COURSE TITLE:Advanced VRV Service & Troubleshooting


DATE:July 7-8

LOCATION:Irvine, Calif.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The course is intended to provide the participant with the necessary knowledge required to understand detailed operation of all Daikin VRV technology. Advanced commissioning, field settings, and troubleshooting techniques with the Daikin Service Checker will be the primary focus. Course objectives include discuss basic operation principles of each stage of VRV-S, VRV, and VRV-III operation; study wiring schematic so student can identify VRV components and their operation; demonstrate Daikin 2-D Refrigerant Flow software and how to use for help in diagnosis of service problems; learn how to trace refrigerant flow on line diagrams of VRV systems in cool, heat, or cool/heat modes of operation; learn advanced field settings from outdoor and indoor units; learn advanced troubleshooting skills using service manuals, Daikin Service Checker, and multimeter; and disassembly of VRV indoor and outdoor equipment. This course is recommended for contractor/dealer and rep/distributor personnel who have installed and commissioned all Daikin VRV systems and are planning to purchase a Daikin Service Checker. Completion of this class is required to be approved to purchase a Daikin Service Checker. If available, bring laptops to class. Class sizes are limited to 10 students to ensure appropriate individualized

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Publication date:06/13/2011