COURSE TITLE:NEBB Certified Building Systems Commissioning Seminar And Exams


DATE:March 29-April 1, 2010

LOCATION:Tempe, Ariz.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The class is intended for firms interested in attaining NEBB certification in HVAC systems commissioning and other firms seeking in-depth instruction in commissioning procedures. The seminar reviews the NEBB Procedural Standards and the NEBB Building Systems Commissioning Program. Topics include an overview of the commissioning process (with emphasis on development of commissioning plans, the commissioning schedule, commissioning communications, marketing commissioning services, and estimating commissioning services) and technology reviews of HVAC, controls, equipment, and control

COURSE TITLE:Water-Air Systems Service


DATE:April 5-9, 2010

LOCATION:La Crosse, Wis.

COURSE DESCRIPTION:The class is intended to provide attendees with a systems approach to maintaining and diagnosing problems involving air distribution and water piping systems. Topics include how Trane utilizes water flows to obtain efficient chiller operation, water system conditions that can be detrimental to efficient operation and possibly damaging to system components, chilled-water optimization with multiple chillers, and chiller control strategies for variable water temperature/flows using Trane Adaptive Control™ technology. Students will take flow measurements in a laboratory setting using recommended tools and techniques and learn how to obtain peak cooling tower

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Publication date:03/08/2010