The EFAMS Model electronic fan inlet air and temperature measuring station provides accurate and repeatable flow measurement at the fan inlet without sacrificing fan performance, says the company. The patented surface-mount design conforms to the shape of the inlet bell, providing a low-profile installation. Thermal dispersion sensors are used to calculate flow up to 10,000 fpm. According to the manufacturer, the EFAMS is an excellent way to help satisfy LEED requirements that include airflow measurement as a part of the system. Each sensor circuit is equipped with velocity and temperature thermistors and is connected to a router that stores the calibration data. The router’s microprocessor calculates flow and temperature and sends this information digitally to the transmitter. The control transmitter comes standard with an LCD, which displays the airflow and temperature. Each transmitter is capable of averaging up to four sensor circuits. The transmitter communicates temperature and velocity with any building automation system through analog outputs.

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