COURSE TITLE:An Easy and Practical Approach to Duct Design


DATE:July 16

LOCATION:Frederick, Md.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The seminar is structured to provide attendees with the design aspects of duct systems. Real-world application of duct design principles are applied using the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s Manual D while designing two types of systems: an extended plenum system and a reducing extended plenum system. During the design phase of the seminar, attendees will learn practical skills that can be applied on the job. Duct design will consider the areas of airflow and air distribution, thus giving attendees the knowledge they need to make system decisions. Attendees will also learn, through the design phase, how to recognize an airflow problem and to determine possible solutions. Attendees will receive 0.7 Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and also seven Continuing Education Hours (CEH) toward renewal of North American Technician Excellence certification.

COURSE TITLE:Fundamentals of Brazing


DATE:July 26-28

LOCATION:Rosemont, Ill.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The seminar provides attendees with valuable in-depth information and hands-on experience in the latest brazing techniques. Offering practical insight and a solid foundation in brazing fundamentals, the seminar is designed to help individuals with day-to-day brazing operations, understand variables that affect the quality of brazing and, ultimately, determine solutions to lower overall costs of metal joining. Topics include brazing terminology and definitions; six fundamentals of brazing; braze filler metals, brazing design, preform design and automation, heating methods, and corrosion resistance of filler metals. Structured for designers; processing, manufacturing and quality engineers; managers; and production supervisors, as well as brazing operations personnel, the brazing course will benefit all levels of brazing

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Publication date:06/27/2011