritical carbon-dioxide (R-744) systems while providing complete system protection in a compact design. It can handle a maximum rated pressure of 2,250 psig. A patent-pending design uses an outer sleeve to provide the high pressure rating, reducing weight of the product. The filter driers can be used in vending-machine and beverage-dispensing equipment applications. Also displayed by the company were a range of Parker Sporlan valves and controllers rated for transcritical CO2 high-pressure systems. The line includes five gas-cooler valves for racks 7-200 tons (25 to 700 kW) in capacity. The valves offer the flexibility to be applied in flash gas bypass applications as well. An interface board/valve positioner is paired with the valves, along with an optional battery-backup module.

Quality Thermistor Inc. (www.thermistor.com) exhibited its Hydroguard IP68 Series of waterproof sensors, which combine a precision thermistor with a durable waterproof housing. The temperature sensor is ideal for use with discharge lines, evaporator fins, evaporator coils, and cabinet temperature applications, as it provides durable performance during harsh freeze-thaw cycles. Less installation time and enhanced performance of the sensors can also be improved by clipping the IP68 sensor to various sizes of copper tubing, using optional clips.

Refco Mfg. Ltd. (www.refco.ch) featured the Enviro, a one-knob operation refrigerant-recovery machine. It allows for recovery of all popular CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants using an oilless, air-cooled compressor. The Enviro is equipped with a self-purging mode as well as a built-in filter, which is easy to clean and replace.

Refrigeration Technologies (www.refrig.com) introduced two organic, acid-based, ice machine cleaners under the Viper name. The cleaners have received NSF, Kosher, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification. They are biodegradable and emit no odors or fumes. The cleaners are supplied in two versions, maximum strength and nickel safe.

RefTec Intl. Systems LLC (www.reftec.com) displayed the BullDog recovery/recycle/reclaim unit. Available in three sizes, the unit processes R-22, R-134a, R-410A, R-11, R-123, and other common refrigerants with the same unit. It processes gas at speeds of 600 pounds per hour. Features include zero cross-contamination of compressor oil to gas, portable design so it fits through standard 36-inch doorways, and single power source for unit and controls. The 80 percent tank-full float switch and 12-foot float cable ensure cylinders are not being overfilled.

Refrigerant Solutions Ltd. (www.refsols.com) launched the refrigerant RS-50 (R-442A). The refrigerant is a non-ozone depleting and nonflammable replacement for R-22 in medium- and low-temperature refrigeration applications. RS-50 can be used to replace R-404A in both new and existing equipment and the mass flow of RS-50 is lower than R-404A and R-507, thus a reduction in the opening of the expansion device may be required, the manufacturer said.

Regal-Beloit Corp. (www.thedealertoolbox.com) showed the Morrill Motors® ARKTIC 59 motor for walk-in coolers and freezers. It is a constant-speed, brushless dc motor with an operating speed range of 500-1,800 rpm and offered in 1/15 hp. This lower-hp electronically commutated motor (ECM) is similar in performance, mounting, and input connections to the ARKTIC 59 1/20 motor. It is a drop-in replacement for 3.3-inch shaded pole and permanent-split capacitor (PSC) motors, with a second operating point for lower energy consumption. Morrill Motors Inc. has begun distributing the ELCO ECM HC motor and fan, an ECM solution for commercial refrigeration settings. The motor is typically used in all commercial refrigeration applications such as can or bottle coolers, drink dispenser, display cases, or water coolers. Marathon Electric® Motors introduced the 56-Frame SyMAX-i permanent magnet motor design with integrated electronic control for commercial HVAC, refrigeration, and other direct-drive fan and blower applications. The SyMAX-i offers variable-speed operation that is controllable with I/O options, enabling the user to optimize application airflow performance. The SyMAX-i has an operating speed range from 400-1,800 rpm.

Robinair (www.robinair.com) introduced the RG3000 Cube, a compact and lightweight refrigerant-recovery machine from PROMAX. It is designed for liquid and vapor recovery of commonly used CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants including R-410A. Equipped with a high-pressure shift-off switch, the machine automatically shuts off if pressure rises above 550 psi, helping to prevent pressure building in a tank or the machine. The high-efficiency, crossflow, airflow design allows for more efficient refrigerant recovery leading to shorter cycle times, the company said. The company also displayed a refrigerant recovery, recycle, evacuate, and recharge machine. It can be used for multiple refrigerants. The portable machine’s microprocessor-controlled functions prompt the user through programming and signal preventive maintenance. The float chamber auto adjusts from liquid to vapor. The lockout panel prevents mixing of refrigerants. The heavy-duty filter drier removes moisture and acid from the refrigerant; it can handle 300 pounds between changeovers. The PROMAX® Cube™ refrigerant-recovery machine is capable of recovering both liquid and vapor refrigerant. The machine has a 1/3-hp, single-cylinder oilless compressor.

Tecumseh Products Co. (www.tecumseh.com) welcomed the Celseon® Low Profile indoor air-cooled, fractional-horsepower condensing units and evaporative condensate condensing units. The air-cooled, fractional-horsepower condensing units are nearly a full inch shorter than previous Celseon® AE models, so they can easily replace the majority of original equipment condensing units. The evaporative condensate units employ a hot-gas condensation loop to remove condensate in refrigeration equipment or locations where external piping to a drain is undesirable or impractical. A precision-molded polypropylene fan assembly can be serviced by removing two threaded fasteners. Tecumseh also showcased its Generation III (Gen III) outdoor air-cooled condensing units, which can be used for commercial refrigeration applications such as walk-in coolers and freezers, in end-use markets such as restaurants, fast-food operations, and cafeterias. Base condensing-unit models are packed with features such as filter driers, a suction-line accumulator, an oversized receiver tank, pressure controls, service valves, defrost timer, and a crank-case heater. Heated receivers, as well as fixed and adjustable condenser fan controls, are offered as available options.

Torad Engineering LLC (www.toradengineering.com) unveiled its multi-fluid injection valve. The fluid-valve design provides capacity unloading and vapor/fluid injection to its spool compressor technology. The multifunction fluid valve allows the spool compressor to meet the feature and functional demands for 25-100-hp compressors in both air conditioning and refrigeration markets. As an unloading device, the compressor capacity can be varied depending on system load. As an economizer valve, gas from an economizer circuit can be returned to the compressor for improved system efficiency, said the company. Torad also showcased its Spool Compressor, which offers a simple design, high-displacement density, along with a scalable design. The compressor is capable of variable-speed operation and will be available in open, semi-hermetic, and hermetic configurations for its 5-300 hp designs. The design includes four main components: rotor, main housing, gate, and bearing housings. The components make up a single rotating-spool assembly for the compressor. The reliability features include tolerant of liquid flood-back and no axial load assists in bearing longevity.

Turbo Coil Refrigeration Systems Inc. (www.tcrefsystems.com) displayed its replacement coil for reach-in refrigeration units. According to the company, the coil was designed from the service tech’s perspective with the restaurant’s bottom line in mind. The cabinet-mounted coil is said to be state of the art. The fully prepped coil makes installation easy as there is no need for additional piping or external time defrost. The coil can be adapted to almost any refrigeration base, piping, refrigerant, and airflow. Each component was engineered for easy isolation and replacement, resulting in less cost and downtime for the customer.

Universal Enterprises Inc. (www.ueitest.com) introduced the DRS220 digital refrigerant scale, which measures weight in both metric and English units, is programmable, and has a built-in alarm to indicate a programmed threshold has been exceeded.

Vinotemp Intl. (www.winemate.com) showed its 4510HZD customizable wine-cooling system. The self-contained cooling system features patented humidity modulator technology to help maintain ideal humidity levels, eliminating the need for an external humidifier. It has a quiet condenser fan with high-speed settings and standard rear exhaust. Temperature control is adjustable from 50˚-65˚F. The optional built-in, temperature-activated outlet is compatible with cellar heaters (heater not included). The adjustable evaporator fan allows for ducted installation.

Weiss Instruments (www.weissinstruments.com) displayed its XW60K demand defrost and energy-saving controller. Designed for medium- and low-temperature walk-in applications, it features up to four negative temperature coefficient (NTC) probe inputs and/or product probes. The controller has four relay outputs for liquid line solenoid valve, defrost, evaporator fan, and either light, alarm, or auxiliary (such as a door heater). Defrost can be managed in three modes: real-time clock (specific times of day), interval time (typically every four to six hours), and on-demand. Using pull-down time along with the temperature differential between the evaporator and return-air probes, the control determines when there is too much ice on the coil and then initiates defrost.

Publication date: 2/18/2013