Aerco Intl. ( exhibited its advanced Water Heater Management System (WHM) as part of its line of tankless water heaters. Standard on Aerco’s C-More unit controllers, the WHM is designed to optimize operating efficiencies, eliminate standby losses, increase system reliability through reduced cycling, and track daily domestic hot-water demands.

Alan Mfg. Inc. ( showcased its Wireless Zone Control Dampers which allow the installation of affordable zoning. Once the damper is installed into the ductwork, it can then be plugged in. The damper is beneficial in open areas that have multiple diffusers and one thermostat. Instead of using a thermostat to control the comfort level in each zone, the user can open or close specific dampers with a wireless remote control.

Braeburn Systems LLC ( announced that its entire line of programmable thermostats now meets the Energy Aware guidelines, which are energy-efficiency requirements designated by NEMA DC-3-Annex-A. Products include building value models, economy models, and premier models, and all are compatible with virtually all residential and light commercial HVAC equipment.

ClimateTalk Alliance ( featured the release of ClimateTalk version 2.0, unveiling new standards for zoning and water heaters. The two application profiles enable digital communication, plug-and-play installation, and interoperability of new devices on the existing ClimateTalk network, which previously supported HVAC systems. Version 2.0 is backward compatible with version 1.0 devices and includes capabilities for expanded node count and support for up to five zones or water heaters on a single network. The network architecture has also been advanced to support the next phase of development, including wireless nodes and solutions leveraging industry standards such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, and Zigbee® protocols.

ecobee Inc. ( announced the beta launch of Home IQ™, a value-added service that provides customers with personalized insights into their home’s energy efficiency. Home IQ takes thousands of data points, automatically collected through a customer’s ecobee thermostat, and uses advanced math and physics to create a model that learns about the customer’s home. Home IQ is integrated into each customer’s ecobee Web portal and displays the customer’s rating (a relative assessment of a home’s energy performance), their estimated monthly energy savings, monthly heating and cooling summaries, details on performance-influencing factors such as the weather and average set point, HVAC runtime reports, and more.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( introduced the Emerson Inspire™ Universal 4-Wire Thermostat System. The new model 1HDEZ-1521 will upgrade single-stage applications to premium high-efficiency systems using the existing four wires. The equipment control works on most HVAC systems up to 4 heat and 2 cool including heat pump with dual fuel. Installation features include Quick Connect terminals, color-coded LED prompts, and a reusable plug-in configuration tool.

EWC Controls Inc. ( showcased the Ultra-Talk™ UT-3000 communicating zone system. It has true proportional fan control, reducing the need for bypass dampers, said the company. Features include a built-in staging capacity, auto-configure installation for all systems, IAQ function relay, and one-zone mode. The system is built on the ClimateTalk™ open protocol. A supply-air sensor is included.

Friedrich Air Conditioning ( highlighted its FriedrichLink™ for use with Kühl® room air conditioners, which allows users to turn units off or on, adjust the temperature, set a custom seven-day schedule, or group two or more units for central air-like control from any location. A separate Wi-Fi adapter (KWIFI) allows users to control, and even program, a Kühl air conditioner from a smartphone, computer, or tablet when the Wi-Fi adapter is installed on the unit. The Wi-Fi adapter simply plugs into a USB port on the unit’s control panel, which is easily accessible behind the unit’s removable front panel. The adapter allows the unit to send and receive information over a wireless connection.

Ivar S.p.A. ( rolled out the Equicalor®, a thermal-regulation system. This Italian product is a wireless system consisting of multiple devices. The power to the system is supplied by standard or rechargeable batteries. The system is programmable and consists of one or more zone chrono-thermostats and one or more actuators, which are directly installed on the radiator valves instead of the thermostatic heads.

Jackson Systems LLC ( displayed the T-32-TS low-cost touch-screen thermostat, which can be programmable or non-programmable. It can be installed with remote sensors for temperature averaging and outdoor-temperature display, and it can be installed with single- and multi-stage equipment, including gas/electric, heat pumps, and dual-fuel systems. The large display is easy to read and programming is intuitive. Designed for residential or commercial use, its dual power makes it very easy to install, and the thermostat does not have to be removed from the subbase to change the batteries.

Meitav-tec Ltd. ( launched the PYRO-X de-icing system controller, which offers driveways, walkways, paths, stairs, roof, and gutter de-icing solutions that prevent the formation of snow and ice. The controllers can be installed both with hydronic and electrical heating systems. The modularity of the PYRO system makes it an ideal solution for end users to choose the right configuration for their property needs.

Nest Labs Inc. ( introduced the second-generation Nest Learning thermostat, which is 20 percent thinner than the original and is encased by a premium, solid, stainless steel ring that reflects the wall colors around it. The display is also more streamlined, as the sensor grille has been replaced by a smooth lens. The press connectors have also been upgraded to make inserting heating and cooling wires even faster, and the screw holes have been moved to the top and bottom to make installation simpler. The new thermostat is compatible with 95 percent of low-voltage heating and cooling systems, including second-stage cooling, third-stage heating, dual fuel, emergency heat, and whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

Network Thermostat ( offered the Net/X RP32 WiFi thermostat for homes and small buildings. Using any browser, the Net/X allows users to program daily schedules and vacations. The thermostat features energy-efficient algorithms, selectable-temperature recovery, email and text message alerts, keypad lockout, integrated Weatherbug data, and graphical forecasts. The WiFi Wizard allows simple connection to a home’s existing network. The company also featured its new UP32-WiFi thermostat for commercial applications, which supports a total of 11 sensors with up to six indoor remote sensors, an outdoor sensor, and three auxiliary sensors.

Pridiom Group LLC ( unveiled its PFCM123HX and PFCM183HX Multi-Zone Floor/Ceiling Mounts, and PCM123HX and PCM183HX Multi-Zone Cassettes. The PFCM123HX offers 12,100 Btu of cooling, 12,200 Btu of heating, and a capacity of 344 cfm. The PFCM183HX offers 17,000 Btu of cooling, 24,000 Btu of heating, and a range up to 471 cfm. The PCM123HX operates at 11,700 Btu of cooling, 11,500 Btu of heating, and up to 341 cfm. PCM183HX offers 17,500 Btu for cooling, 21,000 Btu for heating, and up to 441.5 cfm. Each unit features Aqua-Krome coil coating and a wireless remote control.

Rehau Inc. ( featured the REHAU Smart Controls system, designed for residential to mid-range commercial buildings. The control facilitates intelligent integration and optimization of a building’s HVAC system components. The controls can be operated via a Web-enabled device, and provide a turnkey solution for remote-controlled HVAC system activities as simple as turning up the thermostat, or as complex as reconfiguring multi-zone set points to accommodate changing seasonal conditions. A powerful and highly flexible database software platform enables virtually unlimited options for controlling complex, integrated HVAC systems.

Season Technologies Intl. Co. Ltd. ( displayed its Touch Thermostat STL-100 and STL-200. The STL 100 is a digital thermostat for HVAC systems which can be used to control items such as air conditioners, heating systems, electrical heaters, and heat pumps. It is designed with built-in Wi-Fi support, offering smartphone and tablet control. The STL-200 is a smart thermostat for HVAC systems with the latest 32-bit MCU. It aims to improve consumer experience in control of home air conditioning systems via a smartphone. The thermostat is built with an embedded Wi-Fi module and capacitive color touch screen. It includes a 3.5-inch LCD display, includes seven-day programming, and offers intelligent temperature recommendation for energy saving.

Solaira Heating Technologies ( exhibited its SMaRT iQ Series control. The control is engineered as a standalone wireless system to manage independent heating appliances. The basis is a power module that is wired to each heater zone in the network.

Taco Inc. ( highlighted the FuelMizer boiler reset control, an outdoor reset switching relay with a microprocessor-based control designed to regulate the supply-water temperature of a single boiler based on outdoor temperature. The FuelMizer is ideal for retrofits and is capable of controlling a system or zone-valve circulator, as well as overriding outdoor resets when a domestic hot-water tank calls for heat.

Zonefirst ( showed Model RDB round bypass and zone damper, a combination zone damper and barometric-bypass damper. The bottom half of the damper is hinged and weighted to swing open when the air pressure builds to over 0.3-inch static pressure when the zone damper is closed, relieving excess air into the closed zone. The bypass damper can be mounted in both a horizontal and vertical position. In any vertical-type position, the airflow and direction of the bypass must be moving up in order for the blade to be effective, said the company. Zonefirst also displayed the round take-off collar and damper for ductboard Model RTD. The combination take-off collar and zone dampers spin into the ductboard hole and has spiral-formed flange holding the take-off to the inside and outside of the ductboard holding the damper in place. Five models and 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, and 16-inch sizes are available. The manufacturer displayed is MASTERZONE™ ClimateTalk™ zone control panel, Model MCT. It is a two- and three-zone communicating, all-in-one zone control panel The MCT works with ClimateTalk-specific communicating devices as well as conventional HVAC equipment. The digital menu-driven display simplifies system setup and eliminates DIP switches and adjustable dials to set timings and temperatures. The zone control panel controls only the new plug-in zone motors that use modular cards, supplied with each damper.

Zurn Industries LLC ( welcomed hy-PE-RTube™ radiant floor heating solutions leveraging Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance (PE-RT) technology from The Dow Chemical Co. Hy-PE-RTube is produced using DOWLEX™ 2344 resin from Dow to improve ease of installation with its flexible design, which allows the pipe to resist recoil and lay flat when installed. In addition, hy-PE-RTube offers excellent high-temperature, corrosion-and-stress-crack resistance and increased flow properties. The product is suitable for other hydronic heating and cooling applications such as snow-melt applications and turf conditioning.

Publication date: 2/18/2013