COURSE TITLE: Fume Hood Performance Testing Seminar

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: National Environmental Balancing Bureau

DATE: September 19-23

 LOCATION: Kansas City, Mo.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The seminar provides attendees with an introduction to laboratory HVAC concepts, including discussions of environmental safety enclosures such as fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, and other containment enclosures. There will be a review of the various HVAC systems that are currently employed in laboratory design. The basic operation of fume hoods and other containment enclosures such as biological safety cabinets and their respective applications and features will be presented. The NEBB Procedural Standard for Fume Hood Performance Testing is reviewed with emphasis on the requirements for firm certification, certified professional certification, instrumentation and reporting requirements, and testing procedural requirements. Detailed presentations will be provided for the three primary fume hood performance tests: Airflow Velocity Tests, Airflow Visualization Tests and Tracer Gas Containment Tests. In addition to the presentations addressing the procedural requirements of these tests, hands-on demonstrations on operating fume hoods will be performed. The course will emphasize the testing procedures, reporting requirements, and the evaluation of testing results.

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