COURSE TITLE:International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) Ground Source Heat Pump Accredited Installer Training (112CED0739A)

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:Gwinnett Technical College

DATE:Sept. 16-18

LOCATION:Lawrenceville, Ga.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The course will give attendees the ability to offer customers an alternative to their space conditioning needs. Topics covered include ground-source heat pump (GSHP) design, material options, system layout, grouting concepts, pipe joining techniques, trenching and drilling process, air and debris purging, pressure drop calculations, pump and fluid selection, and thermal conductivity. It is aimed at GSHP designers, architects, HVAC installers, HVAC contractors, trenching/drilling contractors, builders, general contractors, project managers, and anyone interested in alternative energy solutions technology. Upon successful completion of the workshop and passing the IGSHPA installer’s exam, students will receive IGSHPA accreditation as an installer for GSHP

COURSE TITLE:Customer Service Training for Service Technicians & Delivery Drivers


DATE:Sept. 22

LOCATION:Watertown, Mass.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:In this course, students will learn how to greet, show customers and customers’ property respect, present the news of needing new equipment, and how to upsell equipment service plans. Topics covered include diagnosing the problem and determining customer needs and wants, segments of a service call, listening and elements of trust, successfully dealing with questions, concerns, and objections; reflective listening skills/handling irate customers, how to get commitments, follow-up, and promoting value/

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Publication date:08/23/2010