CellarCool (www.cellarcool.com) introduced packaged systems for the wine cellar. Available in a split horizontal-mounted and split vertical-mounted configuration, these units are created to hide in the void space of the wine rack. Both configurations have adjustable fan-speed control and a black finish. There are detachable-access panels to redirect airflow and a 55˚F temperature differential. The systems are primarily used in ductless applications, but can be ducted up to 8-feet away.

CellarPro Cooling Systems (www.cellarpro.com) showed its CellarPro Air Handler Series designed to be entirely ducted for wine cellars from 1,750-2,500 cubic feet. The system can be installed horizontally, vertically, or as a split system. Each unit features a heater, variable-speed fans with ducting up to 100 equivalent feet, and an optional humidifier.

ClimateMaster Inc. (www.climatemaster.com) featured its Trilogy™ 40 series, which the company said is the first series of geothermal heat pumps certified by the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) to exceed 40 EER at ground-loop (GLHP) conditions. The unit utilizes variable-speed technology to provide a wide range of heating and cooling capacities, with the ability to match loads to as low as 30 percent of maximum. In addition, patent-pending Q-Mode™ technology produces year-round domestic hot water on demand, even when space conditioning is not required.

CosmoGas Heating Systems (www.cosmogas.com) introduced its Mydens 220M condensing wall-mounted boiler. Only 19 inches in size, the system is fully modulating, offers efficiency up to 98 percent, features a turndown ratio up to 5:1, and is built of titanium stainless steel. The company also released Mydens 399T and 500T condensing floor standing boilers, which are equipped with two CRV heat exchangers made of titanium stainless steel that work in cascade mode with unit power at 300,000 Btuh and 250,000 Btuh, respectively. The AGUAdens 220M condensing wall-mounted water heater features condensation technology, is fully modulating, and features an outdoor reset.

Eco Solar Technologies (www.ecosolartechnologies.com) showcased its Solar Cool™ solar air conditioning unit. The Solar Cool is a high-efficiency, two-stage air conditioning system integrated with a solar-thermal panel. Solar Cool’s thermal panels generate heat, which reduces electricity usage. The solar-thermal air conditioner systems are available in both packaged and split system configurations in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-ton units.

First Co. Products (www.firstco.com) introduced its WHSC Series 14 SEER through-the-wall condensing units. By using state-of-the-art components like electronically commutated motors (ECM), high-efficiency compressors, and enhanced coil technology, the WHSC Series condensing unit achieves 14 SEER when combined with First Co.’s matching high-efficiency air handler.

Frigidaire (www.frigidaire.com) displayed a packaged terminal air conditioner with heat pump and electric back-up heat strip, offered in both seacoast- and normal-coated protection.

Heat Controller Inc. (www.comfort-aire.com) displayed a number of new product lines, including a 95 percent two-stage gas furnace with an electronically commutated motor (ECM) variable-speed blower motor. The 95 percent single-stage gas furnace has two heat exchangers, a hot-surface igniter, and onboard diagnostics. The 92 percent single-stage gas furnace has integrated furnace control with onboard diagnostics and easy-to-change filter. The 80 percent non-condensing gas furnace features a hot-surface igniter, in-shot burner, and tubular heat exchanger. The dry R-22 heat pump is designed to replace existing R-22 systems. The HMG air handler is multi-positional and has a micro-channel A-coil. The HCG variable-speed air handler features an ECM blower motor and the blower cabinet is insulated. The HMB modular air handler is a flexible option when space is an issue, said the company. The FMG wall-mount air handler is available as the FMG-F1E with permanent-split capacitor (PSC) blower motor and flowrater, rated at 13 SEER, and the FMG-X1E with ECM blower motor and TXV. The RSG condensing units feature a scroll compressor and full-metal louvered jacket. The Builders Series condensing units contain rotary compressors and PSC motors. The dry R-22 condensers come with dry nitrogen charge that’s exhausted before charging with R-22. The HRG heat pumps are available in 13 and 14 SEER models.

HTP Inc. (www.htproducts.com) introduced the Phoenix Light Duty water heater, which features a 3:1 turndown ratio and 25,000-76,000 Btuh. It comes in three tank sizes: 45, 60, and 80 gallons.

King Electric Mfg. (www.king-electric.com) launched a hydronic wall-mount heating unit for bedroom and bathroom applications. The unit uses hot water from the hot-water tank, passes it through radiant heat plates, and returns the hot water to the tank. Inside the heater, a squirrel-cage fan draws room-temperature air across the plates. The H Series has four models that range in capacity from 1,000-10,500 Btu.

Kingtec Group USA Inc. (www.kingtecusa.com) displayed its K25Z-4 solar-powered air conditioner unit. The K25Z-4 is a 16,000-Btu piece of renewable-energy technology that is capable of running at 18.8 EER. Kingtec K25Z-4’s eco-friendly, energy-efficient design can save homeowners money while allowing the unit to operate off the grid during power outages or brownouts.

Laars Heating System Co. (www.laars.com) introduced a wall-mounted, modulating-condensing Mascot II boiler, which offers high efficiency, ease of use, and versatility in a small, 100-pound package. The low NOx, 95 percent AFUE, sealed-combustion, fully modulating system is available as a 125-MBtuh input boiler or combination boiler and water heater. Energy Star-qualified, it has a built-in condensate trap and auto air-elimination vent. Full access is available to both the gas valve and control panel at the same time. Also included is a unique, sealed condensate trap that does not need to be primed at startup. It allows for zero-clearance installation with the option of multiple boiler staging to handle larger-sized heating loads and common venting.

LG Electronics USA Inc. (www.lghvac.com) introduced Art Cool Premier, an ultra high-efficiency, duct-free, split solution with a SEER rating of up to 28 for the 9,000-Btuh model and up to 26 for the 12,000-Btuh model. Art Cool Premier features optimized, four-way swing airflow, allowing for a six-step vertical vane, five-step horizontal louver, and a 16 degree horizontal current to disperse air effectively in any environment. The company also debuted Art Cool™ Gallery with Inverter, which is a duct-free, residential, single-zone heat-pump system that is available in 9,000- and 12,000-Btuh models. With a picture frame design that can be personalized with artwork or photography, the Art Cool Gallery with Inverter features SEER ratings up to 16.

Maxitrol Co. (www.maxitrol.com) displayed its Selectra Series 14+ electronic gas flame modulation systems, designed primarily for make-up air heating, as components for direct-fired equipment. The system is specified for new equipment installation and may be installed on existing equipment in the field. It consists of modulator or modulator-regulator valves and amplifiers featuring low-fire start, freeze thermostat, mild-weather thermostat, and integral temperature selection.

Mepco (www.mepcollc.com) highlighted its Type SC Sentinel Condensate Pump, whose complete compact assembly returns condensate to boiler feed receivers or directly to boilers. The pump provides condensate recovery from comfort heating systems or low-pressure steam processes. It runs with a 3,450-rpm motor.

Mirage Appliances Inc. (www.airesmirage.com) showcased its Magnum 20 wall-mounted air conditioner, which features ACT (Absolut Cleaning Technology) filters. The unit uses R-410A refrigerant, which does not contribute to ozone depletion. The unit operates up to 20 SEER.

Modine Mfg. Co. (www.modine.com) highlighted its Geofinity residential line of geothermal heat pumps. The heat pumps are available in water-to-water, water-to-air, and water-to-air/water combination unit. The Orb controller, which is now standard on almost every Geofinity unit, provides real-time data on the system, whether onsite or via email or website.

Navien America Inc. (www.navienamerica.com) showed the NPE Navien Premium condensing-gas tankless water heater which utilizes a ½-inch gas line and 2-inch PVC venting. It is designed to operate to 10,000 feet in altitude.

Needo (www.needo.eu) is a new brand by Zoppas Industries offering a high-end electric-radiator system. According to the company, the product is designed to provide optimum heat transfer, an even distribution of heat across the entire surface of the radiator, and a rapid-and-even rise in temperature. The key to its operation is a two-phase heat-transfer system that enables the radiator to recover the energy produced by evaporation of the fluid embedded in the core and obtain a quick rise in temperature. The radiator is available in several lines, designed to appeal to different aesthetic tastes, with each line offered in horizontal and vertical models, as well as multiple colors. A choice of three wireless controllers enables the user to control one radiator, up to 20 radiators on one zone, or up to 20 radiators on up to 20 zones.

NY Thermal Inc. (www.nythermal.com) featured its Trinity TX high-efficiency stainless steel condensing boiler. The unit comes in a combination version which provides both space heating and domestic hot water (DHW). It features full capacity in heating and DHW mode, quick-connecting components for servicing, and a patented Ferritic SS ASME heat exchanger. Models are available from 46,000-151,000 Btuh.

Phoenix Mfg. Inc. (www.evapcool.com) displayed the EcoKool, an evaporative cooler for a condenser. The unit addresses the loss of efficiency due to excessive heat by creating an ideal environment for an air conditioner to operate in, like climate control for an a/c unit, claimed the company. Features include 93 percent high-efficiency rigid media and a drift eliminator, which ensures the condenser coil remains dry and free from water deposits. The Power Clean System evacuates mineral-laden water from the reservoir.

Quietside/Samsung (www.quietside.com) exhibited the Max mini-split air conditioner, a single-zone, hardwired unit. The Smart Inverter technology automatically adjusts power to cope with any variances, ensuring the user experiences minimal temperature fluctuation.

Rinnai Corp. (www.rinnai.com) showcased the Q Premier Boiler, which combines the efficiency of a Rinnai heating-only boiler with a 24-gallon charged, indirect tank, bringing the best of both technologies into a single unit. The company also showed its Timer Controller and Grundfos Pump and Timer Kit exclusively for Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters. The system uses Rinnai Circ-Logic™ technology, which allows homeowners to set recirculation patterns to coincide with household usage patterns.

Runtal North America Inc. (www.runtalnorthamerica.com) unveiled its electric-panel radiators (baseboard style). This patent-pending technology features high outputs and low surface temperatures, and may be used to heat the entire house for those with electric-heating systems, or zoned heating for those with hydronic or warm-air-heating systems. The electric baseboard panels are available in lengths ranging from 3-10 feet, in increments of 1 foot in both 208- and 240-V configurations, and may be ordered in more than 100 colors. A 120-V version is also available.

Stelpro Design Inc. (www.stelpro.com) introduced its redesigned ASCH portable heaters. The heaters are designed for construction sites, areas requiring temporary and efficient heating, or for those looking for an affordable heater for their garages or workshops.

Stiebel Eltron Inc. (www.stiebel-eltron-usa.com) exhibited its CNS-E heater. The European-design electric convention heater is wall mounted and can replace baseboards in retrofit situations, or is ideal in situations where builders and owners are looking for a space-saving alternative to baseboards. Available in sizes from 500-2,400 W, CNS-E heaters have a built-in thermostat and work through natural convection ensuring draft-free operation. As they are fan-less, CNS-E heaters are totally silent in operation. Multiple units can be placed strategically in larger spaces and their temperature settings can be adjusted individually for maximum comfort control. The slimline modern design uses the chimney effect to accomplish significant heating in a compact package.

WaterFurnace Intl. Inc. (www.waterfurnace.com) spotlighted the 7 Series heat pump. The 7 Series 700A11 is a variable-capacity geothermal unit and surpasses both 41 energy efficiency ratio (EER) and 5.3 coefficient of performance (COP). The 700A11 utilizes WaterFurnace’s InfiniSpeed technology, a soft-start, variable-capacity compressor, in concert with a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) blower and variable-speed loop pump. The company also displayed the 5 Series geothermal heat-pump system, an upgrade to the Envision® product line. The 5 Series 500A11 combines forced-air heating and air conditioning, and generates a portion of a home’s hot water, all from a single unit. The company also exhibited the 5 Series high-temperature hydronic heat pump. Capable of 150˚F water output, the 5 Series 502W12 uses two high-efficiency Copeland Scroll™ compressors. Features include compressor blankets, double-isolation mounting plates, a discharge muffler, and two brazed-plate heat exchangers.

Weil-McLain (www.weil-mclain.com) launched its companion water heater (CWH) with a WM97+ boiler, which maximizes savings during low-demand periods. The company also introduced the GV90+ cast iron gas boiler that can vent with PVC piping. Up to 92 percent AFUE efficient, the boiler features a durable cast-iron primary heat exchanger and a condensing, stainless steel, secondary heat exchanger. Also on display was the Aqua-Plus line of indirect-fired water heaters, which feature a compact size and no additional exhaust flues or fuel piping to consider.

Wilo USA LLC (www.wilo-usa.com) welcomed the Wilo WQB, a multistage booster pump, which operates at 67dB. It can be used in household boosting, light commercial boosting, water conditioning, rainwater harvesting, irrigation, and reverse osmosis. The WQB has built-in dry-running protection, automatically starts and stops as taps are opened or closed, thermal-overload protection, is self-priming, offers constant pressure and flow, and includes automatic and manual reset.

Publication date: 2/18/2013