Ahhh … thirst-quenching, ice-cold water, lemonade, iced tea, potato salad, and a bowl of your favorite ice cream. These are foods and drinks that quintessentially represent summer. And to enjoy consuming them at their best, excellent refrigeration and ice machines are needed throughout the supply chain and at the point of sale - whether supermarket or restaurant. Besides performing their duties capably, another way these units can show how good they are is to be easy to install and service. As winners of the 2011 Dealer Design Award in the Refrigeration and Ice Machines category, the products described below all have displayed this characteristic. The winners are Indigo™ Series Ice Machines Model SY-304A-161- gold, Copeland Discus® with CoreSense™ Protection - silver, and Commercial Series Refrigerators CR1A-FS (HS) - bronze.



The Indigo™ Series Ice Machines ModelIY304A-161from Manitowoc Foodservice’s Manitowoc Ice division has diagnostics that provide constant and reliable monitoring of refrigeration systems. In turn, that information is used to improve energy management, set proper ice production levels, streamline cleaning processes, ease food safety concerns, maintain ice quality, and quickly display up-to-date service information.

The ice machines offer intelligent diagnostics, which monitors, collects, and records information for diagnosis and maintenance. The display panel alerts the user when issues arise. Issues that aren’t urgent are displayed with an envelope icon. Urgent issues are displayed with a flashing warning triangle. The company has introduced a new acoustical ice probe that is based on listening for the sound profile of a completed ice sheet.

To assist the technicians, the ice machine automatically remembers the first full day of usage to help make determining the warranty period easier. This date is noted in the machine display. Seven days of service data is stored in the ice machine, helping speed service calls and making diagnosis more accurate and to prevent another callback. Because seven days of data is available, issues that happened yesterday but not today can still be reviewed.

Data can be shown on the ice machine display or downloaded via USB port to a PC for analysis. According to the manufacturer, the cleaning process now is faster, having been shortened from 21 to 17 steps. The time is now one-half of what it was with Manitowoc’s older model, said the company.

One judge remarked, “I love the way technology is used to not only enhance the customers’ experience but help the technician also.”



The Copeland Discus® with CoreSense™ Protection by Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. uses the compressor as a sensor to monitor operating conditions within the compressor. Sophisticated algorithms and capabilities, such as fault history and LED indicators, allow technicians to diagnose the past and present state of the system for rapid, accurate troubleshooting and increased uptime.

When CoreSense Protection senses a fault that the compressor is running in an unsustainable condition, it responds by shutting down the compressor to avoid imminent damage. Based on fault severity, the compressor will either reset itself when the condition is cleared or require a technician to troubleshoot the fault before restarting. Its communication capability also makes it possible to retrieve information and take action remotely, such as resetting and compressor proofing.

According to the manufacturer, CoreSense Protection offers a number of features designed to help technicians diagnose the past and present state of the system for rapid, accurate troubleshooting and increased uptime. These include oil protection, motor protection, low oil-pressure warning, manual reset, compressor jog feature, external alarm relay contact, oil trip notification, motor trip notification (4d/6d only), remote reset, compressor proofing, and asset information. An available optional feature is discharge line temp protection.

“It looks like Copeland is expanding the onboard diagnostics again,” remarked one judge.

Another judge said, “Although only one part of a system, this is a great advancement of technology in the industry.”



The Commercial Series Refrigerators CR1A-FS (HS) by Hoshizaki America Inc. are energy-efficient top-mount self-contained refrigeration systems with thermostatic expansion valve refrigerant controls. The one-, two-, and three-section commercial refrigerators with full- and one-half-height stainless steel doors are designed using state-of-the-art technology to keep food products in the safe-serving temperature zone with a minimum amount of expended energy.

Features include stainless steel exterior (with galvanized back and bottom), rapid pull-down and recovery times, and solid-state control system with visual alarms. The entire cabinet and doors are insulated with 2 3/8-inch foamed-in-place polyurethane. According to Hoshizaki, the refrigerators have a unique “ducted” air distribution system, an exclusive stepped door design to protect recessed door gasket, hot gas condensate evaporator with a protective coating, and field reversible doors (with optional kit).

Installation is accomplished by removing two bolts from the bottom of the unit and one 2-by-4 board from a wooden pallet and sliding the refrigerator off the pallet. The refrigerator can then be easily rolled into the facility on the factory-installed casters. The electrical connection is made by plugging the unit into an outlet and flipping a switch. The solid state controller helps to pinpoint the cause of service issues and failures with error codes and allows the end user to adjust several parameters, including the temperature set point.

One judge remarked, “It appears that in order to service the refrigeration, one will have to reach over the condenser coil; otherwise this looks like an industry changer.”

And another judge said, “This looks like a great piece of equipment.”

2011 Honorees: Refrigeration and Ice Machines

Gold Winner
Manitowoc Foodservice
Indigo™ Series Ice Machines

Silver Winner
Emerson Climate Technologies Inc.
Copeland Discus® with CoreSense™ Protection

Bronze Winner
Hoshizaki America Inc.
Commercial Series Refrigerators CR1A-FS (HS)

Publication date:07/11/2011