Addison ( introduced its semi-custom packaged cooling systems PR-series, which is designed to be highly energy efficient in both operation and construction, and is compatible with many different load-size variations. Air-cooled air conditioner, air-source heat pump, water-source heat pump, and geothermal water-source heat pump units are available. It is said to be ideal for treatment of 100 percent outside air, with units being available with optional digital scroll compressors, hot refrigerant-gas reheat, and energy conservation wheels.

Advanced Cooling Technologies Inc. ( showcased its energy recover Air-to-Air Controllable Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger (AAHX). The ACT-AAHX recovers energy from the conditioned exhaust airstream and transfers it to the supply airstream to reduce heating or cooling plant loads. The captured Btu can save thousands of dollars per year in heating and cooling costs, and payback is typically under eight months, said the company. The ACT-AAHX features an integrated pivot that allows the unit to shift from summer-favorable tilt to a winter-favorable tilt so that energy can be recovered year-round.

AeroSys Inc. ( exhibited its AeroPak™ through-the-wall package units. The AP-Series comes in 1-2½ tons. The ducted units are designed for multifamily apartments, condos, and other high-occupancy buildings. Available configurations include electric cooling-electric heat (APE), electric cooling-gas heat (APG), and heat pump (APH).

Airrex USA LLC ( displayed three new portable a/c models — the HSC-12, the HSC-18 Plus, and the HSC-24 Plus. All of the spot coolers operate in air temperature from 72˚-113˚F and use R-410A. They have a changeable two-way duct and grille, digital controllers with programmable timers, high/low fan speeds, and auto restart. The HSC-12 uses a vinyl-chloride air filter and has a 12,000-Btu cooling capacity. The plus models use aluminum air filters. The HSC-18 Plus has a 16,800-Btu cooling capacity and the HSC-24 Plus has a 23,500-Btu cooling capacity.

Ajax Boiler Inc. ( introduced the Triton Series™ high-efficiency boiler, which can be used for space heating and processing hot water. Features include thermal efficiencies of up to 86 percent, fully modulating up to 7:1 turndown, and a sealed combustion chamber.

Applied Comfort Products Inc. ( featured the Applied Comfort New Yorker, a top-mounted hydronic air conditioner. The energy-efficient unit features noise-canceling materials, a high static-pressure blower designed for ducted and hydronic systems, and electronic touchpad controls that can be switched out for a remote wall thermostat and EMS connection.

AQC Dust Collecting Systems ( exhibited its MINIFLO downflow horizontal cartridge collectors for several point-of-use applications. The product is a standalone, pleated, single-cartridge dust collector which is ideal for welding fumes and fine grinding dusts. Features include a 14-gauge steel cabinet, an access door with quick-turn knobs for easy access to the high-efficiency filter cartridge, and a 6-gallon dust storage bin with two grab handles.

Automation Tech Inc. ( displayed its patent-pending Pearl Trap proactive water treatment and analysis solution for use in boiler and cooling-water applications. According to the company, the Pearl Trap is an electromechanical watchdog piped inline on the condensate return system, using conductivity, pH, and temperature to evaluate the quality of water passing through it. When that water quality reaches an unacceptable or undesirable state, the water is diverted from the normal condensate return. The unit thus protects the system from contaminants, maintains peak efficiency by treating contamination factors early, and provides for less downtime.

Bard Mfg. Co. Inc. ( showed the I-TEC™ classroom climate system. The corrosion-resistant hydrophilic finned coils resist bacterial growth and shed water quickly, eliminating potential IAQ issues. It has an anti-huffing lock on the refrigerant port and a floating compressor platform absorbs vibration caused by unit cycling. The heavyweight cover and discharge muffler help eliminate refrigerant circuit noise. The eco-friendly, high-performance insulation is made of recycled denim.

Blue Diamond Pumps Inc. ( introduced its high-performance MegaBlue condensate pump, 1.5L MultiTank, and pump-mounting feet. The pump uses patented rotary-diaphragm technology and is compatible with the complete Blue Diamond range of sensing options. It has been engineered to ensure that current consumption, vibration, and sound are minimal. The MultiTank also includes sensors that eliminate the use of moving floats, which can become stuck.

Bosch Thermotechnology ( showcased the Generation 2 heat pump to cool and heat residential buildings using open or closed geothermal heat transfer. Supply-and-return air connections can be configured in one of eight configurations without opening the refrigeration circuit.

Bryan Steam LLC ( exhibited its high-efficiency Triple-Flex™ Series of hot-water condensing boilers, which deliver a minimum of 90 percent operating efficiency with 160˚F return and 180˚ supply at maximum input.

Canarm Ltd. ( welcomed the IDB Series inline duct blowers, a forward-curved inline duct blower. It can be used as part of an HVAC system and has durable galvanize-steel construction, and is ideal for indoor applications. The variable-pitch motor pulley permits field adjustment (typically ±15 percent) to match air delivery needs, and the quiet-forward curved blowers operate at half the rpm of other inline solutions.

Carrier Corp. (, a part of United Technologies Corp., has expanded its variable-refrigerant flow (VRF) offerings to include heat-recovery models under the name Toshiba Carrier SHRM-i. The new generation of VRF units delivers innovative technology that optimizes and balances each component in the system to enhance reliability and efficiency. Toshiba Carrier SHRM-i VRF systems have multiple inverter-driven compressors that are compatible with Puron® refrigerant (R-410A). SHRM-i three-pipe heat-recovery VRF systems can be used in applications that require simultaneous heating and cooling, said the company. The manufacturer also introduced Capacity RECOVERY capability on Carrier Evergreen® 19XR, 19XRV, and 23XRV water-cooled chillers to ensure full cooling capability to mission-critical facilities. With the Capacity RECOVERY central plant water-cooled chillers, units can quickly regain full cooling capacity after an unexpected power loss. As part of the overall integrated design, Carrier Evergreen chillers use the AccuMeter™ device to help achieve fast capacity-recovery times; the technology can start and recover a unit to full load in as little as two minutes, said the company. Carrier’s AdvanTE3C Optimized Central Plant solution brings energy-saving district-cooling design to individual buildings with a combination of controls and equipment solutions that can save up to 50 percent cooling energy, up to 45 percent heating energy with optional heat recovery chiller, or up to 75 percent cooling energy and 80 percent interior fan energy with optional heat recovery and active chilled beams compared to a ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Appendix G baseline design. AdvanTE3C Optimized Central Plant solutions are available in a wide operating range with capacities from 550-2,200 tons. The product is also offered in N+1 redundancy, and with heat-recovery options.

Cleaver-Brooks Inc. ( introduced the Clearfire®-LC, a large-capacity condensing boiler capable of 4-12 MBtuh. It comes in six different sizes and offers full condensing with up to 98 percent efficiency and 5:1 turndown. There is no minimum return water temperature for maximum efficiency and reliability. The company also showcased its ProFire-MTH burner system, which has a design ideal for use with applications where low emissions are required and flue gas recirculation (FGR) is impractical or inaccessible. The system features a rugged surface-stabilized, premix-combustion element, which ensures quiet combustion, and offers an inverted configuration in lieu of standard configuration to meet space requirements.

Colmac Industries Inc. ( showed its air-source heat pumps for water heating (HPA) and water-source heat pumps for water heating (HPW). Hydronic-loop water, return-chilled water, condenser or cooling-tower water, geothermal loops or wells, and industrial-process water are a few of the possible heat sources that can be utilized by the HPW heat pump. HPA heat pumps can be applied wherever there is a need for large amounts of hot water and there is a source of warm air available.

Cool-A-Zone ( displayed its CoolBox and CoolBox Jr. units for outdoor climate control. The portable units use evaporative cooling technology, utilizing water-soaked cooling pads, to lower the ambient air temperature from 10˚-25˚F depending on the climate. The CoolBox cools up to 1,050 square feet, while CoolBox Jr. cools up to 500 square feet. According to the company, the units run on less than $1 a day and are quiet and lightweight. Simply fill with water, plug in, and cool. The digital control panel allows for run-time settings, output-temperature control, fan speed, and low-water warning. The units are said to be ideal for outdoor events, restaurant patios, industrial applications, and disaster relief.

CosmoGas Heating Systems ( introduced the Mydens 750T and 1000T condensing floor standing boilers. The units feature modulation ranges up to 20:1, are fully modulating, and offer efficiencies up to 98 percent. Both units operate at a unit power of 250,000 Btuh. Also released was the AGUAdens 750T and 1000T condensing floor-standing water heater. The unit is equipped with three or four CRV heat exchangers, is fully modulating, includes an outdoor reset, and operates at 250,000 Btuh, with a turndown ratio up to 20:1.

Eaton Corp. ( unveiled the H-Max™ Series variable-frequency drive, which is engineered to increase energy savings, lower utility costs, and reduce emissions in commercial buildings, the company said. By electronically controlling the power supplied to a motor, adjustable-frequency drives dynamically adjust the motor’s speed to closely match system power requirements. Features include an energy control algorithm, advanced dc capacitors, new-generation insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs), and a real-time clock. Since the drives can be tuned to actual energy needs, tapering system requirements during off hours, weekends, and holidays allows a customer to see significant cost savings, said the company.

ebm-papst Inc. ( introduced a complete line of energy-saving motors for supermarket display cases, bottle coolers, and vending machines. The line of motors features programmable speed controls and low-profile designs. It also launched the HyBlade 300-800 mm Premium Axial Fans, which employ strong, lightweight aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced plastics.

Evaporcool ( exhibited a new evaporative precooling system with a BACnet-capable controller and easy-maintenance features. The Evaporcool SmartSpray Controller can now connect to a customer’s building management system using BACnet or Modbus technologies to show real-time performance and status. The new EZ Frame design includes a removable top panel with removable outside screen and filter media to greatly speed up the occasional need for maintenance.

Florida Bosch Group ( showed the LOV model, one piece of its Water2Air Series, with a compact condensing-unit case that is designed to fit most commercial replacement projects. It is outfitted with compressor, blower motor, and heat-transfer technologies.

Fujitsu General America Inc. ( displayed the Airstage VR-II, a heat-recovery system that allows for simultaneous heating and cooling operation. Energy efficiency doubles when the system provides 50 percent cooling and 50 percent heating at the same time, the company said. The VR-II inverter compressor control allows for speed control as low as 0.1-Hz steps. Flexible piping and refrigerant branch unit are options.

Grundfos Pumps Corp. ( debuted the MAGNA3 energy-optimized, variable-speed, wet-rotor circulator. It is a variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM)-based circulator that uses an integrated logic algorithm to learn the varying energy-usage patterns of an application over time, enabling the software to automatically determine the lowest possible operating efficiency point to meet ever-changing demand. It features a permanent magnet motor design and is designed for commercial hydronic applications. The AUTOADAPT™ function automatically and continuously adjusts circulator performance and the FLOWADAPT™ control mode reduces the need for pump throttling valves.

Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley ( featured the MACH ‘n’ Roll fabricated system to meet domestic hot-water and hydronic-heating needs when space is at a premium. It features the MACH® condensing boiler paired with a condensing water-heating system.

Hays Cleveland (, a division of UniControl Inc., exhibited the BurnerTronic, a burner control unit with integrated leakage test and flame-monitoring system. It is a modular combustion management system for burners from 300 kW.

Heatex America ( introduced the H2, a crossflow heat exchanger. It features a new surface pattern which leads to better control of turbulence, optimized bar spacers, and a smaller frame, which equals a larger plate surface. The product lends itself well to providing higher efficiency.

HG Spec Inc. ( showcased its latest CondenSAFE condensate neutralizer. The unit is divided into three sections, each capable of housing a media bag that can be marked with an installation date. The unit’s design allows the user to only use and pay for the media that is needed, depending on the condensate flow rate of the appliance. The CS4P model comes with an integrated pump and alarm panel to prevent overflows.

HTP Inc. ( welcomed the Phoenix Plus high-efficiency, stainless steel indoor/outdoor gas-fired water heater, which features up to a 10:1 turndown ratio and comes in four Btuh sizes: 199K, 260K, 320K, and 399K. The products feature built-in redundancy with a dual-combustion system, a small footprint, and indoor/outdoor installation. HTP also rolled out its Mod Con Double Stack, with a true 10:1 turndown ratio, built-in redundancy, and pre-piped reverse return.

i-Lift Equipment Ltd. ( unveiled a portable, spot air conditioner that is not only compact but also easy to use due to no required installation. The product is designed and manufactured with an advanced rotary-sealed compressor, hydrophilic membrane inner thread, and highly efficient heat transmitter and exchanger. It has two speed options to provide custom-controlled cooling, from 6,100-27,000 Btuh.

Industrial Combustion ( introduced the MTH series burner, designed for process heating applications such as thermal fluid systems and hot-oil heating. It features a low-pressure, drop-firing head design and low blower-motor horsepower requirement with up to a 5:1 turndown rate. It comes in 10 different types with anywhere from 2.5-16 MMBtuh and has hinged air housing for easy access to internal components.

Kaydon Custom Filtration Corp. ( exhibited the Clean Fuel Systems™ CFS Series, which are fuel-conditioning systems for cleaning up diesel. The systems provide clean fuel for reliable starting and dependable operation for back-up, emergency-diesel engines. The units are available for fuel tank sizes up to 60,000 gallons.

Kelley ( flaunted its Fusion™ HVLS Fans. The high-volume, low-speed fans are designed to provide an energy-efficient solution for large spaces. The patented airfoils produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows to the floor and outward in all directions. In the cooler months, the Fusion fan can operate in reverse, circulating hot air trapped at ceiling level, creating a warmer mix of air throughout the facility. Working with the HVAC system, Kelley fans help regulate temperature from ceiling to floor, which can allow a facility to raise its thermostat setting 3-5˚F.

LG Electronics USA Inc. ( showcased a new multi-zone, duct-free, split heat-pump system that provides heating and cooling for up to eight separate zones, while increasing overall capacity by up to 50 percent compared to previous LG multi-zone models. The new MULTI F MAX system (LMU540HV) increases capacity to a nominal capacity of up to 54,000 Btuh, from the previous multi-zoned system capacity of up to 36,000 Btuh. Adding branch distribution to the MULTI F product family also effectively doubles the number of potential temperature-control zones available.

Lochinvar LLC ( launched its ARMOR wall-mount water heater, with inputs of 125,000 and 199,999 Btuh. It features 96 percent thermal efficiency and 5:1 turndown. In addition, Lochinvar’s CREST condensing boiler is now available with inputs up to 5 MMBtuh. Orders are currently being accepted for the new 5 MMBtuh (FBN5000) and 4 MMBtuh (FBN4000) models. Lochinvar is now offering Lock-Temp® Stainless Steel Storage Tanks in three new models with 60-, 80-, and 119-gallon capacities. The Lock-Temp Stainless Steel Storage Tank is a fully welded and passivated stainless steel storage tank for potable water.

Marley Engineered Products ( exhibited its new architectural programmable wall heaters, which feature five-day/two-day programming, building management system connection, security lockout function, and right-out-of-the-box set-up. Designed for commercial and residential applications, these zoned heaters provide instant heat wherever occupants are located and feature precise heat output within 1.5˚F of set temperature. Other features include simple touch-screen navigation and programming, remote control to make adjustments anywhere in the room, two-piece construction, and premium-grade stainless steel with seamlessly finished lines and contours.

Mars Air Systems ( welcomed its Series 2 line of air curtains, which has been redesigned, re-engineered, and revamped. The Series 2 product line includes slimmer units, updated colors, and a sleek new design for everything from a drive-thru window to a lobby entrance to warehouse loading dock doors. Series 2 products protect any size window or door opening by conserving energy and helping to maintain temperatures inside a building.

Mits Airconditioning Inc./Aermec S.P.A. ( introduced its NRP units which represent the company’s entrance into the multipurpose heat-pump market. The unit allows simultaneous production of cooled and hot water and meets all cooling, heating, and domestic hot water (DHW) production needs. The NRP uses water inside the building instead of refrigerant. NRP heat pumps are suitable for 4-pipe systems (simultaneously requesting hot and cold air), and 2-pipe systems + DHW (simultaneous heating and DHW production; simultaneous cooling and DHW production).

Modine Mfg. Co. ( displayed the Effinity93® high-efficiency condensing unit heater. Four sizes have been added; they range between 55,000-110,000 Btu and are dual-certified for residential or commercial use. Blowers are available on models 215-310.

Also, Modine displayed the redesigned Airdale Classmate. It has a patented CF™ micro-channel condenser coil, which allows for more efficient cooling while using less space and refrigerant.

Motivair Corp. ( released the Chilled Door Rack cooling system, which targets the critical cooling requirements of today’s modern server-rack designs. The system features an active door that is mounted directly to the rear panel of any standard server rack by a patented runner system, which is capable of moving up to 45 kW per rack. The door can be mounted to the back of any standard OEM server rack.

Multiaqua Inc. ( highlighted its new Heat Recovery Chiller (HRC) for simultaneous heating and cooling. Featuring a variable-speed compressor, the chiller is available in 5- and 10-ton sizes.

Multistack ( showed its HS family heat pump, water heater, and CO-based transcritical heat-pump water heater. The water heaters are available in a standalone, non-modular configuration and feature single- and dual-compressor configuration, depending on the capacity. The CO₂-based transcritical heat-pump water heater is 120˚F ΔT-capable on the hot water side.

Port-A-Cool LLC ( exhibited its Hurricane portable evaporative-cooling unit, which utilizes high-efficiency cooling pads and water to naturally cool up to 3,500 square feet and lower temperatures up to 30˚F. The unit’s design provides 67-gallon water capacity and 14,500 cfm, in a 36-inch evaporative cooler. It requires 11.4 amps for pump and motor operation. Additional features include a digital control panel with buttons for operation and status displays.

Power Flame Inc. ( unveiled The Power Flame® water-tube boiler packages, which are designed for commercial or industrial gas/oil-fired water-tube boilers. The windbox-style burners are available in the Vector and ultra-low NOx CSB models; and the gun-style burners are available in the Cmax, Ultra Cmax, and Nova-plus models. PLC or microprocessor-based, state-of-the-art controls are available along with industrial-grade fuel components and accessories.

Recuperator USA ( displayed its Series A and F Plate Heat Exchangers. The equipment features crossflow in a wide range of sizes, up to 60,000-cfm air flows, with or without bypass and dampers. The devices feature low pressure drop and are available in aluminum, acrylic-protected aluminum, or stainless steel.

Riello Burners North America ( showcased its RLS 300-800/3-EV MX Series dual-fuel low-NOX burners and the RX Series premix gas burners. The low-NOX burner can be used in applications such as hot-water boilers and industrial steam generators, and features an alternatively modulating function due to the PID logic regulator. The RX Series allows users to achieve low-polluting emissions and achieve high-modulating turndown rate.

Rinnai Corp. ( introduced its Tankless Rack System, which makes multi-unit condensing tankless water heater installation easier and more flexible. It is available in free-standing or wall-mounted options for indoor or outdoor applications.

Schebler Co. ( exhibited its Sequence Draft Control™ design service, which provides a complete engineered venting-system solution. The integrated system monitors and adjusts stack and exhaust outlet pressure for each appliance to ensure proper operation and optimal performance.

Service Tech Cooling Towers ( highlighted its field-erected concrete cooling towers. The concrete tower can be adapted to fit a facility’s existing basin. If the facility is in a seismic or hurricane zone, the Service Tech units are said to be easily and economically adaptable to high winds and seismic loading. The concrete towers boast an average life cycle of 50 years. The company also said its combination of cast-in-place and tilt-wall methods makes its concrete cooling-tower line price competitive. Concrete tower applications include university HVAC, hospital complexes, chemical, petrochemical, refineries, and power plants.

Smardt Chiller Group Inc. ( featured its new thermosyphon-free cooling technology for data centers. With this technology, liquid refrigerant is taken to its vapor state, then migrates naturally to the condenser where it is cooled by the ambient cold air. Back in its liquid form, it returns to the chiller to start the process over again. The refrigerant cycles on its own without having to operate the compressors. Free-cooling configurations include single and dual circuit, evap-condensing, and condenserless/split.

SPX Cooling Technologies ( introduced its MH fluid cooler, which utilizes a combination of fill media and prime surface coil(s) to offer improved performance over conventional closed-circuit coolers. Utilizing a hybrid design, the cooler combines the functionality of a cooling tower and a heat exchanger in one piece of equipment. With higher capacity per footprint than other closed-circuit designs, the fluid cooler works well in applications with space restrictions.

Sterling HVAC Products ( showcased Xcelon, a make-up air unit. It joins the efficiencies of condensing hydronic boilers with air distribution — all controlled by an integrated control platform.

Superior Radiant Products ( welcomed the Series AM adaptive modulating infrared tube heater, which combines the benefits of a fully modulating infrared heater with the company’s 100 percent efficient reflector for maximum efficiency. It fully modulates gas and air, has a modulating differential of 40 percent, and is self-regulating with no fixed points, adapting to demand regardless of conditions.

Temtrol ( released the Baldor Super-E motors, which are balanced to vibration levels at half the allowable National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) limits. The keyless shaft, combined with a compression fan-mounting system, allows for easier assembly and maintenance, and contributes to a more balanced system.

ThermaSys Corp. ( highlighted its micro-channel coil condensers for comfort cooling applications. The aluminum furnace-brazed coils feature integrated construction. The extruded micro-channel tubes put a higher percentage of refrigerant in contact with the walls for optimum refrigerant heat transfer. Smaller internal volumes require less refrigerant. The aluminum construction provides better corrosion resistance, eliminates formicary corrosion, and enables longer unit life. It also provides lighter weight. The coils are UL listed for R-410A pressures.

Trane (, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, showcased several products, including the Trane Advantage VRF™ variable-refrigerant systems, featuring variable-speed compressor technology, which offer individualized solutions for improved temperature control and occupant comfort in an energy-efficient package. Variable-speed compressor technology closely matches energy use to the demands of the building, heating and cooling only the areas that require it. The latest Trane IntelliPak™ I unitary rooftop systems, available in 20-130 tons, optimize energy efficiency and performance to deliver maximum customer value. Full-load, energy-efficiency ratios (EERs) range from 10-14.2. The Trane® Series S™ CenTraVac™ chiller features AdaptiSpeed™ technology. It is designed with replacement and retrofit applications in mind. The Trane Axiom™ variable-speed, water-source heat pumps include vertical configurations, as well as the newly released horizontal units.

WaterFurnace Intl. Inc. ( introduced the Envision2 Compact Series geothermal heat pump. It can be used for boiler/tower applications and the replacement of aging water-source heat pumps. Available in 0.75-6-ton capacities, the Envision2 Compact design includes the Aurora generation of communicating controls and coaxial heat exchangers that are oversized and convoluted with a copper inner tube and steel outer tube for maximum heat transfer at normal and low-water flow rates, minimizing pressure drop. The Envision™ Series Low Sill Console is designed for rooms without ductwork, such as hotels and classrooms. The unit’s single-speed, R-410A rotary compressor features the capability of extreme loop temperature operation. A coaxial heat exchanger, oversized and convoluted with a copper inner tube and steel outer tube, is designed for maximum heat transfer at normal and low water-flow rates to minimize pressure drop. The Compressor Control Module (CCM) comes standard on the Low Sill Console, offering a more reliable replacement for electromechanical systems. An optional, full-featured Versatec Microprocessor Control with expanded unit sensors is also available.

Wessels Co. ( highlighted the WessView, a diaphragm integrity monitor which allows for maintenance troubleshooting of any diaphragm tank. The device allows for fast, accurate assessment of the expansion tank’s integrity by changing color from white to red if the diaphragm is compromised.

Wilo USA LLC ( welcomed the Wilo Stratos GIGA, a high-efficiency inline circulator. It can be used in hot-water heating systems, closed-cooling circuits, industrial-circulation systems, and air conditioning systems. It has single-stage, low-pressure, inline-centrifugal pump heads to 167 feet, flows to 275 gpm, is available in glanded construction, mechanical shaft seal, flanged connections, and features a compact and space-saving design.

WoodMaster/Northwest Mfg. Inc. ( displayed commercial boilers as part of its Woodmaster Commercial Series for commercial customers and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-qualified Flex Fuel line for the home.

Zehnder Rittling ( introduced its forced-air convectors, which are designed for buildings with high-perimeter heat loss, such as locations with a substantial amount of glass. The convectors feature quiet operation, a variety of mounting styles, and a slim-line design to provide flexibility. The company also showcased its new Caroline radiant heating and cooling ceiling panels, which feature high- and even-surface temperature, due to the thermal conductivity of their graphite layer. This high-performance system can be easily integrated into new or existing grid and suspended ceilings.

Publication date: 2/18/2013