COURSE TITLE:HVAC Electrical Troubleshooting - Factory Training


DATE:Aug. 30-Sept. 3

LOCATION:La Crosse, Wis.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:This course is ideal for HVAC installers, maintenance mechanics, industrial electrical technicians, and apprentice-level service technicians who have HVAC servicing responsibility and need a thorough understanding of electrical troubleshooting skills. The course will broaden the technician’s capabilities to troubleshoot controls and other electrical circuits by teaching an understanding of practical electrical theory as applied to the products and components found in HVAC. The information and skills learned should greatly decrease service diagnosis time and take the guesswork out of isolating problems found in single-, and three-phase air conditioning and heating products. This course makes extensive use of lab hands-on

COURSE TITLE:Geothermal Designer Boot Camp

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:Heatspring Learning Institute

DATE:Sept. 14-15

LOCATION:Stratford, Conn.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The hands-on course is designed for geothermal installers and designers with design questions, such as “Is there a better way to do it?” “What about radiant systems?” “Multizone commercial spaces?” The course covers a variety of design issues such as soil identification; thermal conductivity; selecting, sizing and designing the heat pump system; designing the ground heat exchanger; heat pump layout; and equipment selection - valves, manifolds, and flow

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Publication date:08/02/2010