The REME Halo™ whole-home air purifier from RGF® Environmental Group Inc. has earned a reputation among contractors not only for its ability to improve IAQ, but also for its ease of installation and stellar customer support. One judge said the product’s ease of maintenance has “greatly improved over previous models,” while another judge called this year’s IAQ Dealer Design Awards winner an “excellent product” that is “easy to install and works great.”

“It works,” said Chris Staley, head HVAC service technician for Regal Inc. in York, Pennsylvania. “With this product, I guarantee customers will notice a difference in their IAQ. The higher kill rates lets my customers be confident they are protected against bacteria, viruses, mold spores, VOCs [volatile organic compounds], and odors. The ion generator is a great add-on to help attract allergens, dust, and dirt to further filter indoor air, which assures the air is clean.”

The REME Halo provides a patented technology of hydro-peroxides that proactively kills bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air and on surfaces while also reducing odors, smokes, VOCs, and particulates by 99 percent. This product also offers first-in-its-class, environmentally friendly packaging. Other features include a quick-release housing and cell for fast installation and no tool maintenance, an adjustable shroud that offers variable output control for the amount of hydro-peroxides being emitted, and dual ion generator emitters for increased bipolar ion output.

Lisa Bailey, sales coordinator at RGF Environmental, said the company took contractor and installer input to heart when developing and improving the product.

“We are always open to and actually seek contractor feedback on our products, and we take their suggestions and use them for both upgrading our existing products and also as a tool for new product development,” she said. “When developing this product, our engineers specifically focused on the feedback from the field requesting easier and faster installation and service times. As a result of this input, the quick-release and no-tools features for both the unit disassembly and the cell replacement were created.”

David Sansone, owner of Sansone Air Conditioning in Deerfield Beach, Florida, said the REME Halo “has been a welcome addition” to his line of IAQ products.

“We’ve used the REME Halo since it was first introduced, and we’ve been a dealer of RGF products for around seven years,” he said. “I think it does an excellent job killing airborne pollutants and removing particles from the air.”

In addition to product effectiveness and reliability, RGF’s customer support is beyond compare, Staley said. “RGF gives you all the resources you need to sell this product — from YouTube commercials to brochures, RGF delivers.”

Baily said RGF Environmental is pleased to be a gold winner in this year’s Dealer Design Awards and will continue to work closely with the contractors who use the company’s products.

“We value our relationship with our contractors and strive to design products that are installer-friendly,” she said. “If we make their jobs easier, we become an even more valued partner to them.”


Aprilaire’s Model 1610 Easy Install™ Air Cleaner is designed to be the one air cleaner that contractors can use on the majority of their up-flow installations. While it’s suited for new construction and system replacement installations, it’s also ideal for upgrading an existing furnace with a 1- or 2-inch filter rack. The Model 1610 comes assembled with the transition already attached and can be installed either on the right or left by simply reversing the door and blanking plate. The air cleaner can be added to most existing up-flow systems in under an hour and can be done as part of a regular maintenance call or as part of a follow-up sale. Customers will enjoy the benefits of MERV-11 efficiency, which the contractor can upgrade to MERV 13 by simply installing different Aprilaire replacement media.


The Cube™ from Field Controls LLC is a multi-stage air purifier that eradicates VOCs, odors, germs, and particulates. The Cube is ideal for systems up to 6 ton and includes a MERV-13 high-efficiency filter, a separate carbon filter, and three PRO-Cell™ modules that includes two UV-C germicidal lamps each and a maintenance-free aluminum grid coated with titanium dioxide. The Cube also has multiple configuration options and can be outfitted with an optional post filter to trap targeted gases or with an all-purpose charcoal filter to further control odors in a recirculating system. For exhausting systems, a third PRO-Cell module with specialized output can be incorporated to prevent odors from being exhausted outside the building.


RGF® Environmental Group Inc.
REME Halo™

Easy Install™ Air Cleaner

Field Controls LLC
The Cube™

Publication date: 7/20/2015

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