It’s the bits and pieces that counted in the 2014 Dealer Design Awards Components and Accessories category. Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.’s TXV Connect Kit won the gold. The product is a valve replacement kit designed to provide contractors with a quick and efficient way to service

residential a/c and heat pump systems, said the manufacturer. The Emerson TXV Connect kit includes the company’s latest-generation thermal expansion valves along with chatleff and aeroquip adaptors.

“Our research was driven by contractor feedback at trade shows across the country over several years,” said Seth Hoehn, manager of product planning, Emerson Climate Technologies. “During this research, a market need for replacement coils for R-22 systems was identified. This kit allows contractors to have the TXV replacement they need for a system, regardless of manufacturer, while providing easy replacement of fixed-orifice metering devices for increased efficiency.”

The kits are available in multiple capacities and feature a valve size to fit most common residential a/c systems, including both straight-cool and heat pump applications, and a TXV with internal check, bulb strap, and connection options, all in one box.

“This gives the technician all of the components necessary for the job and reduces lost time driving to the wholesaler for miscellaneous parts,” said Hoehn. “By only carrying four kits on the truck, a technician is prepared to replace any R-410A residential TXV that may be encountered in either straight-cool or heat pump systems.”

Company reps noted they will continue to look for ways to provide contractors with the tools and products needed to service systems in easy-to-use aftermarket packages.

Silver Winner

The silver award in this category went to Intermatic Inc. for its Compressor Defender™ device. The patent pending technology is an all-in-one power-protection device that protects all associated motors, controls, and components — electronic and mechanical — housed in central a/c and heat pump condensing units. The device will protect from both undervoltages and surges. Compressor Defender™ also has integrated short-cycle time-delay protection. It has auto-sense voltage technology to fit any voltage between 120-240 vac, making it acceptable for both residential or light commercial installations.

The unit can be installed inside the condensing unit or externally on the disconnect in central a/c systems, heat pumps, light commercial rooftop units, and mini-split applications.

According to the company, Compressor Defender typically only takes the HVAC technician 10 minutes to install and offers intuitive diagnostics so he or she can quickly make troubleshooting assessments. Once installed, the company expects the device can help contractors extend system and compressor life, drive down maintenance costs, reduce system failures, decrease warranty claims, and enhance contractor service maintenance agreements.

Bronze Winner

The Kobra® Secure Seal 5/16-inch High-Presure Refrigerant Hose Series from JB Industries Inc. received bronze in the Components and Accessories category. The product features internal enhancements that, according to the company, significantly reduce blowouts and provide maximum flow.

The hoses are made with Goodyear Kevlar® material and have an oil-resistant nitrile cover. UL®-approved for R-410A, the hose has machined brass fittings and a secure seal fitting that can be completely rebuilt with repair parts. The Kobra Secure Seal 5/16-inch High-Pressure Refrigerant hose acts as a conduit when charging and diagnosing HVAC systems. The hose traps refrigerant to prevent it from venting into the atmosphere and from burning hands. According to the company, the 5/16-inch secure-seal fittings were designed with mini-split systems in mind.

JB Industries representatives said the company plans to continually monitor the success of the product and make engineering improvements when new material and equipment advances arise. The company has also made it a mission to train technicians on the product to ensure they understand the benefits of keeping refrigerants from being released into the atmosphere.

Publication date: 7/21/2014

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