PALM BEACH, FL — The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has certified that the REME-HALO by RGF Environmental Group, Inc. meets the State of California's stringent electrical safety and health-based ozone emissions requirements for in-duct air-cleaning devices.

In anticipation of the State of California's new "in-duct" air treatment device testing requirements, scheduled to go into effect later this year, RGF's REME-HALO (model REME-H) has now been tested and found to be in full compliance with the new Californian in-duct specific testing standard, and is now officially listed with CARB as an approved in-duct air-cleaning device. 

To be CARB certified, all air cleaners must be tested for electrical safety. Electronic air cleaners must also be tested for ozone emissions and meet an ozone emission maximum concentration limit of 0.050 parts per million (50 ppb). CARB specifies a test method to evaluate device ozone emissions that specifically accommodates variably sized in-duct air purifiers. Using this test method, RGF's REME-HALO complied with all aspects of CARB's certification program and is now available for sale in all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. 

"We're committed to providing tested and proven solutions for a cleaner world. We will continue our efforts to develop innovative IAQ devices and conduct scientific research to provide documentation on the safety and efficiency of our products," said RGF Executive Vice President of Engineering Walter Ellis.

RGF will continue to evaluate and test its entire air purification product line using the latest test method to ensure compliance with all relevant and applicable safety standards.