MINNEAPOLIS - Honeywell has introduced the FocusPROâ„¢ 5000, a non-programmable, digital thermostat designed to provide maximum ease of use for contractors and homeowners, says the company.

According to Honeywell, the FocusPRO thermostat is built to provide precise comfort control (±1 degree F) and features a large, backlit digital display that shows both room temperature and set temperature. The batteries are contained in a flip-out door on the side of the thermostat, eliminating the need to remove the unit from the wall when replacing batteries, the company says.

The thermostat can be installed in a range of heating and cooling applications including forced warm air, heat pumps, hot water, 750-millivolt, steam, and gravity systems. It can be configured for 1 heat/1 cool, heat only, and cool only applications. It also is compatible with normally closed, normally open and Series 20 hot water zone valves, says the company.

"The FocusPRO thermostat is simple to explain to homeowners, and even easier for them to use, which can reduce callbacks," said Pat Tessier, FocusPRO product manager. "Contractors are telling us that consumers love the big, backlit display - especially those with thermostats in a dark hallway."

For more information, visit www.hotfreshcool.com or call 800-328-5111.

Publication date: 09/13/2004